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March 12-19th thoughts

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"Thoughts" March 15th-19th

quick "thoughts"

Infiniti the "G" could be a great "entry car except if a person just wants to add a navigation system on the basic model they CAN'T realtors have told me that's what "drove" them to other car companies.  Also pharmacuetical reps and sales people that put lots of milege on cars and swap every 2 years don't want a top of the line model.  If they could just add the needed navigation system you'd have an extra 1000+ sales a year.

Daimler if your my Berlin viewer ? Think about putting the NISSAN battery in that cute Kompressor.  The more cars with batteries the more chances of EV success.  Also, I feel that Americans are going to learn a lesson from the economy "disaster" and naturally downsize on thier next new car purchase but will still want fancy so  "Little" luxury is going to be "IN".  It's the me!!!  Especially with gas prices.

LEAF Team  $32,900 is the top comfortable price in the USA that's fully loaded before tax rebates/incentives .  Just my opinion. 

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