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To Senator Alexander TN (r)

Dear Senator Alexander,


My name is Sharyn and I met you in 1992 you were in Sacramento being a surragote speaker for President Bush and I was asked by someone in the political office of the governor to spend a day with you.   Why because you were considered a contender for the presidential race going against the governor of California in 1996,  Everyone knew that Bush #1 was going down.  The economy was bad and even by trying to blame the Japanese for the economic failure and the success of the Gulf war it was obvious Clinton was going to win.  Funny memory I asked the person that called me what you did for the President and I was told you were the Secretary of Education,  my comment "The Republicans have a Secretary of Education???" :)  His response was hysterical .  The guys from Tennessee that shows you how little we (republicans) care about education.  Back to my "thought" and the point of the letter.

Sir, I have respect for you.  After we spent the day together,  we drove in my Chevrolet  Cavalier, before that car I had a Nissan Sentra but was told it was NOT politically correct.   (we even went to the mall and tried to register voters with some young republicans...most of the people at the Mall wanted to become didn't seem to happy).  Anyway, I learned that day about your character and sir you impress me.  I actually told the Governors office that if you weren't so determined to wear that plaid shirt you'd be a viable contender.   Al Gore from Tennessee was always smartly dressed (kudos to him) and that red and black plaid shirt gave people the impression  that you were an "average" southern guy.  The people on the right and left coast want more than "average". Now after that story I hope you continue reading my letter to you.

Mr. Alexander,  Tennessee needs your help.  It's a time of change and the Good Ole Boy Alliance that hurt Nissan is the heart of the problem that I've exposed,  I feel that the education system in Tennessee to to take some of the responsibility.    Tennessee does not have pre K and I was told it's because the churches lobby for that to NOT happen.  WHY?  many of the churches have pre schools that are very profitable and many people become members of churches just to get their children in preschool.  Well unfortuniatly many of these preschools do not have qualified teachers and basically it's just play and a break for the moms.  So when many children enter public schools at the age of 5 or 6 they lack the skills needed to succeed.     Too many children in the classroom and the teachers spend most of their time getting those "not performing" up to speed.  A mandatory Pre K is needed for long term success.

I'm working on a "thought" for you, Governor Bredeson and your colleague Mr. Corker.  and I will elaberate on my concern of the Tennessee education "issue".  

Also, this Good Ole boy mentallity is part of a problem in the State Government in Tennessee and I believe that many statewide politicains encourage this distrucitve southern practice becuase they enjoy the money in their coffiers.  Mr. Corker I have a special thought for you, and I think that if you insist on "change" it will happen.

Nissan is having to make dramatic change, other companies are suffering from this "performance doesn't matter good ole boy.... I'll hire my unqualified buddy attitude".  and if you want other multi-naitonal companies to come to Tennessee and STAY in Tennesse.  Tennessee needs to change.  Discrimination of ANY kind cannot happen.

That said, more later.

Sir you impress me and I think  you could be the point person for dramatic change to happen and that would be a "good" thing for Tennessee.

Have A Great Day!!!




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