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NYC....They "get it"

NISSAN Tennessee does not "get it" in reference to the need for the EV.

The "Good Ole Boys" did not believe in the electric car and would have taken taxpayer money to fail.  This community does not believe in the "need" of the electric car. 

I see racist bumper stickers everyday in Franklin Tennessee  that mock the concept of global warming.   World...They're "NORMAL" here.

Tennessee wants to "build" it because of the jobs....  So LET them build it.

For EV Success those marketing that Lovely LEAF need to be on a "coast".

You MUST  have people "BELIEVE" in the need for the product they sell.

The magnitude of environmental ignorance in Middle Tennessee is excessive.  

You have to market it "elsewhere"....  ???    Los Angeles or  New York City 

My next "thought" is CSR education projects geared toward the environment and the "need" of the LEAF  targeted "mainstream" America from Baltimore to Boston .  All concepts in reference to CSR are born in Japan yet "filtered" through the "hub" in NYC.   

Below I found some "blue" state environmental propaganda.  I sure do like it MUCH better than what's at the top of this page.     In my heart I believe that they "get it" in NYC and if they don't   understand.  It's easier to educate people that are not as "narrow minded" as those in the south.   

NISSAN is in the business to "make money" and the era of "mindless minions" is over.   

Time to Shift_ to Success....  ???   in the city

Have A Great Day!!!!     Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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