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CSR in the CITY

NISSAN Understanding that CSR is based in Japan but to produce profit “driven”  success the CSR  global “distribution hub” should be in  NYC….Staying on top of “trends” is key.  Close proximity to the United Nations and close to major Urban/Suburban USA markets that will adopt the EV. 

Success for the LEAF is part of CSR.    Access to tools and international resources is KEY to success for the electric car. New York City is filled with multi lingual intellectual property. Using students from world class universities full of “diversity” as interns I plan on using that eager affordable "well educated"  labor in my “Quest” to get America to “think green”.   With US midterm elections coming up we’ll need “two” interns this summer to assist in progressive propaganda.   GET IT!!!

In reference to today's topic  “Emerging Markets” the “luxury consumer considers NEW YORK City to be Greatest in the World in reference to being the leading "trend" setter in Fashion.   Sorry Paris   Thank You HBO & Sarah Jessica Parker J J



Finally…..My impression is CSR activities in Japan are well managed. 
Programs in Japan  need to be organized by those employee’s that are Japanese.  For they truly understand the needs of those customers in their country.   By looking at YOUR NISSAN website the person doing corporate citizenship programs in Japan is doing a “great” job.  Using the fabulous philosophy of assisting those in reference to education and the environment.  

The Goal for Global CSR success is creating a   “cost effective & flexible program that maintains the high integrity that was founded/established in Yokahama then "tweak" to  accommodate the needs of different cultures.  New York City has the cultural intellectual property, access top international organizations that will be tools in EV success and very important “lots of nonstop flights”   worldwide.    

We’re going to use the work done by the corporate citizen team in Japan as the CSR  version of “Essence”  basically it will be the “inspiration” of how to model a larger “global” version of CSR/Corporate Citizenship.

For CQ and the goal creating “one corporate culture” that Respects ALL People that achievement would make NISSAN an “innovator”.

It needs to be done in New York City.

???  The CQ team cannot be around “office politics”.

Our “direction” will come from the top leadership in Tokyo.  CQ’s is to be a "tool" for team building a success.   We will NOT build roadblocks.  Our mission is “unite”. 
CQ never “creates” policy.  It’s just a tool to assist higher level leaders in making informed business decisions.  

Diversity should be run out of NYC because it HAS diversity.  That said:

Any decisions about NISSAN  corporate diversity policy should/will be made “exclusively” out of Japan at group committee meetings with represtitives of different divisions….like HR.   

Innovative/Creative  “ideas” that will work GLOBALLY  will happen in diverse communities.  Those ideas will be transported to Tokyo so "innovation" can happen there.    

???  What do You Think.

NISSAN    Have A Great Day!!!!       
J J Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


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