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This went to the Las Vegas Sun "Blog"

Sharyn Bovat9:03 pm

Nissan Whistleblower encourages Nevadans to vote for Harry Reid. Nevada, I've been fighting a "Good Ole Boy" network at Nissan North America in middle Tennessee for OVER a year. YES!!! I'm not from Nevada but I'm asking as an American. At Nissan I proved wasteful spending of taxpayer money & the man that spoke to congress to get over 1 Billion tax dollars was replaced because of me telling Carlos Tavares the #2 globally about a corrupt group of men who dominated HR. The Good Ole Boys fired "most of" the women in management and repaced them with their unqualified buddies. I told the truth and they bullied and harassed me and worse they took away my American Rights and threw me in jail. Literally, the man that I have documented for harassing me for over a year "swore out" a warrant. The "Good Ole Boys" are connected to the Tea Party. My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm asking you to vote for Harry Reid simply to vote against the Tea Party.
It might sound "scary" but America needs Harry. Thank you for listening, Sharyn Bovat or

 I'm Fighting Against Racism
& Human Decency

& Viva Las Vegas Polls show a 48% to 48% split in Nevada......Time to Double Down Harry. This girl who was Born in CA who loved family vacations at "South Shore" in Nevada wants to help especially since Mr. Reid supports the Electric Car.  Past History tells me Harry Reid Needs a new "Angle" and I "think" it's

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