The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

To: Leon Panetta


FYI!!!  All “this” that I’m writing about today is on my “blog” and MOST of it’s been on there for OVER a year (my blog was started June 4th 2009).

 This is the first time I’ve put it all together in a “digestible” way…a way that the “average” American can understand. 

Renault    ???  Do YOU want “average” America to “understand”.   Today I’m writing to a man that I RESPECT.



To:  Leon Panetta (CIA Director)

My name is Sharyn Bovat I’m the granddaughter of Karl Frisbie.  My grandmother Mona Frisbie in the late 90’s moved to Ave Maria the nursing home and you were a regular visitor.  I never bothered you. Although I really wanted to talk to you.  My grandfather had told me on countless occasions that YOU were a man with integrity.    


I need HELP!!!   Because my grandfather was “well respected” in the intelligence community & I got “involved” with some things and people connected to former President Bush “thought” I knew things and told me MORE.   Then when I was NOT a team player for the right wing hawks my life got a little “eventful”…..actually I ended up “fleeing” to NYC in December 1993.    


January 1994 I was supposed to go to Scottsdale to “research” man who wanted to be a Senator with the last name of Kyl. I was to go to a birthday party for Barry Goldwater. Jon Kyl had two staffers coming with him from some “meat and potato” mid west state.  His political team at the time consisted of two people “my age” .  The lady  was tall dressed too casual with wavy blondish hair.  People wanted me to find out what was “really” happening with the Kyl and her. ???  What was “that” about.  Huh…  The other guy was short brunette & could talk if swayed.  OMG!!!  The Haley Barbour led RNC were turning me into a ********** I did not do it.   I fled to NYC in late 1993.


FYI -Earlier that year I had put my foot in my mouth at a BBQ in Dallas in December 1993. I had called the head of the FBI in the Bush years “corrupt” and gave some examples.   OUCH!!!  The guy sitting next to me did not like the comment.  Pete Sessions said:   “That’s my dad”.      I knew then my “future was limited. 


~More History~

My dad was a world Airways pilot that spent lots of time in Iran, Algiers, Israel, LEBANON, Saudi, etc.   My mom took me on a lot of “weird” trips as a child. Just read "this" blog.   We went to Sydney Australia for 2 days!!!   We went to Guam on that trip too. We went to Thailand when I was about 6 years old.  We went to London and stayed at the Hilton the same time as the “Saudi” royal family.   We went to Lisbon Portugal when I was 9 years old and attended the Carnation Revolution. 

OMG!!!    ???  Who would take their elementary aged child to Thailand and take them to a cock fight.  Or to Australia for 2 days?  It was LONG trip.   During the Portuguese revolution we had no running water due to all the "strikes".   

 Sometimes we flew 1st class.  I LOVED that.    NISSAN “if” I get the CSR job remember that I will NOT fly “coach” over oceans.  Carlos Ghosn had his people “jail” me 3 times for whistle blowing and now I have PTJD (Post Traumatic Jail Disorder) 

 Mr. Panetta,??? Did YOU ever meet Ed Daly who was the President of World Airways.

 OMG!!!  That man was “intense” he was “good friends” with President Ford’s people.  Mr. Daly saved orphans.   My dad said “he did it because he (Daly) created them”.  OUCH!!!!   Read my blog….. It’s bizarre but true.  Sir, I believe in my “heart” that Ed Daly is a hero.

Also, when I was 14 years old when I was sent to boarding school in 1979 and was the room mate of Lourdes who was living in exile from El Salvador.   Her best friend from El Salvador had the last name as the people in charge of Central American “death squads” that were funded and trained by the American government.   Originally I “thought” my mom was going to send me to Santa Catalina a Catholic boarding school near Seaside ( Monterey) but then she “switched” to San Dominico (in San Anselmo, Marin County).

???  Maybe the “navel intelligence” types did not want all the families of Central American dictators living in the community that house the Defense Language Institute and the Naval Post Graduate. Huh..

Here’s the POINT of today’s blog post:

Mr. Panetta, recently a member of the Iranian community told me that most people in Iran are happy that America is staying out of Libya.   There is LOTS of hostility with America and it goes back “generations”.  

