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Holiday "Thoughts"

The Twelve "thoughts" for NISSANA concecpt based on the 12 days of Christmas 

On the 12 day before Christmas.... Sharyn's "thought to NISSAN.....

Dictionary's for Marketing

On the 11th Day Before Christmas Sharyn's "thought" to NISSAN

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

Love the Panda

For Blue Citizenship 2010
in honor of your 1st American CFO whose last Quest took him to China.....

A Coloring Book  for the Children all around the World .
 An educational resource that will "inspire" them to take care of our planet. 
and maybe their parents will buy a NISSAN   win~win     :)  :)
Peter the Panda's Promise to Protect the Planet 

On The 10th Day Before Christmas...
Sharyn's "thought" to

Take a "Look" at the Numbers  

Power points
65% of all new cars are purchased by women
53% of all used cards are purchased by women
95% of all auto purchases are influenced by women
46% of women would rather deal with women in the car

Source: Road & Travel Magazine

Women and wheels
* Women represent 11 percent of the work force in auto dealerships and 6 percent of their sales staffs, up from 7 percent and 4 percent, respectively, in 2002.
• Sixty-five percent of women take their own vehicles to a repair shop for service. Some repair industry experts estimate that average actually may be closer to 80 percent.
• At least 75 percent of all dealerships have one or more females in management positions.
• Woman-owned dealerships represent 4 percent of the country’s 18,631 new car and truck dealerships.
• The overall percentage of female drivers rose from 4 percent in 1972 to 52 percent in 2000 (the most recent figures available).

Source: National Automobile Dealers Association, Road & Travel Magazine, CNW Marketing Research, U.S. Department of Transportation

Yada, Yada, Yada     (I'm getting BORED with this Web site)

Why is Canada NOT in the America's
We're Attached??? 





 On the 8th Day Before Christmas Sharyn's  "thought" to NISSAN..

...Is Important!!!

Working in a Mall selling retail at Christmas time is miserable.  Demanding customers, folding shirts, boxing up items and doing inventory.  Yet one holiday season I had a MISSION.  I wanted a car.   So by working 2 jobs I got it.  The day the salesman handed me the keys was one of the happiest and proudest days of my life,

Because I made a goal and achieved it!!!     

The first place I went was to my friends home in Pleasant Hill California so she could take a picture of me behind the wheel.

Here's Sharyn and her Sentra.....

The Urban Edition

                                                                                                     In 1994 New York City was the new headquarters for "The Sharyn".

This edition still kept the valuable California DNA and kept the tradition of a variety of color choices (look at the hair:)

The last (3rd) version of "Sharyn" pictured to the left was 100% inspired in NYC did a dramatic "color change" and had styling that was compared to the "Molly Ringwald "  It had an Urban Edge  yet sophisticated with Ferragamo Wheels and St. John designed exterior. 

The company knew after living in a society filled with competition that IMAGED MATTERED to the luxury consumer who was targeted. After 2 years of market research in New York City  she decided to cater to the request of the "Brat Pack" generation, those that preferred BMW's~Loius Vuittan and cocktailing at Bar and Book.  This market was different than the previous  Rat Pack generation that preferred Mercedes~Gucci~and Martini's at the Rainbow Room. 

In late 1996 for economic reasons the "Sharyn" moved the Headquarters to New Jersey,    That proved a challenge and lost some cachet.  For those that cared about image wanted they "212" area code*.   With the lack of environmental stimulation the luxury Sharyn was reduced to a "nice" sedan option.   Yet still a solid choice. 

After years of efficiently performing the :Sharyn" is trying to make a comeback to the competitive "high end" market.  Inspired to be once again classified as Luxury.  For Success she went back to her roots using that 1965 engine that was recently  "driven to perform" in 2009.   After substancial upgrades the tweaking has been completed and it's ready to be launched.

The "thought" is.... for success a high density area is preferred one that will appreciate the complexity of this models onboard computer.

 Note: the exterior roots are still being colored by an outsourced professional :) :)
* when Thought #6 was first published I wrote 202 area code (which is Washington DC).  When I make a mistake I admit it and Manhatten is 212 ..   
Those living in 202 don't worry.  My lips are sealed :)  I want to move forward work and enjoy my life, and I'm not planning a "tell all book"   One exception, 
The "dirty tricks team might get a "small" surprise. 

Below are memories of NYC

Happy Holiday!!!!

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet









Life is FULL of Good Memories and Tough Memories too.!!!!

Bobby From Chengdu China said on a bus that was taking our small group of Americans (one of the 1st since the earthquake) to the Panda research center.... We drove through LOTS of rubble.

"Be Happy YOU Are Alive Today"....


Hugs!!! To All


Worldwide the Movie GREASE was LOVED!!!

Try this to sell YOUR EV!!!!!!!

