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Mr. Ghosn - It's time to let NISSAN have its Autonomy back.


Sir, YOU used my website as a tool to win support to retain chairmanship of Renault.  That company is LOSING money "big time" you need to focus on success there.


??? Renault backed out of the deal with Penske at the "last minute" immediately after Israel announced "the big deal" of 100k EV Renault cars and France could ONLY build those cars if NISSAN is a partner (battery thing).


Sir, Jobs were lost in TN at the old Saturn plant as a result. Former GM manufacturing workers have told me that even though they will work for “less” money NISSAN will most likely NOT hire them because of the “union” issue.  They say that NISSAN HR has a reputation for discriminating against them.   

Since, Renaults EV success is the reason you could not commit to Penske & as a result that plant is now “more than idle” I would like someone to look at hiring those displaced workers.   It’s only fair for America.


My “thought” Nissan needs to succeed NOW!!!
Carlos Ghosn friends call me a "hero” and I appreciate that
(now that might “hate” me....that’s OK)
All I want is what’s best for EVERYONE!!!


The truth is I’m just an American who spoke up!!!


It’s time someone “looked out for America”.    My website will be a tool for that.  


Mr. Ghosn, I want my OWN health care insurance & I want my life back. 

I’ve lost respect for YOU because Good Ole Boys that discriminated are still in that building and YOU sir are in charge.  It’s time for “Change”.


Sharyn Bovat


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