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To help you understand how I was able to "identify" an internal battle for control I thought I'd put some more history on my web site.  

I don't "think" HR knew that the relo girl was once used as a pair of "ears" or a  "friendly fixture",  a long time ago someone very wise  figured out that this "party girl" was smart.  remember I PASSED the air traffic controllers test without studying.   WOW!!! 

HR....Maybe if you treated EVERYONE with RESPECT this web site would not have happened.

Just think....HR, maybe you should have returned the reference calls.   YES although I still told Mr. Tavares everything you still could have done what you promised.  You were wasting taxpayer money.   NOW EVERYONE  knows what I told him   WHY HR could you NOT be respectful???? 

That said.....  More HISTORY

IN 1992  I had a call from a guy in the governors political  office.

The RNC convention was coming up and it was in Houston. 

This guy from Mississippi was putting his people in place all over the country and they were letting go of the moderates. 

This Good Ole boy Network was taking over and some California Republicans were scared.  

I was asked to work for 3 weeks with some people from Mississippi and Texas and get to know them, also I was to "fit in".  The goal was to find out what their about.  The job would then give me a access all area's badge to the convention.  I was asked to check out the political climate.  Also get a feel for the other contenders while I was backstage.  

This job would have normally gone to a big donors child, but they needed someone they could communicate with. 

So I listened to conservative talk radio and went to Houston.   The next morning our team met and the  first question I was asked "Where's your bible"?  My thought..."I must have left it on the airplane, I'll go to the room and get the one the Gideons left in the nightstand".   

I learned that the "mindless minion" plan I had heard about in 1988  worked, these were people in their mid to late 20's and Haley Barbour was the king maker.  I asked a lot of questions.   Eventually Mr. Barbour had his nephew  keep a close  eye on me.  

By the time the convention started I had been questioned about my questions and told that they had to keep me because the California Governors office sent me but I had boundary's.    

Mr. Barbour was not chairman of the republican party???  Why did everyone do what he told them???     WOW!!!  I had a front row seat to the INTERNAL BATTLE OF CONTROL.

It came at a price.  These people who prayed with me weeks before started blasting me on my past.  Nothing that I did professionally it was all personal.  Yes, I did leave college to go on the road with a drummer in a heavy metal band.  Yes, I did date a politician (single) that was almost 3 times my age.  It became a scandal because I was the mayors kid and 18 years old, all that happened in my "early life" (teenage years).  Still they relentlessly used small issues and made them seem "sinful".  

Why???  Because someone told them I was not a team player? 

Creatively I'm very talented and I did a lot for that political party.  I respected all people and worked as a team.  They could  never question my work ethic. These people in Houston  didn't even know me and they attacked me with out even questioning me.   That's wrong. 

Why did they do it???  Because they just followed blindly and their leaders knew I KNEW TOO MUCH!!!!!

Ironically Nissan HR has attacked me in a very similar way, worse they made up personal "issues"
WHY????   Because I knew too much.

1992 their tactics were intimidating  but in 2009 this former "wild child" grew up and I know from their actions.   OUCH!!!!  Their scared.   Still what they are doing is WRONG.    If I took anyone's life and put it under a microscope I'd find something.  TRUST ME...  I could find something. 

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!     I think people have a right to a private life. 

So just let people enjoy their lives and you enjoy yours.    

That said. 

People that are asking questions about me call me directly.  I'll answer them honestly 615-415-6675.  I have nothing to hide.  My life is an open book.   Which could become a book.  OUCH!!!!

Have a Great Day!!!


Man in the Black Murano why do I keep seeing you everyday???
....Nice Haircut.  

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