The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

Solyndra~Nissan Link

My webstates prior to the NISSAN DOE loan closing have disappeared... I blogged BEFORE the loan closed that the Leaf was to be a "failed Obama Program" and I learned THAT when I worked at NISSAN.

???  I "think" someone should tell NISSAN it's time to RESPECT the taxpayer & the NISSAN Whisteblower

Sharyn Bovat has PROOF Solyndra looked at her blogs.....  and Many more IP address .... . ***DOE FRAUD in Tennessee needs to be Reported***

Sharyn Bovat Will “Fight for her Freedom” Silicon Valley Style: So Many IP addresses & Sharyn Bovat wants to PROVE she’s innocent and she’s TIRED of being harassed by Tennessee   All Sharyn Bovat wants is RESPECT…. Here’s a  very small “sample” of IP addresses

I have SO MANY more..... 

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