The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

To: Mitt Romney

Message for Mitt Romney:
I'm TIRED of ranting about NISSAN wasting over 1 billion dollars of taxpayer money. .

Yesterday I was told that the DA that's been keeping a "trumped up" charge for a 1st time misdemenaner "alive" for over 15 months tomorrow because she (Kim Helper) was appointed by former Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen (a man that started a company to help other companies get Federal and State taxdollars for SOLAR projects. WHILE HE WAS GOVERNOR!!! The company is called Silicon Ranch) & people that have profited from using taxpayer money and are NOT creating jobs are using the judicial system in TN  to harass me.  

I was a whistleblower at NISSAN and exposed bad spending of DOE dollars and discrimination.  Basically the state is holding me HOSTAGE just to discredit me    

Sir, I'm a talented opposition research worker & I want to work.

Please have someone call me 

Sharyn Bovat
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