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Mr. Tavares,


Why should Nissan have to pay all the cost for the diversity training.   From

the data I've received from other companies that have the same problem and it

stems from the "mindset"  of the community.   Also, the State is Actively trying to get other multinational companies to Tennessee and I heard their having lots of problems internally...why  since in  state government too many people hired their friends, church members and neighbors.   & performance didn't matter.


Many state employees have positions their not qualified for.  See a trend.  


With the economy....they have to clean house too.   Politically its tough..  

From what I hear  the governor is good but, he knows "who butters his

bread".....  When a problem is bad they don't want publicity so my "thought" if a coalition of the competent (better get a better name).  Basically,

Representatives from large companies that recently moved here made a request for funds for diversity/cultural training. They would just put the funds into a piece of legislation quietly.  I know this would happen.  They don't want the embarrassment.  The benefit to Nissan would be some of your cost reimbursed and that by them having to do this the State  might be a little more AWARE and change some of their policies and then "society wins".


Also,   one of the chambers of commerce is dominated by the Good ole Boys....

Another is neutral.   It's better for Nissan to be involved with a business

network in the community  that is Globally  Minded.   There is a major opening for Nissan in having the opportunity to be a BIGGER voice in the community.  More important.  You'll be able to recruit the BEST support staff knowing that you’re not part of the "old" ways .....Easily.  

FYI... The school …………………….deleted for privacy




I’ll insert a RANT based on what I deleted.

My child had some “odd experience in the public schools “after” I became a whistle blower but BEFORE I challenged the rezonings.


FYI- My child’s file was “misplaced” emails to the school were never received/read and my child was NOT put in a class for 2nd grade. She was questioned about her mommy by adults and told things about her mommy that were inappropriate. 




In kindergarten my child’s teacher put ALL the children “not white” at the same table.  My daughter was assigned a seat at a table (her first day in public school) one table that ONLY seated ALL the diversity in the classroom. 

Her table had 3 ethnic children (including her, my child is Chinese) also at the table 1 special needs child and 1 girl adopted from Eastern Europe.  My daughter kept coming home from school saying she was seated at the “different” table.  She even cried about it.


At Crockett Elementary in Brentwood Tennessee my child was teased for being “different” so I went to the school and quickly saw the problem and told the teacher. 

Over 3 weeks later at the autumn party the seating was the same when I asked the teacher a series of questions she said “I thought they’d be more comfortable”

YES!!!  She really thought that the Non white children would want to sit together.    


I “flipped” and got the principal to walk by the classroom.   He immediately saw the problem and my child was reseated.

All this is documented.



FYI-My child loves that teacher & over the rest of the year I respected that teacher.  The problem was that the teacher did not understand the issue of “integration” & in that room she had segregated the classroom, thus the white children in that classroom viewed that table as being “different”.

This easily set up those children at that table for “social failure”.   

ALL this and MORE about diversity issues is documented. 


Bottom-line:  The teacher (from Alabama) did not understand the problem. The school needs to “train” teachers on social issues in reference to diversity.  I like that teacher, I belive the teacher is NOT a racist.  It's a "cultural" problem.  Simply, people from the south do NOT know how to deal wiht diversity.  



Just a warning to the WCS school board.   My child is supposed to be rezoned next year. She’ll have to change schools leave the friends that she made and then in 2 years she’ll attend the same middle school as her current classmates.


All children are special and so is mine.  My child is a figure skater (she’s was one of only a few 8 year olds in the region Mississippi to Michigan that in her sport have landed axels in competition) and in figure skating self confidence is BIG and that is “one” of MANY reasons for what I’m going to do.


The main issues for wanting my child to stay at Crockett is for years I’ve struggled with Crockett Elementary administration to ensure my child is in an environment that is “welcoming” and comfortable for her.   I believe that ALL children “no matter what race or religion are equal.“ 


Granted the school that she is will be zoned for is the BEST in the county in reference to diversity and is a fantastic school. 



Since, my child is upset that she’ll have to leave her friends next year & It took her a LONG time to make “true” friends since she is perceived “different” and has been excluded by some at the school for not being white (Please see previous rant Tomorrows New Today).


Over the years I’ve had a few bad experiences with racist moms at Crockett Elementary and FINALLY I know which moms are “open minded” & kind.


Very Important: I know which parents will NOT try to “convert my child to the Baptist church” I know which parents/children will NOT tell my child she is going to hell for not going to church. 


Also, over the last few years I’ve built a trust with my child’s principle.  This is BIG!!!


Side Thought:

To be candid on Mr. Bohrer's first “official” day at Crockett a little over 3 years ago I was one of his “first” challenges. 


Sharyn Bovat was the parent who called him that day to complain about a “Christian” music song being played at the Boo Hoo Breakfast. 


YES!!! In a public school the PTO played a “Christian” music song in the school’s cafeteria to all the moms to help “sooth” the parents having to leave their children at school. 


The lyrics to the song were something like this… “Lord Help my child in every way… lord help my child every day”.   It was a “catchy” tune and parents were able to pay for the CD. 


I just thought in a public school it was inappropriate and I called Mr. Bohrer to complain about the lyrics. He kindly listened to me and told me “you’re living in Williamson County Tennessee” and he was a member of the church of Christ but he believed there was nothing wrong with the song. 

OK….I knew that I was “technically“ right since Williamson County Schools in Tennessee get “federal funds” but you can’t argue with people about religion without things getting “ugly” so I let it go.   For the record Mr. Bohrer is an OUTSTANDING principal and I’m grateful for his compassion and care for the children at Crockett.