I got chills they're multiplying
And I'm losing control
Cause the power you're supplying
It's Electrifying!

You better shape up cause I need a car
And my heart does not want blue.
You better shape up, you better understand
To my heart I must be true

You're the car that I want(You are the one I want) ho ho ho honey
You're the car that I want(You are the one I want) ho ho ho honey
You're the car that I want(You are the one I want) ho ho ho honey

The car that I need oh yes indeed

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

:) :) Sharyn








This Special Double “thought” is dedicated to NISSAN North America

Showing the Generosity of those hard working NISSAN North America Employees  this season with  “2” amazing acts of kindness.

Till Monday…


Love Cars
~Love People~Love the Planet




Nissan spreads holiday cheer

By: MICHELLE WILLARD, Post Staff Writer

Posted: Thursday, December 17, 2009 11:49 am

With the economy in the doldrums and unemployment in Rutherford County pushing 10 percent, West Main Mission has seen a “drastic increase” in families needing help this holiday season.

“We have lots of people we’ve never seen before,” said Jim Hargrove, director of West Main Mission. “Twenty percent are new faces in the past few months and we wouldn’t be able to do much if it wasn’t for Nissan.”

For the 21st year, more than 800 employees from Nissan’s Smyrna plant gave to the annual “Christmas in the Heart” campaign.

The employees bought more than 6,100 gifts including toys, games, clothes and books to West Main Mission. More gifts were then distributed to seven other agencies in Middle Tennessee including the Tennessee Veterans Home and Room in the Inn.

“We realize far more families are facing economic hardships this year, and that it’s important to support the community,” said Scott Becker, Nissan’s senior vice president of Administration and Finance.

Melody Tidwell, local Christmas in the Heart organizer and Nissan employee, was also touched by the generosity of Nissan’s employees.

“The employees get as much joy out of giving as we hope the gifts bring to the families,” she said.

The employees know how fortunate they are to be employed in this economy and “we want to share our good fortune with the community,” Tidwell continued.

Nissan will also donate $20,000 to Second Harvest Food Bank during the 14th annual Kids Café Holiday Party in Nashville where children from Middle Tennessee will get toys donated by local residents. More toys and gifts were given to the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.

Michelle Willard can be contacted at 615-869-0816 or



Habitat for Humanity

By early 2010, family will call Cherry Street home

By Leah Square • • December 17, 2009


A new year and a new home will bring new beginnings for Keisha Washington and her two girls.

The family of three has been living in a cramped trailer on family property in Canton for 12 years. But by early next year, Washington will be the owner of a new three-bedroom home on Cherry Street in Canton. All this thanks to Madison County Habitat for Humanity, hundreds of volunteers and generous donors.

Washington said life in the mobile home on Pisgah Bottom Road has been less than ideal for her and her 17- and 12-year-old daughters.

"The trailer is very small," said Washington, 34, a professional home cleaner. "The kids needed their own room."

Washington said she heard about the Madison County affiliate of Habitat for Humanity through a woman she cleans for and decided to contact the organization about getting into a house. Habitat is a nonprofit ecumenical Christian housing ministry that builds and rehabilitates homes alongside the prospective homeowners.

Jan Watson, Madison County Habitat's building chair, said the organization was happy to help the Washingtons.

"They were living in a trailer," Watson said. "Now they are going to have the opportunity to be in their own home. It will be a stabilizing thing for them."

The exterior of the Washingtons' home will be a "colonial blue" shade with maroon trim. "I picked those colors," Washington said.

Her 12-year-old, Tamaria, who has been sharing a room with her sister all her life, is excited about getting her own room. She's already figured out the decorating scheme.

"I want my room pink," her favorite color, Tamaria said.

The home, when finished, will be a modest 1,050 square feet. The house will be among four other Habitat homes on Cherry Street with more to come, Watson said. The local affiliate has built 13 homes Madison County so far.

The Washingtons' home was made possible through a $61,000 donation from Nissan North America, which has a plant in Canton, Watson said.

"We love that partnership because it allows us to go into the community ... and engage our employees to help with the builds," said Stephanie Valdez Streaty, Nissan North America spokeswoman…….


Work on the home began Oct. 10. The goal was to have it done in time for Christmas, but bad weather derailed the plans.

"We've had a lot of weather delays," Watson said. "We hope that she'll be able to move in shortly after the new year."

Watson said this is second Madison County Habitat home that Nissan has funded.

"Nissan has been such a good neighbor to support us with these two houses," Watson said. "That's what Habitat is all about - being good neighbors to one another."

Watson estimates more than 250 volunteers from Nissan, 100 Black Men of Canton, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and multiple churches and businesses have had a hand in building and furnishing the Washington's home.

As required by Habitat, the family must work alongside the volunteers to help build their new home. The homeowners must also pay their own mortgage.

