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This “thought” is to support NISSAN's  environmental philosophy established in 1992 using ths  NISSAN phrase "symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature".   This expresses the NISSAN image of an ideal society.

To help promote and accomplish that goal the "thought" is to have a presentation prepared that can be given throughout America by members of the toastmasters club that would like to volunteer time and partner with NISSAN  to educate people about making the planet healthy, one speech that can be presented to local organizations (Rotary, Junior League, Women’s groups, anywhere).   The presentation (lecture) will be educational and inspirational.  Ending the talk (lecture) with a music video, one that “inspires” people to participate in NISSAN’s Quest for reducing emissions. 

Luckily Nashville has LOTs of musical talent so getting a well known artist to sing for the planet is VERY realistic.  
This is just a “preview” I’m not a song writer.   I’m sure a 'real' song writer can do something that will “touch the heart” of the average American. 

Have A Great Day!!!   Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


The Shift_


A NISSAN “Inspired” Song



Wonder Why the Skies Not Blue

It Could be because of You

The Planet Needs a Simple Correction

One that Shifts_  Us in a Better Direction


Shift_ the Way You Think

Shift_ the Way You Move

It’s a Time of Change

Success is Up to You





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