Back to my point; I believe that ALL children in the Cool Springs East Subdivision that are incoming 4th and 5th graders deserve the same.  Not many children are involved and once they get to Woodland they’ll have the opportunity to make friends that will be attending Centennial. 


WCS: To ONLY rezone one small subdivision & a “limited amount” of elementary children is not fair especially when they go to the same middle school as their current classmates.


That said:   If my child is the only child to get a waiver I’m OK with that. 


My child has endured watching her mom jailed 3 times. People have told her lies about her mom.   My child has suffered during my battle for human decency and I believe that “nervous” good ole boy mom’s/wives” took out some of their anger with me on MY child.  That was WRONG!!! 


My daughter is living with her dad and as of now I get to see her every day.  Economically I have to go back to work and “it’s obvious” that I cannot be successful in Tennessee.  I have to move knowing my child is happy and around people that truly care about her.   Already I have a “cold war type…trust but verify” comfort with Crockett and it works. 

I trust the principal to treat my child fairly.  Therefore by beliving that with all the “drama” created by the county with unjustified arrests (ordered by Good Ole Boys at Nissan) to her mom, & having her mom move away with the added pressure of trying to land “double jumps” in figure skating competitions next year my child does NOT need the stress of leaving her friends at Crockett, she’s just 9 year old.


That said:  If I did NOT do this website and expose problems with “Good Ole Boy Networks”  my little girl and other little girls would continue to live in a community that “devalued” women and limited how much they can achieve in life. 

I had to do the website to expose problems at NISSAN and in the south.  My goal is all little girls in Williamson County WILL live in a world where “skirts speak”.   


FYI- When I gave up custody of my daughter in August 2009 to “keep fighting for human decency at Nissan & in Tennessee this mom went ‘ALL in’ and success is the only thing I will accept.”


WCS, as a mom I’m MOST upset on how my Battle for Human Decency with Nissan affected my child’s life. Too many people in this community “feared” me for I was ranting about problems that REALLY exist.  Keeping my child at Crockett keeps that school “diverse” and a good percentage of the children in Cool Springs East are “not white” so by allowing a few children to “keep their friends”   Crockett will be a bit more diverse.


That said:  I will FIGHT for my child to stay at Crockett with her “long time” friends the next 2 years.  



Back to my “text to Mr. Tavares” in September 2009.


....deletd rant about schools....My "thought".  If I'm allowed to by Nissan since their ears are open. Suggest French and Spanish be offered in public elementary schools. Heck!!!

other states have's just a start  Again by better schools you can

recruit better people.  


This is for your  electric car strategy team:


 a "new" idea. WHY???  Years ago I went to some national  public transit

conventions.   (One global....Canada) the issue of Funding was always BIG. 

America has poor public transit systems..very little  infrastructure since  the 70's  because the strategy has always been "we need public transit for the environment" and most people didn't care so funding was always cut.   I'll go into detail later.  1.6 billion is a lot but if you want success you need a BIg $$commitment.   BART (bay Area Rapid Transit) in California was successful to some extent.   They had some issues you'll most likely face similar ones.


It's changing the "mindset" of the people and that not your ( NISSANS)

responsibility its that of our government (nation). BUT...... If you want to be the pioneer and known for being the "first" and make great profits you have to help them out.  I keep bringing up infrastructure because I know how funding gets crushed.   I used to work with people that did "attack" ads.   There is a new term called "swift boating".  John Kerry was a victim of a right wing attack.  Health Insurance reform was a victim of a right wing attack. This is scary.....and can't happen.


I can visualize Bill O'Reilly showing a picture of the "Leaf" (bright blue with its eyes bulging and big smile) & blaming Obama for wasting 1.6 Billion of our tax dollars).....  Tragically....  Middle of the road (moderate)  members of congress will no longer support infrastructure and that could kill widespread implementation of the  electric car a second time??


My advice is from a famous saying..."the best offense is a good defense" and

"get your ducks in order".  That means...


Pounce with a new strategy....


This was written to him OVER a Year ago and “kind of” funny today:


Are you ready for the TADA moment.....  


My "thought" Have Sarah Palin explain to the "average" American the need for

electric cars.   WHY??? she's liked by many red state republicans & 

"Independents" who trust her. Personally, She's not my cup of tea.  I don't like her views on social issues. But for the Greater Good...  She has a reputation for being HONEST and KEY If you want success you need someone well known who's not known for  supporting the environment.   To the red state market she'll be communicating the Peace and Freedom  concept.   Heck with that approach you might get 20 Billion for infrastructure.  


She won't run against Obama in 2012 without an accomplishment so she'll have to wait till 2016...  What Sarah Palin would get is credibility.   She'd have a platform.  Even better have her do a public announcement with Al Gore.   He'd do it for the environment and she would

do it to get credit for solving our problem with dependency on foreign nations for oil...and helping those on fixed income with escalating gas prices. 




OK..... Idea needs tweaking.  But for a Blockbuster...... It's a start.  I'm

just......Brainstorming.....with the goal of selling lots of little blue smiling

cars.  :)


+ side...Obama would love it...he'd get credit for Peace and Freedom &  because

you'd sideline one perceived opponent in his reelection bid. REMEMBER Politics

and Business are entangled in America.  Remember health care.......that was an



Going to Indiana for a couple days & trying to get a book on the Manhattan

Project for some reason I think that history is helpful.


I just like having something to focus on.  Getting bored doing "nothing".


Mr. Tavares I have no idea what's happening at Nissan only what I see on your


I hope change is happening and great things are in process.   I did see the

Maxima on the nissan-usa site and whoever did that wow!!!!  Amazing.   It's fun

to "browse".......


Have a Great Day!!!!




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