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The "entry" edition ....A note of thank you  to an inspirational mentor who "tweaked" the current edition.

Sister George,

You taught me as a freshman in high school that there were consequences for my actions.

The two of us had a lot of time together after you “grounded” me from everything "non" academic for 3 weeks after I snuck out of my dorm room to meet a local boy to see the movie Electric Horseman.

 Oh and by the way.   When you “greeted” me that night (after I saw that Jane Fonda film and after I climbed back through the window) you scared the #@%& out of me.   I was thinking I could slip into bed” & happy that I succeeded, but having YOU under the blanket instead of the pillows and clothes that I put there to “imitate” me.   WOW!!!  
You made YOUR point.

Funny, The next day you told me “Be careful of boys driving Datsons”.  

I now see a double meaning to your comment.   Sister you had vision.

Sister, You could have had me in isolation yet instead  you spent time with me to teach  me about honestly and character and mostly to believe in MANY things including “myself”, 

You were right.  Happiness does come from the inside.

Thank You Sister George!!!

Have A Great Day!!!                        Sharyn

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