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Leaf....My thoughts

You've created a bright blue car with a big smile and bulging eyes.  I won't even talk about the bottom. 
The average man won't like the wimpy name.  Ouch!!!
I can vision Bill O'Reilly showing a picture of your happy blue car and blaming President Obama for wasting 1.6 billion of our taxpayers dollars.   Nissan you want to the be the  pioneer in affordable electric cars so make one that is attractive to most Americans. 

Also, America needs the electric car because of the high demand for oil from countries that are becoming westernized.
Gas will become expensive and our county should not need to depend on other nations for oil.  Giving people a fixed price for monthly expenses gives them peace of mind with the electric car.

My opinion, your marketing rhetoric is too enviromental and your strategy is wrong. I think if this fails you should have your marketing and strategy leader on the "leaf" write handwritten notes of apology to EVERY US taxpayer.  

IDEA....   Do like the railroads and go city to city. 
It's simple but makes sense.   You already have committed test markets so at least have charging stations from border to border, Mexico to Canada...Show America YOUR serious. 

Mid term elections are coming up in less than 14 months you need to make some changes because if those elections go the way of those funded by the "oil industry" the electric car will be but a memory.  America needs Nissan to succeed.

I'm a fiscal conservative who thinks funding for infrastructure should increase.  Everyone in the nation should be able to buy an affordable electric car.  One that's attractive :)

From the reviews the car works well.  Just do some tweaking on looks and marketing. 

You will make big profits if you play your cards right.

Just a thought

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