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The "thought" Vanderbilt can partner with NISSAN creating …….

Vanderbilt Center for Cultural Change

NISSANs participation could be to offer use of their facilities for meetings and use of a dedicated space for implementation fo the program.   Including use of copiers, office supplies, etc.    Economically the impact for NISSAN and Vanderbilt should be minimal with a GREAT return on the investment.

We’ll need a professor to oversee the program.   Should be 2 meetings a month.

Grad student who wants to do a thesis on Creating Cultural Change in the South.

The first program to be launched..Change the community culture of Williamson County.

Create a Globally Accepting Community.

Williamson County……Here’s the recipie for success:

A committee dedicated to Change consisting of :

2 Members  of the school board

2 business women from large corporations

2 women representing the stay at home mom community

2 Members of the Chamber of Commerce

2 members of the Sierra Club

1 member of the Williamson County Republican party

1 member of the Williamson County Democratic Party

1 member the Williamson County board of Realtors

1 Staff member of the TN Governor

6 Members of  the  Brentwood Baptist church, Brentwood Methodist church and Brentwood Hills Church of Christ   (Getting people from these churches to communicate the “goal” of a culturally accepting community is KEY, these churches are known for being “good ole boy” ).

1 Member of the Hispanic Community

1 Member of the Black community

1 Member of the Chinese Community

1 Member of the Hindi Communitry

1 Member of the Jewish Community

 1 Member of the Gay community


4 at Large members doing specific tasks.                      

1  communications (media)

1  social media

2 community events


!st challenge…..working as a “team”  write a mission statement and set goals.

Just getting a “diverse” group together and sharing ideas and making “realistic” expectations is a Fantastic Start.   I think that this could be implemented quickly and this summer  if the community (as a whole) introduced cultural acceptance (maybe with summer camps offered throughout the community  by the various churches and community programs offering  themed weeks to encourage awareness of cultural differences with the goal of  acceptance).

Making a “roadmap” for success is win~win.

Have A Great Day!!!!         Sharyn

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