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Letter to WCS Board

Williamson County School Board,

Last spring I did some research.  I met a man who had succeeded in over 20 successful six sigma implementations in the south. This man is all about MAJOR change for the good.  He learned his techniques from Ram Charon.  My questions were very specific because he understood the "Good Ole Boy" mentality.  He told me  a step by step strategy but the last effort for success is that you HAVE TO SCARE THEM. When a culture is bad/corrupt you have to confront it head on.   Years ago from another "change" strategist I learned that in some cases you MUST bully the bully.  I became what I hate and that's a bully to fight for the women in Tennessee, Fairness, against ALL discrimination, greed, wasteful spending of taxpayers money and in the case of the school system I fought for ethical treatment of children, teachers,  and the need for better performing schools with foreign language in the elementary schools for long term success.  

I'm quite sure you've made your decision.   I hope it's a good one.

Get a good night sleep.  Don't worry about this "skirt" showing up. Tomorrow is about all those concerned parents that want a voice and by my statistics mine has already been heard.

Respect for all People = Success

Success = Jobs

Jobs = increased home values. 



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