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NISSAN I'm Tan, Rested & Ready to Fight Back!

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I was told "Skirts Don't Speak" on the executive floor at Nissan North America.   Then I was offered money to "not tell Tavares" about problems at NISSAN. Instead of taking cash for silence I spoke LOUDLY.

3 times I went to jail.  I was bruised while I was "in custody".   6 police cars hauled an
"unarmed relocation consultant" off in hand cuffs by the Franklin Tennesse Police,
that were "obviously way too tight"  30 hours later I took a picture and 2 days later I had the bruises documented by a professional. 

The State of Tennessee wanted to get a "special prosecuter" to handle the case againts a "1st time misdermeaner"...

Worse the same month I was "set up to fail" an annomynous letter was supposidly found on the "other side of the pond".  

YES!!!  Sharyn Bovat is connected to the RENAULT THREE.  Evidently "greedy" executives connected to Ghosn were scared when they started reading my emails to Mr. Tavares.This started "after" my arrest with a forward by rule.

Yesterday it was communicated to me that YES!!! it look like there was a "conspiracy" to take away the credibility of those of us that questioned TOP Renault/Ghosn executives about the "viability" of the current EV technology  Wow!!!!  I believe: This was calculated by executives that "originated their careers at Renault & Mr. Saikawa  I want FRANCE to investigate!!!!

NISSAN MY child has suffered for too long.  I will NOT let the families of the Renault Three live through this HELL....

Sorry Carlos Ghosn the Truth Hurts!!!!  

The Leaf might NOT be
remembered as:
Europes Car of the Year

It might become Europes
 FRAUD of the Year!!!

Somebody just compared Carlos Ghosn to Richard Nixon & I Sharyn Bovat spoke up for Richard Nixon. 


???  Why


A)             Nixon HELPED Relations with China

B)             Nixon was NOT Personally Greedy

C)            Nixon Believed in Freedom!!!!


Sproule & Reuter I’m buying a new pair of Uggs tonight or doing a press release….  FYI- It’s NOT that cold in Tennessee


My next task is to get filmmaker
Michael Moore involved....

???  Maybe he can make a documentary called:

Freedom for the Renault Three & Me


I heard Ghosn was “not to popular” in Davos….


???  Sir, how does it feel being the fat chick at the high school dance.


This went to a “group” of fine auto reporters and but of course the FRENCH CONSULATE


1/29/11 from the Nissan Whistleblower:


Bonjour French Consulate!!!!


Ghosn admits in this the leaf is currently NOT affordable with  there old technology 


???  What no subsidies in India


Battery Degradation is BIG problem for the leaf.


Nissan would go bankrupt if they really made 150k of these in the usa next year in tennessee  like they told the government. Nissan took over 1 billion dollars.   

“If” they really sell 50k of these this year like they promised that's a BIG drain with the Long term liability due to the factnthe batteries on each car will have to be replaced .

Of the 50k global sales That number allows for 20k sales in the USA    The reality is Nissan stopped taking reservations AFTER the $99 fully refundable deposits reservations hit the 20,000 mark.  

Get this I was told that some reservations were made with the intention of not following thru on purchase Thus 20k cars will not be on American roads.   


???  How many will really be on the road in 2011 ...  

My guess 3-4k 


????  Why do we need so many chargers that primarily only work with the leaf  when it was "built to fail".  


It looks like FRAUD !!!!   Solution for NISSAN* add transparency


???  Let's  get an "audit" done to make sure all 20k leaf orders in America  are "sincere"


My "thought" 

The Renault 3 Are engineers who are "ethical" they complained about Ghosn's scam

  they are innocent!!!!


A lot of people have read "my thoughts" on the charger situation and TODAY at Davos

Ghosn is "back tracking" trying to "stay face"  he said the world needs 1 plug system for 



???  Sir if YOU cared YOU should have thought about that earlier in America

 BEFORE you wasted my tax dollars.  Mr Tavares is an engineer he can work out HOW to 

solve this problem without false promises


Ghosn MUST Go NOW!!!!

Do NOT hurt the reputations of France and Japan just to save a man who let his right

 hand man "personally profit" from hurricane  Katrina money.  Some data says Ghosn might

 have profited personally too ....while stepping on the backs of the poor  in Mississippi 

and the hard working American taxpayer!!!

 He also got an"fat" paycheck from Nissan as the 2nd highest paid CEO, 10 million last year

 while Many lower level directors got pay cuts.  I think he can "afford" to retire.


I'm getting the word out next week to the American taxpayers!!!  


This is a "warning shot"  my goal is to simply work and enjoy my life...  I'm on the VERGE of becoming an activist!!!!


France are "we" going to play ball!!!!

The "fact" is France I love Europe for I lived there 3 years

I love the people and the culture in Paris and I'm a rare America. 

Who truly respects the French.  


Years ago at the Cordon Blue culinary school the head chef said "you should 

be successful in life for You were  not meant to be a chef but to employ one."


One lady "thought" he was insulting me.  I told her he was telling me

I had "other" gifts.  For I understand the "twisted" French culture.


French Consulate 


My emails are a wake up call to YOU


For if France succeeds so will Europe.  

My mission is Respect for All People


Have a great weekend!!!





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THE Renault spying saga has taken a new turn with the car maker accusing France’s intelligence agency of sabotaging its reputation. Adam Sage


Jean Reinhart, Renault's lawyer, said that the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence had leaked details of the inquiry into accusations of industrial espionage.

He claimed it had done so in revenge for being kept in the dark by the company when the allegations first surfaced last year.

The comments came as it emerged that French secret services had searched Renault's offices this week to try to shed light on claims that three of its executives had sold confidential information on electric vehicles to Chinese spies.

Michel Balthazard, vice-chairman of pre-engineering; Bertrand Rochette, head of pre-projects; and Matthieu Tenenbaum, the deputy head of Renault's electric vehicle program, were dismissed after an internal investigation.

However, with all three protesting their innocence and threatening to sue their employer for defamation, the scandal is proving to be an embarrassment for the manufacturer.

Eric Besson, the Industry Minister, at first portrayed Renault as the victim of economic warfare, but last weekend he changed tack to criticise the group for failing to alert the government when it received an anonymous tip-off in August.

The chairman of Renault and boss of Nissan, its Japanese partner, was forced to break his silence and to defend his company against reports that it had over-reacted to an unfounded suspicion.

"My priority is to protect the group, our assets and our knowledge," Carlos Ghosn said.

It had been assumed that his concern was to protect against foreign powers. Now it appears the threat may come from France.

Accusing the Central Directorate of organising the leaks, Maitre Reinhart said: "There's no way we can be subjected to this continuous flow of information and disinformation that makes you wonder who's


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