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Respect for the Customer

The Micra is NEEDED in America.

???   Why

For fear of a "canadian" generated technical litmus test I decided to "get to know" my car & I started playing with my buttons.   NISSAN I almost got to Alabama trying out "new" ways to change Xm stations from the 80's to Boneyard, to Classic Vinyl, to Classic Rewind ...  WOW!!!  I did not know that my left thumb could do so much & obviously I'm not in need or want of the technology that I had purchased. The salesman should have sold me a "FIT".  Yet opted to take more of my money and sell me a "fully loaded" CRV.   , my assessment is my car is way too talented for me and I've neglected too many buttons.  Therefore I've deemed myself at the "micra" level for technology. 

My "thought"
it's "attractive"'s a winner  :) :)

Have A Great Day!!!!              Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


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