That person ALSO “confirmed” that the CIA had a role in the hostage “issue” in 1979 that led to people being held in captivity for 444 days.   Sir, my grandfather told me “many things”.   That said: I think if America plays it’s card right with Libya and the President “works with the INTERNATIONAL community” and “if” force is used that is part of a “global” response. Then I think relations with Iran will be better.  We need to “try” to make peace.  For MANY reasons!!!   

My grandfather told me that “Disasters are bad… the cover ups that last generations.”  

Lockerbie was a “disaster”.  YES!!!  My uncle Bill was Chief pilot for Pan Am and for the record HE NEVER TOLD ME ANYTHING!!!!    My Uncle is a VERY private man.  He spoke to the Intelligence Committee. NEVER did he say anything to ANY member of the family.   Still some “wondered”.

After Bush won in November 1988 my life changed,  money was “cut off” I had made it very well known in California Republican circles that I wanted Bob Dole to be the nominee for President in 1988.  Althought I did go to the RNC convention and got on the “floor” several times.  Someone made this video of me saying the “pledge” with George H. Bush leading it. // People wanted me to be a “team player”.  

OMG!!!!   “after” that HORRIBLE plane crash my finances became better.   I did “real well” in real estate.  I “thought” I was talented.  At the age of 24  I sold 31 homes and “still” took time out to do “research projects”.  ???  Maybe I was being “propped” up.  I DON”T KNOW!!!!

Fact:  All the research I did “before” Lockerbie was “domestic”. I went to the Air Traffic Controller Academy in Oklahoma City.     Huh…..  Russia was planned “after” Lockerbie.   I was told the goal was to end communism….   “The wall had to fall so Reagan would get the credit”.  The KGB took me when I was in Leningrad and then I got to sleep in the same room at Richard Nixon.  OK!!!   this is CREEPY!!!   I’m sending a time line to one of my “people”  “this is starting to “make sense.”    OMG!!!    

Mr. Panetta, I NEVER knew who I worked for or WHAT I worked on.   It was WEIRD!!!

It’s a mystery to me.   I just tell people “it was the 80’s”.   I “so” wish I had MORE info.  OK!!! My life experiences helped me put the puzzle together at NISSAN. 

Mr. Panetta, after I told Carlo Tavares problems at NISSAN I’ve had “death threats”  & after I ranted about Haley Barbour and the “right wing” extremists a red NISSAN Titan truck followed me.   I tried to report it to the local police but they ignored me and then they started harassing me.   I’ve been jailed 3 times based on “trumped up” charges.    I tried calling the FBI and they told me I had to “trust” the Tennessee authorities. They did NOT want to get involved.   My life in Franklin Tennessee is stressful.  I put ALL the blame on Haley Barbour and Carlos Ghosn.  Mr. Grandfather said it’s the American way to “choose a fall guy and ‘move on’… it seems like Papa was right.”   I’m OK with Gaddafi getting the “credit” for Lockerbie.  He’s a BAD man. 

After my dad died in 1983 my mom dated a World Airways 747 captain who was nicknamed the “gun runner” and   Oliver North gave me a “weird” talk about loyalty to America and to “who I worked for” in the early 90’s.  I thought it was about Iran Contra….. It could have been about Lockerbie… It could have been about the Iranian Hostages taken in 1979.  Or it could have been that the Gulf War was “staged” and Iraq “thought we wanted them to invade.   I really had NO idea what Mr. North was talking about. 

Early in life my grandfather told me to “pretend to not be the brightest”.    That’s why I call myself an “undercover airhead”. For YEARS people would approach me to work on “special projects”.   I just did it because that was what I was “trained to do”.  I never really worried about money it just appeared.  My life was AMAZING!!!  I took LOTS of vacations and met a LOT of powerful people. 

My grandfather Karl Frisbee was genius and I believe he told me to act stupid to “protect me”.   When he enlisted in the Navy instead of shipping him out they sent him to Princeton.  Then he went to Korea in the mid/late 40’s to work on the 38th parallel.  

My grandfather said when he joined the Navy he did not “see the world” instead he just saw “4 walls”.   Also that “Reagan HAD to have Bush as his VP ‘if’ he wanted to be President”…huh.

