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Voices Update

Hello Tokyo

Beautiful weather today in Tennessee and I enjoyed time with my child.  No Voices from NISSAN today.

Many people have told me about ALL the hours people worked during the NRP & those hard working employees missed out on a LOT of family moments to help NISSAN “comeback” and then they got the “rug pulled.”  Some were so committed to the company the left their spouses in California only to be “tossed out” by the Good Ole Boys. 

People that gave their LIVES to NISSAN were treated so poorly.  It’s beyond sad. 

I’ve spent hours hearing details of “issues” with the supply chain that are more painful to hear about than watching a colonoscopy on the Discovery Channel.  

Lot of recalls at NISSAN because inexperienced leaders tried to save “pennies” on parts.  This created ill will with the suppliers and quality was the victim.   Worse the customers had to deal with recalls & YOUR reputation was tarnished. 

The “Altima” engine oil leakage was truly a result from corporate stupidity. 

One viewer said “Any car guy will tell you that saving 5 cents per part is not worth changing vendors for….They kept nickel and diming the suppliers and NISSAN got what they paid for &^%$.”  


Topics for Tomorrow

Toyota Got the Talent: 

Tribal Knowledge Lost:

Brain Drain:

Morton Massacre:  Retention after the Relocation, The “true” numbers after the move to Tennessee 16%*-22%



*This number is “AFTER” those longtime employee’s were fired less than a year after the move.


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