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??? Morton a Godfather

This "thought" was on this "blog" for almost a year!!!! This “Thought” is Dedicated to Rudy in New York City

In 1993 I was at a conference in Dallas one night I ate Tex Mex with a  group of New Yorkers .  The conversation was about the heated Mayor’s race.   WOW!!!!  That sounded interesting.  So I networked and found an opportunity to work on the campaign.  They put me up at the Roosevelt hotel in midtown (before the renovations) I remember seeing a pet in the hallway outside my room (a big rat)  I was  paid poorly  and $25 a day per diem  OUCH!!!     I took the work for the experience and I had been to New York City about a dozen times before  and loved it.   Well I loved it during the day but at night it wasn't’t the safest place to be.   In the summer is a smelly city but the architecture was beautiful and the food AMAZING.     The word was out Rudy Giuliani wanted to clean it up and make it the World’s Greatest City again.

The experience was Fantastic.    I spent time in each of the five boroughs and got to understand the people of New York City, they desperately wanted change.   Rudy appealed to them because he was known for being tough on crime.       New York City for many years had issues with “alliances” , well they were called "families" by New Yorkers.   The public works people dealing with trash did not care about doing their job properly and performance did not matter.    It didn’t need to matter had a job if you were in the "right family”.  NISSAN see the similarities ???

New York at one point had 5 alliances “families”.  Rudy broke them up then he got elected mayor and now NYC is a fantastic place to be.   Less crime & city workers know that "Performance Matters”. 

People are Proud to say there from New York City.   When people are on a “Unified”  team they work harder and enjoy their jobs.  NISSAN it can work in Tennessee too.

Thanks  Rudy
Make One Alliance ~ Create One Global Family~ Make Nissan a Great Place to Be

After "lots" of research.  The "rot" started with Morton from Michelin.  He's the "Seed of Greed" that started the downfall for NISSAN.  The Good Ole Boys "knew" the company had problems and they "set up" Carlos Tavares to take the blame.

Mr. Tavares NEVER would have let this website continue & he would have "replaced" his relo person like HR wanted him to had I not been "on target" with my "thoughts".    

This website is a "tool" for change, now this tool is "tired" & SHE wants this OVER!!!  Call Me  615-415-6675

???  for  Mr. Ghosn: Sir How "much" do YOU want on this website.

Have A Great Day!!!   Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


Morton rises in Nissan power vacuum.

Publication: Automotive News
Publication Date: 01-MAY-06

Format: Online
Delivery: Immediate Online Access

Full Article Title: Morton rises in Nissan power vacuum.(Jim Morton of Nissan North America Inc.)

Article Excerpt
Byline: Lindsay Chappell

In the swirl of events surrounding Nissan North America's relocation from California to Tennessee, one overlooked development is the rise of Jim Morton.

Morton, a relative newcomer to the auto industry who joined Nissan in 2000, rose to the position of vice chairman in March as part of an executive shuffle triggered by Nissan's relocation plans.

But what is not clear - not even to some of Nissan's U.S. managers - is what a vice chairman does.

"We still see him at the meetings,'' says one executive. "But we're kind of wondering what's up.''

Nissan said in March that Morton, a 61-year-old attorney, will be responsible for community and government relations - a task he handled for years at Michelin North America before coming to Nissan. He will also attempt to improve Nissan's rapport with Wall Street.

But he will also head up what he mysteriously calls "special projects.'' Asked what "special projects'' entail, he responds "I can't share that with you.''

The opportunity for upward mobility will be part of the culture at Nissan for a while, he points out. The automaker is working to fill several hundred positions vacated by headquarters employees who have decided not to relocate with the company from Southern California to Nashville.

After six years as senior vice president of administration and finance, Morton pitched Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn on the new role last fall.

"I talked to Mr. Ghosn a few months ago and asked if he would allow me the chance to do this,'' Morton says. "Mr. Ghosn and I have been together for a long time.''

Future factory?

Asked if the new vice chairman position might involve directing a project to build a new Nissan assembly plant when the time comes, Morton replies, "That's something I've done for a long time.''

While reporting to Ghosn at Michelin in the 1970s, Morton worked on the site search to locate a new U.S. tire plant in Dothan, Ala. In the 1990s, Morton also assisted Ghosn in conceiving a plan to build a highly automated tire plant that would use new manufacturing techniques. That project led Michelin to a plant site in Canton, Miss.-but Michelin never went ahead with the project.

Reunited with Ghosn at Nissan in 2000, Morton headed up Ghosn's project...

James Morton's Biography

James C. Morton, Jr. - Vice Chairman, Nissan North America, Inc.James C. Morton, Jr. - Vice Chairman, Nissan North America, Inc.Jim Morton is vice chairman, Nissan North America, Inc.

Among his responsibilities as vice chairman, Morton oversees governmental affairs operations for Nissan in North America. He also serves as President of the Nissan Foundation and is a member of the board of directors of Nissan North America, Inc., and Nissan Canada, Inc. Morton is a member of Nissan's Management Committee U.S. (MC-US) and Management Committee Americas (MC-A), the key decision making bodies for Nissan in the U.S., North, Central and South America.Immediately prior to being named vice chairman on July 1, 2006, Morton was senior vice president, administration and finance for NNA.In 2005....................
....Morton joined Nissan in May 2000. Prior to that, he held a variety of positions with Michelin North America, Inc., which he joined in 1976. From 1996 until his departure, he held the position of vice president, public relations and government affairs. Before that, he served as executive director of external relations and held other positions in the company's public relations, governmental affairs and legal operations.

While at Michelin, Morton's external activities included serving as vice chairman, South Carolina Ports Authority; president of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Rubber Manufacturers Association.Prior to joining Michelin, Morton worked for Arthur Andersen & Company and General Dynamics Corporation in various tax accounting and legal positions.......

Dominique Thormann - Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance Nissan North America Dominique Thormann - Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance Nissan North America Dominique Thormann is senior vice president, administration and finance for Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA). As senior vice president, Thormann oversees all finance, legal, human resources, business strategy, corporate communications, captive finance, security, corporate aviation and audit for Nissan's North American operations.He is a member of the NNA Board of Directors; Management Committee Americas (MC-A), the key decision making body for Nissan in North, Central and South America; and the U.S. Management Committee (MC-US).Prior to assuming his current position, Thormann was senior vice president, administration and finance for Nissan Europe, and was responsible for all activities related to human resources, finance, corporate communications, legal and business strategy operations for Nissan Europe.Thormann joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., in Tokyo in 1999 as deputy general manager, investor relations and financial strategy. In April 2002, he was named vice president, global communications and investor relations.Prior to joining Nissan, Thormann worked for Renault, SA in its investor relations department and for Renault Credit International as treasurer. Before that, he worked for The Chase Manhattan Bank between 1979 and 1989 in various positions in New York, Rome, Milan and Paris.Thormann holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and a master's degree in international relations from the university's School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC.Contact: Nissan News Bureau(615)725-5631



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