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??? Wondering Why This Website Happened

On a Tuesday in July I went to Nissan to try to get a Letter that I had been requesting.   Part of the problem is the HR "Good Ole Boy" Alliance has not followed through with promises such
as handling  simple requests for references.  This has gone on for months.  I know too much "bad Behavior"  and they don't like me.  So I drove up to Nissan and a miracle happened.  A Perfect Parking Space. 

Oddly there were several people standing by there trucks wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day.   STARING at ME.... A woman with a walkie talkie roaming around.   

Men in uniforms.  Just there for ME.....  WOW!!!! 

My "Thought" I guess I'm not the only one  paid at Nissan North America to do Nothing!!!!!

"Rob" Representing Legal came up to me in front of the Nissan office.  He gave me an outdated photo copy of a letter signed by @#$%$@# from the Manufacturing Law and Labor
department.   These are "Good Ole Boys" Protecting their people.   Ouch!!!  He looked tough.  

My "thought" This is America in 2009, Time to end This "Good Ole Boy" Alliance.  He said some
things that were so unprofessional, I'm still in shock and he too stared at me.

FYI....I asked "Rob" and he  wouldn't give me his last name.
In fact....I don't think "Rob" was his real name.... 

He told me they had the police there waiting to "deal" with me and pointed.  That night I
talked to a Franklin police officer and "Rob" YOU had FAKE police.

How much did that COST Nissan???

America,  I knew I was fighting this entrenched "Good Ole Boy" Network and am up
against something fierce, but seeing the effort to intimidate me was bizarre.   What he
said to me motivated me to continue this fight.  

This summer I had "titan" trucks follow me too closely while my daugther was in the car.  I had NISSAN"s circling my home.  They wanted me to NOT talk,  Thre actions made me louder.  Still I had to talk to a police officer about "extra" monitoring.  It was HORRIBLE.

"Rob" represented the worst of Tennessee.    The Good Ole Boys are very narrow minded.  They cannot accept change or diversity.  They discriminate.  I proved that too.

Mr. Standish.....I want to NISSAN  North America A Habitat "of" Humanity  .....Sharyn
NISSAN    ???  Are Your Awake.
I Trust Carlos Tavares  and this website will come down when "he" tells me to take it down!!!

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