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It's NOT Reynualt

In the beginning I "thought" I'd never know if it was Rey or Kelin that conspired with Ghosn. 
Had I taken "french" as a child I would have know it was Klein much earlier.  YES!!! Catherine was "chatty"  I guess you boys could say that "skirts speak".:) :) After a call the other day I now have "clarity" to rant. 

VOILA!!!!  my conclusion.   It's sad and as an American I'm mad.  NISSAN time to change!!!

One More Thing...  Catherine congratuations on YOUR new job.   "If" I do get the CSR job I want it "on record" that I do NOT want YOU touching my ass again.   In America women have the FREEDOM to be touched by whoever we want and You're NOT my type.    YES!!!  Pay back is a bitch & NOW we're FINALLY even!!!  :) :) Sharyn

Klein YOU played ball with:
Morton ,Ghosn, Thormann, & others.

Sir, If it were NOT for "Good Ole Boy" greed the towers pictured below would STILL be standing.

Renault (partly owned by France) I'm an American & SOME of YOUR executives DISGUST me.  They harmed America by their corporate games that included an elaborate "false flag" operation, one that could harm America in the long term quest for energy independence.    

Working with some "extreme" American politicians they have committed a form of FRAUD that could be criminal. 

I want the American justice department and the French government to TREAT the hoax that accused  3 innocent Renault executives of being spies in France connected to those that had "me" to jailed 3 times in America as a "Crime Against Humanity".  This needs to be throughly investigated and not "swept under the carpet"  I want the Ghosn gone NOW!!!

NISSAN did NOT have  a product "ready for production" when they took American hard earned taxpayer dollars.  NOW!!!  Chargers have been paid for by the taxpayer.  They have NO cars to charge.  There is no "plug" that is standard so in America customers that purchase the Ford EV will still have "no place to charge"    The NISSAN Leaf is on over priced "eye sore" and marketing wasted American taxpayer dollars to market something NATIONWIDE when the company had NO INTENTION of it succeeding with the "current" technology.   Before a company asks congress for money they should KNOW how to make the product.   Get It!!!

needs to apologize.  NOW!!! or Americans will NOT buy NISSAN.
Worse Americans might take their anger out on ALL Japanese manufacturers. 

The ONLY way America will accept an apology from NISSAN is if Ghosn Goes NOW!!!

My "thought"  NISSAN needs to "mass market" an electric car when they HAVE technology better than that of the Altra from the 1990's.    Until then NISSAN needs to make "fuel efficient attractive cars" and focus on "developing" technology that will "work".    Odds are the current battery will degregate before the warranty.  That would be a BIG problem for the shareholders.   GET IT!!!    

It's time for transparency!!!!

President Sarkozy & Economic Minister Lagarde showed the world that
HUMANITY matters!!!

Have A Great Day!!!    :) :)   Sharyn

I'm sending "this" link to 40 reporters.  I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!!

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