"I painted. I did a lot of caulking," Washington said. "I even went down to Jackson and helped on a couple houses down there."

Washington said she is grateful for the new home.

"It's just a blessing," she said. "It's a blessing to have Habitat come in and do this. And I just want to thank Nissan and all the volunteers. They have been a wonderful help to my family."


I’m Ghosn for Gold

5000 limited edition Gold LEAF’s

Customers will need to give a $5000 refundable deposit in spring to get this special car because people will want this collector’s item, cost could be approx. 3-4k more based on upgrades offered (sunroof, Bose sound system, soft leather seats, etc)

Each Golden LEAF will be individually numbered (like a collectable lithograph) 1-5000.  Have the very first Golden LEAF sold on EBay (get lots of press) and that one will be delivered to the client personally by the President of NISSAN WOW!!!    By having Carlos Ghosn handing someone the keys to their car that will get lots more press.   
The "extra" profit can go to charity. 


NISSAN The “thought” gets better.

The 15,000 Blue LEAF’s will also say 1st Edition (on the steering wheel)
and with the purchase of either
LEAF//LEAF. Comes membership in  NISSAN’s Blue Citizenship Club Which will give them discounts at rental car companies for long road trips, access to an exclusive website for NISSAN EV owners, including an "ask the expert"  24 hour a day customer service concierge.  Answering any questions they might have about their EV.  

Partners with NISSAN can offer special promotions.

Blue Citizenship Road Rally
(like the ones Saturn did) can be offered.   Think of the great ads you can make with testimonials from Happy LEAF owners.  


Win~Win J J

Have A Great Night!!!


Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet
Santa You're Early!!!!    Ya'll are Amazing!!!
    :) :)  Sharyn

by Nino Marchetti, December 22nd, 2009

One of the buzz cars right now in the green car movement is the all-electric Nissan Leaf. We’ve done an in-depth preview of the Leaf before via material provided by Nissan, but an ongoing tour of the Leaf around the United States recently brought it to Portland, Oregon, which is EarthTechling HQ territory. We dropped in on the Leaf and those showing it off to interested parties, asking some questions about it and generally just oooing and ahhing over the potentials this vehicle has to offer.

We later on followed up via email with Mark Perry, director of product planning, Nissan North America, and one of the leading forces at the auto manufacturer pushing the Leaf, to ask him a few questions about this electric car. Check out the next few pages of this article to see photos of the Leaf and also Perry’s answers to questions around what it will take for the Leaf to beat out other green cars like the king of the hill Toyota Prius and the upcoming Chevy Volt.




    Believe in Your Instincts!!!


    Yes!!! Going Back to the IBC (internal Battle of Control) of 1992 I knew what I was experiencing was WRONG.   I had an access all area’s badge and only 10 people working at the convention were  given pink hats  and we were in charge of over 1000 youth delegates (mindless minions).  For several days wherever I went a flock of minions followed along including with my new friend %^$#@ ( Yes I remember his name) who was paid to do nothing.

    I even took a picture. Having one of them model my hat  :)     

    ???  Why   Something inside me just knew.

    One afternoon I was backstage at the republican convention and the secretary of Labor Lynn Martin was on the pay phone (yes it was the “olden” days) and I waited for her to finish several calls just to ask her a quick question (Her daughter was on the Jeb Bush “orange” hat team). Quickly it was verified my “thoughts” about the chess game.  Then I knew my California based team had no chance of making it to the Super bowl in the future.   Still I would be loyal to my team and do what I’d been told (collect data).     When they got the buses and Minions organized to collect poor ethnic people to be the diversity at the convention for the TV camera’s I tried to tag along.  That scared some.   They knew I was a loyal moderate.  The convention was in full swing but I was not being utilized… sidelined. The Pink hat leadership told me to keep the hat and wire on so they would know my whereabouts. 

    Sarah Palin, I hate to tell you this but that afternoon that I quick conversation with Lynn Martin I pulled out my wire and
    took off the pink hat.  My “thought” now, Back in 1992 I was a Republican and I’m a woman technically that makes me (Sharyn Bovat) the 1st to officially “Go Rogue”.   :)

    That said...   Can someone at NISSAN call the people at Webster’s Dictionary and change the definition.


    The NEW Definition of Rogue

    Rogue:  A Driven individual who sometimes  turns off the navigation system and steers from the heart.

    The Webster’s definitions are below:


    rogue Pronunciation: \'rog\

    Function: noun  Etymology: origin unknown   Date: 1561

    1 : vagrant, tramp
    2 : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel
    3 : a mischievous person : scamp
    4 : a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave
    5 : an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation

    I’m trying to be helpful with the “spin” J J    


    Enjoy Your Night/Day!!!!




    Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet








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