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Go Green & Get Green

Get Green in “2” Ways…Introduce a series of commercials from “average” car buyers that people can relate too.  NISSAN Trust Me!!!


Here’s an example of the commercial:



My name is Sharyn and I’m an undecided on my next car purchase.

Sure I want the planet to be healthy but the look of the electric car did not appeal to me. 

That is until my friends Eric and Mark told me that I would save over $300 a month by buying the NISSAN LEAF and going “electric”. 

I’m not a numbers person so they did the math.  

Since I drive 60 miles round trip to work each day and do about an extra 20 miles each day running errands & going to the gym.   That’s 4 gallons of gas I use each day & at 3.50 a gallon it’s costing me $14 a day. 

The cost of charging the LEAF is only $3 a day

Let’s think this out more clearly:

80 miles at 20 mpg = 4 gallons of gas per day…$14  - $3 for electric that’s a $11 a day savings times 20 = $220 just by going electric just for my work week.  Including my weekend time I drive about 70-80  miles a day on Saturday and Sunday visiting friends so that's that’s a savings of an extra $22 each weekend $88 a month.

Total Monthly Savings:   $308  (only a 28 day month).  

I’ll save $3696.00 in a year. 


America, That bizarre looking car is starting to look “attractive”. 

Eric and Mark are right…..if I go “green” I get “green”.

NISSAN do several commercials with different scenarios….

My “thought” Eric & Mark are smart by showing interested customers the potential savings.

“Idea” they should communicate this message to more people about the cost saving in a “clear” way.  Maybe have a “link” on a website showing others how much customers can personally save each month by owning a LEAF.  

NISSAN: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that by buying a zero emissions car it’s not only good for the planet it’s good for the pocket book. 

If NISSAN marketing had grasped this concept earlier I bet pre sales would have doubled.  Too many comments were written that “the look of the car “steered” them away from the LEAF and they’ll wait for a better looking EV.   This message of cost savings is YOUR advantage people want to save money.

This could be the “decision maker” for many.

Let’s Get America to  Shift_   their “thoughts” on your EV.

With the “right” message delivered in a way that talks to people at a level “they” can understand.   One that generates “buying” response. We’re going to make “lemonade”.   Trust Me.    

Bonus “thought” If I lease the LEAF for $349 it’s like I get a car for $41 a month.....double WOW!!!


Have A Great Day!!!     Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet





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