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3 Sedan Strategy

The 3 Sedan Strategy....Sounds like "simple speak" for the car industry!!!
I learned this strategy most likely was the Shift_  that took NISSAN on the "wrong" road.

After listening to so many "car" people I've learned that the "spiral" for NISSAN was management that lacked of love for the industry.It was all about the dollar.    Those passionate about cars that complained about quality were shunned by "new" American management.   The feeling of job security was gone if you complained so people "kept their thoughts to themselves and the product suffered. 

The cars under the strategy became "bland" yet "later" to fix the problem they over compensated with other cars that were "far from mainstream" thus the identity of NISSAN formally Datsun became foggy and they lost their reputation with "average" America as having high quality "attractive" cars.  

Now this "skirts" view on sedans...

FYI  I told Mr. Tavares that "sedans" will be In again. 

Believing that Americans will want that "new" car feeling and will go back to buying in larger numbers, yet they'll  "downsize" after this recession.

My Theory
People that  purchased minivans will most likely swap to crossovers but the largest demographic to switch will be those from crossover back to the sedan.    

Sedan are a bit more "elegant" (if designed right) and they are fuel efficient.  Americans have a "short attention span and the Honda CRV (rogue...i HATE that name) style car will be to the American mom what the Odyssey was a few years ago. 

The BIG Shift_ is those current CRV drivers are now looking at "small luxury sedans" those with 1-2 children will want "mom faintly" amenities in their fuel efficient cars.  They want "reliability"  that offers a feeling of style.

Economically people don't have the large credit that was available to them in the past and they were "burnt" by the banks with excessive fees.  I see Americans going back to a mild version of a "cash" society that is the 2nd reason  see the Shift_ downward..  

We'll still want luxury....just in a smaller package.  

Auto Industry ....  Nobody wants to feel like they are "stupid".  I was told "stupid" is a bad word.   That said when I rent a car and it takes me 20 minutes to figure out how to use the car I cringe and that car is NOT one i'll consider for my next purchase.    Cars for women need to be "user friendly.  

Recently I rented a Versa....and NISSAN I know why you sell so many of those little cars. 
That thing had some "pep" I won't tell my daughter this but they offered me a "cube" for the same price.   Luckily she was playing Nintendo and did not hear of that option.  I LOVED the Versa.   It's Fantastic.  When passing cars I got up to mpg (just for passing) then quickly back to the speed limit for cruising. FYI -  I had to pass a lot of cars because being "used to navigation" I seemed to have forgotten my "map sense" and seemed to get lost a little bit more than normal.  

NISSAN Product Planning a "simple" navigation system (touch screen) is really a "gadget" that women want please make it an "individual" option. I've heard from too many people that YOUR option pricing is what kept them from purchasing a NISSAN.  

HONDA Product Planning....  I've looked at cars under 35k (that's out the door price) and what I want is  "skirt loaded" ....which means all the things I want:
leather seats-moon roof-satellite radio-navigation-front wheel drive (like most women I hate the feeling of "fishtailing) -good mpg.  Your luxury TSX is the winner!!!  except THE navigation placement is "horrible" and the guy told me it was NOT a touch screen.  Women who have children "screaming" and noise in their cars do NOT like voice activated system.

OK now I'll tell YOU my viewers that in many of my 'emails" to the NISSAN Board member I;ve been "pushing" for a "front wheel drive"  small Infiniti sedan......  Good News!!!  Rumor has it that car is happening!!!   :) :)     I "truly" believe it's the "future" trend in LUXURY!!! 

Doing my research:  I was told by those that worked at NISSAN that management "didn't get" how Lexus "took off" in America years ago.  Their opinion is that  NISSAN "ignored" employees that feared speaking & NISSAN employees told me that Lexus did something "smart" and that was they did not ignore 1/2 of the population when planning their line-up.  

Recently a lady told me  when I asked her an opinion on which car I should consider her comment "once you've driven a Lexus you'll never want anything else"....  WOW!!!!      I've seen the Toyota "org" chart and although NO "skirts" at least if obvious they are allowed in that organization to speak.

Have A Great Day!!!         Sharyn

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