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Freedom for the Three

“ ???  Why are we doing this” ...

“Because we’re American it’s what we do”

... “OK”  


"Renault Three" deny having sold trade secrets France 24

The three Renault executives accused of leaking company secrets to outsiders have denied any wrongdoing. French daily 'Le Figaro' claims a Chinese firm paid money into two bank accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein that had been opened by two of the car manufacturer's employees. But China's foreign ministry have also come out to say the allegations are without basis.

After a call today I Sharyn Bovat believe that the “Renault Three” have been “set up to fail”  therefore being “American” I’m putting my nose into other countries/companies conflicts and I will start a “movement”. 

China I’m on YOUR side!!!

What they’re doing to you in reference to "this"is WRONG!!!  

Someone at Renault needs to “man up”. 

???   Why is it that the Americans are always the ones to
         “Save the French”.  
Sorry that one was too easy J J   


Sproule and Reuter keep your cell phones charged….

Coming Soon!!!

I’ve never done an “international” press release.  This is gonna be fun!!!

I need to find my beret and book a flight.....

Have A Great Night!!!!    Sharyn

FYI:  I’m “Angsty” & someone is getting #@%&#! Tomorrow.   

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