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Sent: Jul 18, 2009 1:14 PM
Mr. Tavares,
In the early nineties I did special projects for the BIA (formally the Building 
Industry Association, today they're the American Home Builders Association) 
during my time with them I was able to get a good understanding for the 
philosophy of some of the more successful builders.  Everyone at the time wanted 
to build Mc Mansions and estate homes but the long term successful builders had 
a SOLID starter home.  Why?  They knew that with a happy customer when the moved 
to a larger home in a better community they would be LOYAL.  So like car 
companies successful  builders have a large selection for different budgets.  
The versa is a great starter car for a college student.  The sentra has been 
neglected and if you did a convertible it would OPEN EYES.  I really believe 
this for many reasons.  1st) the sentra is a great commuter car (fuel efficient 
compact.  Need ipod...those in states like CA and NJ that commute 1 & 1/2 hours 
each way to work need to enjoy their drive.   2nd)  people in there 20's love 
the convertible.  3rd) baby boomer women don't like to get their hair messed up 
on a regular basis. So the Murano statement I read makes no sense.   4th) Years 
ago my grandmother who lived in affluent Pebble Beach CA purchased an 
inexpensive toyota convertible for an extra car to have "fun" with.  She LOVED 
that car.   The interior wasn't fancy and I remember doing errands with her.   
She never worried about putting the top up.  There was nothing for people to 
take.   It was a simple car.   
A few years ago I talked to one of your marketing directors at a party.  His 
name is Eric Marx.  He's very bright.  Sadly he's in charge of the Cube.  
Anyway...I told him I had just purchased another honda.  He said honda customers 
are Nissan's  toughest to acquire.   I asked Why??
Loyalty was his answer.  I asked him more questions basically honda has good 
entry level cars and they keep their customers.   
Sir, it all goes back to having a good starter car.   You need 2  SOLID  
choices.....the versa and sentra...  .
And a 3 that's more sporty....
I've been talking to college students to help with Madelyn and one just bought 
his first car.....he got a honda civic.  I asked Why not a Nissan?   Nothing 
excited him.  Mr. Tavares.....That's a big problem.  But easily solved with good 
marketing and minor interior adjustments.   
Like I said to you before I do not know about your industry I just know what 
people want.
How do I know so much? 
I aske why? 
Enjoy Your Day!

I believe a "few" weeks after this "thought" the Rogue Krom edition
came out.....   huh!!!!



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Sent: Oct 14, 2009 11:04 AM
Subject: Zenergy & Rogue
It's widely known that women are now rapidly switching their mini vans for small 
Nissan, This will work & create new customers that could become LOYAL.....maybe 
upgrade to an infiniti some day....
Keep the Rogue...add testosterone (the bugee cord thing) & male preferred 
colors.  Make it the perfect small "fuel efficient suv for the male 20-30's....  
A good starter car for those hauling sport rack-snow ski 
rack-golf club- show the versatile space-this!!!
Nissan----Tell America you know what women want......So make the very SAME car 
for women but that one is named;
_____Zenergy_______  Zen definition-visually rich &  intuitive.
 "The small suv that meets the womens needs" .  At a price EVERY woman can 
afford.  Have it ready for Mothers Day!!!!
 ***We'll make big pink bows....for the showroom :)   ***   Then introduce the 
"bad boy" car in the line up...the tweaked Rogue.  The month of May is  close to 
the time of graduation.  I think if the Rogue is marketed exclusively to 
men.....more men or their parents  will buy to take to college.   My assumption 
is that many women  Rogue shopper originally looked at the Murano but it was too 
pricey.....And switched.     

OK..back to Zenergy....
Make it a mom car....simple tweaks...for fun & marketing - add aroma therapy.
juice box holders in the back seat & a tray table (american children eat an 
average of 5 meals a week in the car....some children eat breakfast while 
driving to day care and dinner from fast food at night.  ***. I looked at moms 
blogs doing research and they really want this.***   Also, An optional 
entertainment system for the children in the back seat. 
Nissan- If you were to do this WOW...  
Fyi- most women are not attracted to the Rave 4 ....  The CRV is the car to beat 
in the "skirt" market.  Let's give women a "fresh choice".
Oddly- when looking at the Prius and insight the prius hands town is catering to 
women so honda brilliantly has the insight more masculine,   the 2 door honda 
civic is big with men in their 20's......The toyota corrolla (preferred by 
women) is looking maybe their complacent.  which means the new Sentra 
could scoot in and take some of that market share.  
Your Murano is a good car (tail lights...ouch)  Why would someone pay an extra 
8K for that car???
That's when the HBO marketing comes in....  For YEARS they told America  "It's 
not TV it's HBO"......people really thought it was special to have HBO and today 
most middle class people pay extra for it....and some hardly watch TV....  They 
just like knowing they have something special....
Nissan.....let's shift_ the way people move and tell America in a 
(cleaver/memorable way)'s not a just  car its a Nissan.    
Have A Great Day....Sharyn

Future thought...a very Attractive  Urban EV....For Manhattan.  The perfect 
fleet car for chic/boutique hotel chains.  Also get the mayor to order a 1000 
leaf or seikou cars for publicworks.   That city is small enough to install 
chargers ....  It's also the Worlds city....Wow!!!   
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Sent: Oct 13, 2009 8:03 PM




The Hyundai dealership in cool springs has a small car the same as your leaf..

WOW!!!  I decided to go car shopping and checked out the santa fe....  They said

its like a murano but a Much better price.  I'm sure the Nissan engine is Much

better-fyi -most women find that though a non issue.  I did then go to the

Nissan dealership....OUCH!!!!! About 8k more for similar amenities.   Back to

the color blue.  After chatting with the salesman I pointed to the blue car... I

said "that's a new people like it???". He said "its the LEAST

popular color on the lot. For resale I should stick to traditional colors".

That said.   I came up with the Seikou.

(Let's make it in black, red, gold and white).......your Rogue should be a

blockbuster..  While doing a pulse check on the name with just 8 opinions

in....OUCH!!!.....not good!!!  One time   I did a follow up question & asked one

guy what he would think about a car named Rogue... He said "no company would be

(blank) enough to do that"......double ouch!!!!. That also means it did not make

in impression wth marketing.....NISSAN. you make a quality product.....something

has to change to be number 2....

Trust Me!!!!!  The HBO strategy will work in America....





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