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To My "Cousin"....


???  Do YOU want to know why I called you a "Double Agent" on my Team Tavares page that I posted a LONG time ago.    Either you can call me 615-415-6675 or I can post it on my blog. 

I'm giving YOU the Freedom to Choose.

???  How do you like Atlanta.

The French consulate is there.  I'm going to be sending them a certified letter.  Not about you about something I'm upset about.  The French government has "indirectly" stolen intellectual property from America. 

This happened when those connected to Carlos Ghosn the Chairman of Renault "stole" my thoughts.   
I did NOT get paid for my work that was used by the company that is considdered "state owned" and America did not collect any taxes from me due to the fact I was not paid. A person needs to get paid in order to pay taxes. Once Renault/The French pay me for my copy written ideas I will file the forms and pay the appropriate taxes on my income. 

So France has stolen from the American government.  

FYI I had sent a lot of my "thoughts" before I put them on my website to Mr. Tavares directly.   Someone on his staff forwarded the good idea's to people. I was told this and then for my protection i put some of the ideas on my blog.  Still many of my concepts were used that were NOT of this blog. Ones that I emailed.      OVER 50 of my "thoughts" were used by Nissan and Renault.   Renault had 1/2 dozen of my idea's on their website.   FOr the record one or two could be a coincidence but TOO many of my "thoughts" were used.  If needed a judge can determine the damages.   For the record I do NOT want this.

Let's reword this:

Too many of my idea's sent to Nissan made it to Paris. ???  Could there be a "spy" at Nissan.  OMG  someone call Le Monde

Basically, Carlos Ghosn's people took "thoughts" from this copy written website and tweaked them.  Then Renault created corporate programs, tweaked cars, marketing, etc.  based on my work.   What's even MORE scandalous is then the people that stole intellectual property then participated in the the elaborate scheme to discredit me by having the police take me to jail 3 times.  I lost my American rights because people associated to Carlos Ghosn were corrupt.

What pertains to YOU Mr. Noziere (FYI my "cousin" is in charge of the EV program in the America's who I talked to June 2009 and had met prior) I will not put on my blog if YOU contact me and arrange for a meeting to address "issues" that I have with Renault.   YES!!! what I'm doing is an "innocent" form of coercian "simply" to expedite a process that could take a while. 

Sir, I think your a decent person  I do not think you are a corrupt person.   You are just a chess piece in Ghosn's Ponzi scheme.  

I want to enjoy my life.  Being a whistle blower is miserable.   I know it's not nice for me to to tell you I'll post your "wrong doing" if I'm not contacted but years ago I learned that "you have to play ball with people at their level".  

Mr. Noziere, kindly I ask for YOU to intervine.   What Nissan did to the American taxpayers was morally wrong  YOU knew this EV could not be profitable in America because it was too expensive to make.   With this generations battery it could NOT be a mass marketed car.

???  Why did Nissan take ALL that money to build a battery plant  from hard working American taxpayers.  

Sorry Good Ole Boys.... I'm a "credible" former research worker and lets just say that "eye's are open" in my country.   There's a LOT on this blog and the reality is indictements are "inevitable".   Professionals most likely are following up on my leads. 

For the record I don't believe it's a big French conspiracy, I just believe the problem is a few greedy people.   They will be "exposed". 

??? for Renault and France when are YOU going to "end this".  Many American's already "hate" the French.  They do NOT know why they feel that way, it's odd.

If this "Ghosn Good Ole Boy" issues continues my fear is that they'll have a "valid" excuse.  

That is NOT good for France~Renault~Nissan~ or Me.   For i want this OVER quickly.  My child has only 1 childhood and already Ghosn's people have made almost 2 years of that difficult for he mommy.    I told the truth and I was terrorized. 

The American people deserve RESPECT and so do the Japanese people and the citizens of France
Renault!!!    Stop the Frenchspiracy.  Your hurting too many people,

It's time to "deal with this" .... NOW!!!!

Have a Great Day!!!!                Sharyn

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