The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 


The Girl in the Black Honda had got some credibilty and many  months ago NISSAN employees started telling me of "issues".  

I learned that they LOVED NISSAN the same way I loved America.

In 1992/1993 when a "Good Old Boy" network took over the republican party this "Reaganite" had her heart broken by watching "new" leadership destroy the country.  

NISSAN employees have told me their hearts have been broken by the "Good Ole Boy" network that took control of the company "formally known as Datson" and they "destroyed" their company.    They LOVED NISSAN.  

The  Ghosn era of "Let Them Eat Cake" needs to be over!!!

The hardworking NISSAN employees want their company back as passionatly as I want America back.  Discrimination is WRONG!!!   

The "ethical" people of NISSAN would like it's AUTONOMY!!!!

As an American I can "add" Tennessee would like LONG TERM JOB CREATION. 

Respect is "earned" in life.   I've heard that many at NISSAN are excited about Mr. Tavares for they understand he's a "car" guy and he likes "fast" cars.

Using the best of Japanese business philosopy I want to create a strategy that "unites" and that can only happen if the "wall falls" and NISSAN gets it's autonomy back.

Gorbachev went on to writing books and went down in history as a "good guy". The Renault~NISSAN Allaince will secure Ghosn his legacy for the EV!!!  Mr. Sproule will make sure that happens.  He's talanted.  

???  WIll I write a book.  This Maverick says "You Betcha" .  My goal is to get this published "after"  ...   Tavares Turns it Around and Steers NISSAN to Success.   

Please read on I have a message to the Board in TOKYO:

Board in Tokyo, Below has been on “my” website for months.  I believe YOUR meeting this week.  My goal is to work and enjoy my life.  That said:  if that’s not going to happen and if the “Good Ole Boys” are going to continue control NISSAN Motors then I want Mr. Tavares to have an Attorney call mine.  I want “my” life back.   It’s time this “Skirt” got some RESPECT!!   Sharyn

Let's use tape as a "metaphor"  (Tape is used to make things "stick together")  in reference to Good old Boys and Communications they didn't  use "transparent" tape they prefer "duck tape.   A tape strong enough to silence those that are "outspoken.     


My perspective is CSR, CQ, Diversity are a "separate entity"

This is a "resource" to Global Communications, and communications in various regions. It's also a "resource" to HR, Marketing, Product Planning, ETC.  

The "only" way that NISSAN can be an "innovator" in creating on "unified" corporate culture that incorporates "Respect for All People" one where worldwide everyone  is "on the same page" with "one" corporate philosophy is having a global "hall monitor".  One who's mission is to find the positive and and inconsistencies and relay those messages to those that can make change.  
Unlike that of Jim Morton…..  Putting his “son” in charge of finance to “help” keep things hidden and inconstancies even MORE inconsistent, then finding a new member for the PLAY PEN  a “team” player connected to “Stout”.  WOW!!!!   Rumor has it members of this family want to run for public office.  If their Republicans they’ll “fit in” with today’s “greedy good ole boy elite”.  Hate to tell you this Morton family.  That era is “ending”.

To make success happen an "internal" communications person would be a part of the team to relay that information to the masses using internal social media. 

Global "brainstorming" is my special that identifies the needs of all shareholders
.     Bob Thomas …….Now that’s a name from the PAST!!!!     I’m saving him for THE BOOK!!!

My "thought" is to create a password protected web site (YES!!! another web site :) for high level executives to access so they can view reports "thoughts" from different brainstorming sessions or research projects that involve getting the "opinions and ideas" of the average "everyday" worker & customer".  

Allowing the executive to view this at a time that is convenient for them, something to read between meetings or weekends.  

Giving high level leaders "feedback" from the front lines is important in helping them make informed decision.   My goal would be to collect data then

One more project is collecting "ideas~opinions~suggestions  that would be confidential.  Giving workers a chance to share their ideas a chance to express thier opinions in a "non threatening way".   

We need a Kiosk in plants that allows employees to type in "thoughts' and I would have "random surveys with simple questions asking them questions that would help in the collections of data to understand the "mindset" of those people in that region and income demographic.  That data will be key in successful marketing of those "affordable" little cars.  Making the employees comfortable using the machine is "key".   Also we need to get them to "trust" that this is confidential.    
This “skirt learned of  Dan Gaudette “strategies” in Mississippi.    $#%@  I can do a “whole” chapter on my book on NISSAN bring Oppression to America.  Heck maybe the governor told “someone” about the “fat and happy” strategy.  ???  

Relocation to me is part of CQ ...although yes...I will agree it's also a "human resource" function.  The process needs to accommodate people from different cultures, various budgets and can done more efficiently using an approach that is cost effective and "employee friendly.  CQ is needed for success in creating a process that accounts for employee diversity.  

Thank You Board in Tokyo
and   Thank You Mr. Tavares for Listening!!!

Have A Great Day!!!!            Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

NISSAN~I was told in May 2009  the "good ole boy" team  had control
of corporate communication GLOBALLY.  Those in North America were not playing on "team Tavares".  Earlier in the spring I had warned Mr. Tavares that there were "plants" in his office (I was NOT talking about ferns). 

After I emailed him that "tidbit” he still met with me for his relocation.  At the time I did not know my emails to Greg Kelly were read by HR VP Mark Stout and although I suspected Greg was not on "team Tavares" Still he was head of the CEO office.  Well after I spent a few hours with Mr. Tavares on a Saturday morning HR was very uncomfortable, that’s when they crossed the professional line.     I LEARNED WHY

Then I knew this battle was Big, Global and Real.  

In Late summer Simon Sproule came back to NISSAN I knew that was a good sign and that "change" was happening.   Then in Sept. a new communications GM (it was a "skirt" :) :)   That was 6 months ago.  NISSAN   ???  How long can this continue.  New “thought” no comment

In reference to CSR I've been researching the vision of  Simon Sproule the previous CVP in charge of Global Communications and CSR and he created a foundation for CSR success before he left for Microsoft .  Unfortunately Greg Kelly's Comrade did very little (Nada) in reference to CSR.  

I still agree with the above paragraph adding that for 2+ years VERY little has been done changing YOUR image in the eyes of the “shareholders, consumers, & society will be a “challenge” but it can be done. 


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