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I'm OK!!!

Message to those that are worried about me I just want to say I'm OK.  I'm just tired.  FYI  I kissed a sting ray in December when they told me that it would give me "good luck" in 2011.  

HELLO!!!  Grand Cayman Department of tourism.  I'm WAITING!!!  :) :)

Yes!!!  I've been moody the last month.  It's been HORRIBLE the last two years & I thank you for your concern.
I've lost most of my friends since I became a whistleblower and recently my cat died.  I'm aware that I need to "make change" in my life.  I'm just waiting for resolution and then I'm checking into a spa for a few weeks just to regroup and get a "new" attitude.  Still i have the "stress" of court dates and next week in another.  

FYI-SInce I became a whistleblower I've had threats, followed & harassed.  Luckily when this was happening I was "aware" of their tactics and documented "thier bad behaviour".  My daughter saw a police car two days ago and said "why are they NOT following you".  She was in the car with me when I was "pulled over" and told that my "blinking" techniques were bad.  My child has seen so much hatred towards her mom some of the "attacks" were targeted at her to make me stop this fight for human decency.   All is documented and YES!!! some of it i told Mr. Tavares.   It's been "painful". I've fought back using my past.  For that I'm so grateful to my mom.   To her I say NOW "I get it".  

Since I started  I've learned that "speaking skirts" in Tennessee are still NOT accepted in some circles.   I've learned that many people still want to be "segregated" from blacks, hispanics, poor people, jews, muslims, hindi's and others. People in Tennessee do NOT like "different"  I've learned that this is a "white" society and they "like it that way".  I say to Tennessee I GET IT!!!!   Still I want Respect for ALL People.   Soon I will post a "rant" on "gender oppression" that's happening in Tennessee. A neighbor asked me what my next move was in the "fight for diversity" in WIlliamson County Schools and my response was  "I hope someone takes on that fight the battle wont' be mine I'm moving"   The fact is I've made my points.  If the community does NOT want to change I have to "accept" it.

Here's an analogy: America wanted to "change" the mindset of those in the middle east and the fact is it's "their" country and "their" culture.  History has shown us that being bullies has NOT worked.  

The people in the community did NOT understand me.  I'm "furrin" to them.  Rob told me I did not belong here and he was right.   To Rob I wish you well & YOU sir terrified me into fighting even harder.  I wanted to show YOU and NISSAN HR that women who "speak" could be welcome in the south.   To prove my point I dug into my political past.  
I've discovered in this fight for human decency that I'm a LOT tougher than I could ever imagine.  People that have read about my childhood have felt sorry for me.  I'm telling you don't.  My childhood made me who I'm today.  I'm proud of what I'm accomplishing.  It's taking LONGER than I thought and I've been beaten pretty badly.  Many in the community have slandered me and have tried to take away my "credibility"  Yet the facts speak for themselves.  Those that communicate with me understand the level of pressure people in the community have to try to discredit me.   People in DC understand that I've been living in a fishbowl.  They understand that "if" NISSAN makes change then it could create a "ripple" effect.  One that will change the way that businesses in the South operate in reference to accepting diversity and be more "transparent" on partnerships.   

Recently a well known reporter told me that I was "going to win"  he told me people want me to succeed and to not "lose it".   My blog post have been a "little" emotional.   I GET IT!!!  To him;  Sir, Thank You & WOW!!!

I hope EVERYONE has a great weekend!!!!    :) :)   Sharyn

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