The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

Moving On!!!!

NISSAN I’m BORED battling for Human Decency &  I believe changes have been made at NISSAN North America.

My Goal and "Dream" Job is:

For the record  I want to work at
NISSAN  simply because
my sincere respect the global executive leadership.  Also, I have a great appreciation for the corporate philosophy, many other reasons but most important I “Believe” in the EV.  

Also on the record:  HR did NOTHING that they promised when I became a “Whistle Blower”  On numerous occasions I called/emailed Mark Stout, Marlin Chapman and Greg Kelly needing help with job titles and references.  NISSAN I’m DONE with dealing  with  Mark Stout, that issue I'll delegate.

That Said: 
It’s a tough economy and I have to be “realistic” so with my new found passion of cars I just applied for a position at HONDA. 


NISSAN Below is what I put together if YOU have any questions or want changes call me  615-415-6675.   Thanks Sharyn

The faster I can go back to a “normal” life the happier I will be

I’m DONE being Miserable.   GET IT!!!!!

I know your reading HONDA Corporate ???  Can you put a good word in for me


Honda do NOT think I’m Dreaming when you see my requested salary.   You’ll see it all back
Magnified.   OH,,,  I have some “thoughts”….




Nissan North America  *In House Consultant

Expatriate and Executive Services

Public Company; NSANY; Automotive industry

January 2009 – Present (1 year 4 months)


Originally I was contacted by the NISSAN Director of Human Resources to assist in a confidential relocation of the companies first Executive Vice President to reside in the United States. Later I was asked to manage the process to ensure continuous care for the executive.

Using my analytical skills I was able to piece together a corporate "mystery".  I will tell you more in an interview.  

It was fascinating and that gave me credibility with the high level executive & after establishing a rapport with Carlos Tavares the Chairman of the America's of NISSAN I shared "thoughts" via email on the line up and targeting certain demographics for increased sales.  Giving constructive criticism to the global leader that was obviously forwarded to marketing executives (Mr. Tavares a high caliber executive delegates, my impression is at NISSAN some guy in Tokyo has been busy the last 10 months looking at my emails) those emails proved valuable assisting in the "comeback" of the Maxima by almost double. I only take credit for starting the dialogue. 

One of my key topics to the global leader was the lack of consistency in advertising and communicating that the "average" car consumer needed an understanding of the identity of the brand. Although I'm not a marketing expert identifying areas of concern is.

Later, taking on a role of a "mystery" shopper I was quickly able to identify customer service issues and still have yet to file that complete report.   

Bottom Line:

I'm a high energy team player who is looking for a "team".    Being a "people person" by nature who recently discovered a passion for cars, attractive cars. 


HONDA:  I have "issues with the Crosstour".   It needs some "tweaks". To be candid men think it's a car suited for "older women". Women find it too bulky, in the bottom.  Both sexes think it's boring.  Maybe product planning wanted a "one size fits all" car but if you don't "intrigue" the customer sales of the Crosstour will continue to "not be the greatest".   

I have some ideas.  Quick fixes.  A new demographic to market too. Could help.


Hope the above did not "offend" you since I'm applying for a job I want to make a good impression, I'm just honest.  It's my nature. 

To make you more comfortable about me when working with customers, partners, or those in the community I understand that my "thoughts" need to be "filtered".

Back to My Qualifications:

Using communications skills learned in the field (I'm a former research worker who's specialty was quickly finding out what "motivated" people to: change, vote, accept realities, or tear down barriers (walls) and shift to a new direction.  My unique talent is that I can take the "pulse" of the community or the car buyer and by asking random people questions in a casual environment where they do not know their being surveyed after talking to 20+ people that meet certain demographic criteria I can tell you information that you would get from an poll (survey) of 500-1000 people.  My results are not only more accurate in some cases but I can ask questions to the target customer that comes up with solutions or recommendations.

It's my process to always ask the??? Why.    Understanding why makes my analysis and "thoughts" close to being "spot on" sometimes even a bull’s-eye. 

When it comes to problem solving I see the "big picture" it's the way my mind works, an IQ thing.  In the past people would give me assignments and I work independently and during a meeting I "spout" out 10-20 ideas.  This leads to brainstorming which creates winnable solutions. 

This position that’s available in Alpharetta is in the field working with dealers.  Honda, I'm talented and I know that if I can get my foot in the door amazing things can happen.   You'll see your numbers RISE.   Trust me.

I'm all about the win~win.


Back to my Resume:

Relocation Consultant RAI   

Destination Service Provider for Middle Tennessee.

January 2006 – January 2009 (3 years 1 month)


Prior to working for NISSAN I was one of the most requested relocation consultants serving Middle Tennessee.  Working for those relocating internationally from major global corporations, including Nissan, Dell, Schneider, and Square D & GMAC. RAI is a vendor of Cartus and Primacy.

Authored the RAI manual given to those relocating from abroad with helpful advice on living in the South.


California State University-Sacramento BS US Government & International Relations

Also attended UC Berkeley, St Mary's, and Diablo Valley Junior College.

My college education was self funded. I worked full and part time to support my studies. Also completed several internships in Sacramento working for various special interest groups. Traveled throughout the US to work on several political campaigns. Worked 2 National political conventions.

Activities and Societies: Diablo Valley College - Forensics Team Debated at the state level Finalist in championships in impromptu speaking and speech to entertain.






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