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NISSAN “INSIDERS” SHARED “thoughts” with Whistleblower


For over a year people have  “trusted” this skirt for I speak for the many masses that have been ignored by the "Good Ole Boys".  Every person who has spoken to me has been assured confidentiality.  I’ve been able to “fight” for fairness for them. 


Those Performers with “new” Ideas that were not welcomed by “Good Ole Boy” management, The Women who were discriminated against , The Gays that were NOT wanted, & the Californians that have been “living on the edge” NOW have shared with this "skirt".  

Today I share with YOU their “thoughts” ….. some words “slightly” changed for their protection.


“ NISSAN Needs to build a sense of family and ownership in the Nissan Company that was lost when the Americans took over control of the company”.,,,,


…..dynamic, innovative and intelligent employees will move to other company's, taking all their experience and idea's with them.  I hope that these issues will be acknowledged and addressed by management……


…NO communication between departments.  Continually reinventing the wheel.  Even though we are known as the National Meeting Company there is no real important information exchanged.  The only time productive meetings are held and people communicate is when we have a crisis….


….Product Planning has no clue.  What qualifies them to be expert's?  Do they regularly talk with the customers of vehicles in the market segments they are analyzing or do they sit in their office postulating on what they think is right?  Why can't more of the employee's at HQ be used for input on future products?  We are customers also.  Some of us are more passionate about cars than others, that's why we applied to work here in the first place….. 



…..When managers are hired, they are always from the outside.  This is extremely demoralizing to the employee's.  It sends the message that we are not good enough to ever be in management.  Our company is extremely top heavy now as it is.  Nissan could get rid of 20% of the managers, and put that money into new hires and improve productivity dramatically.  Nissan keeps letting positions go unfilled and heap the work onto those that are unfortunate enough to be left behind.  This means it takes longer to get things done as well as the things that fall through the cracks,……


….I, for one, put a lot of time and effort into  putting forth good suggestions to better the work environment and the company.  The past programs were not acted upon by management at all and the employee's are having trouble believing that management means business this time….



NISSAN  More to follow….This is only the beginning…..


Many have trusted Sharyn Bovat to be their voice & “Tell Tavares” because they want NISSAN to succeed!!!!!


If YOU want your “thoughts” expressed to the Board in Tokyo I hear I have “their” ear. 


Email me Sharyn Bovat:


Have a Great Day!!!       Sharyn

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