Although I was just in high school I knew that the hostages would be “released” after the Republicans were in charge.   The CIA gave my dad’s airline World Airways a LOT of business.  When republicans are at war there is LOTS of business for that airline.  In 1979 there was an “ugly” strike going on at World Airways.  This was going on when my mom was taking part in the 1st women’s delegation to China.  When she returned I found out I was going to boarding school.   Again my roommate was living in exile from El Salvador.  Her mom lived at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt.  They didn’t have money…. Instead they had art and jewelry.   That same year a banker who had homes in Argentina & Switzerland wanted to marry my Aunt.  He was “attractive” I liked him.  WOW!!!   

Later in life I had met people who became “friends” & they sold their jewelry when the needed “cash”.   My grandfather told me that the jewelry was from “most likely” taken from “the Jews.”   GET IT!!!! 

 When people meet me they wonder WHY I don’t wear much jewelry or WHY I wear costume jewelry.   NOW they will know the reason. 

Finally to my point: 

Mr. Panetta….Sir, as I’ve written on this blog “I did NOT know who I worked for” that said:  If my research “did” go to the CIA then I’d like to be paid.  Sir, what about “child labor” laws.  ???  Why was I the roommate of Lourdes?   I quit the boarding school about the time the Catholic religious leader was assassinated in 1980. I was sent to the hospital that spring for a panic attack

???  Can you imagine what was going on in the minds of my roommate and her best friend?  No wonder WHY the CIA needed a “plant” to be the roommate in that catholic boarding school.   Still I was a “child”   I left the school and then attended another and at the age of 16 I went to college.   Instead of studying I went on the road with a drummer in a heavy metal band, they opened for Motley Crue, Y & T and Helix.  Nissan “that’s when I fell in LOVE with the Datsun Z”.

Also Mr. Panetta, I really WANT “decent” HEALTH INSURANCE!!!   I’ve been told that my IQ is about 160 and EVEN with that I can’t understand my current health insurance program.   ???  Maybe the government’s policy is better also I need better “mental health” care.  My grandfather told me a LOT and I know I can’t repeat most of it.   I need to talk to someone in confidence.   GET IT!!!!    I “think” I know WHY Betty Ford drank so much.   OMG!!!!  The puzzle pieces are coming together.

Sir, In January I started a blog called and I was “right” that they were framed.   What happened at Renault was most likely orchestrated by a “former CIA guy” employed by Carlos Ghosn.  He met that man via Jim Morton.   The connection is HALEY BARBOUR!!!   Hello!!!  Carlos Ghosn’s people accused and “set up” 3 innocent men of being spies.  I Sharyn Bovat  immediately knew they were NOT and started a blog to “free them”.  Maybe I knew the “truth” so quickly because “I know something about spies”.  I’m VERY sensitive about “that” topic.   

???  Do I need to write more? 

???  Maybe “after” I post this note to Leon Panetta then the French and the American government will “finally” say ENOUGH and then Carlos Ghosn will get what he deserves for frauding America and wasting ALL the taxpayer money.  He did this with the “assistance” of Haley Barbour. 

Carlos Ghosn deserves “a coach ticket back to Lebanon” for ALL the crimes he’s done against the AMERICAN taxpayer.   Oh speaking of Lebanon….NO   I better NOT  go “there”.  

I “think” Haley Barbour should get a “month” trip to Kenya followed by a month trip to Israel & then President Obama should make him the Ambassador to France.   Maybe then he’ll FINALLY learn RESPECT for Black & RESPECT for French people & Respect for Jewish people.     

Mr. Panetta….I hope this gets forwarded to you.

Thank You for reading!!!

Have a Great Weekend & Peace and Respect

Sharyn Bovat   615-415-6675


Leon E. Panetta

Leon Edward Panetta became the 19th Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on 13 February 2009. As Director, he leads the Agency and manages human intelligence and open source collection programs on behalf of the Intelligence Community.

Mr. Panetta has dedicated much of his life to public service. Before joining CIA, he spent 10 years co-directing with his wife, Sylvia, the Leon & Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy, based at California State University, Monterey Bay. The Institute is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit center that seeks to instill in young men and women the virtues and values of public service. In March 2006, he was chosen as a member of the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan committee established at the urging of Congress to conduct an independent assessment of the war in Iraq.

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