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Attorney confident Reagan Farr won't face criminal charges
By Chas Sisk  THE TENNESSEAN • November 18, 2010 
The attorney for former Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr said Wednesday that he does not believe his client will face any criminal charges from a federal and state inquiry into his decisions at the Department of Revenue.


Below is WHY Sharyn Bovat is NOW a Republican…. Don’t worry I still believe in EV tax credits and infrastructure. FYI- I HATE bad spending & “abuse of power” & having "Common Sense" educated elite makes me a RINO.  Get It!!!

Oh and “if” I do get the CSR/Diversity job  in reference to overseas flights; I ONLY fly over oceans in business class RINO's are picky & we like nice wine :) :)
YES!!!  I’ve bashed “wife flight” that the Tennessee
taxpayers paid for but that’s different due to the fact that TAXPAYERS paid for a business class flights EVERY month for a spouse.   I’m not a hypocrite because UPFRONT you know what’s necessary to “feed the RINO”.  Thank you!!!  :) :) Sharyn 


Tennessee Republicans THANK YOU!!!

I’m grateful YOUR asking for TRANSPARANCY in Tennessee.    

GOP lawmakers want more disclosure of business deals

By Chas Sisk • THE TENNESSEAN • December 19, 2010


Governor Bredesen,


???  Did YOU cut a deal with President Obama’s people to get tax breaks on you and your buddy’s NEW “solar” business? 

I’ve seen how Mr. Farr helped piss away  Tennessee taxpayer dollars and helped give”goodies” to pampered NISSAN executives.  

On your new private business “deal” Tennessee taxpayers deserve FULL DISCLOSURE!!!


Oh a “friend" of Carlos Ghosn told me that YOUR people knew about MY website & indicated that Bredesens advisors have profited from my thoughts. 

Sir, I was OK with that because I care about the planet and I thought Ghosn/Tavares were going to get rid of the corrupt members at NISSAN HR.  That hasn’t happened and NOW I’m mad!!!  Governor, I want RESPECT!!!  


I want YOU Mr. Bredesen to apologize for your staffs “secretive behavior” I want YOU to give me my reputation back.  By Tennessee throwing an innocent person in jail 3 times knowing she’s innocent while your cronies make “green” is WRONG!!!!


Farr has come under scrutiny since leaving government Sept. 1 to start, with Kisber and Bredesen as business partners, a new company that would help finance the construction of solar arrays. The trio's recent venture in the private sector also could trigger new disclosure requirements


To be candid and helpful to you Mr. Bredesen  here’s some advice.  YOU have enough personal “green” it’s time your “Good Ole Boy” Buddies to stop feeding at the trough using money that can be spent on “average people” YOUR constituents.   I thought you were a democrat and they're "caring" sensitive types that generally want wants BEST for society and look out after ALL people.  Republicans are the ones that cater to white rich men.  

???  Didn't YOU get the memo.    

Rephrased; Let others get that money from the federal government.  People/businesses that "need" the money.


If I were you I’d keep my “good reputation” and bail from the perceived bad individuals that take away from YOUR good name.   GET IT!!!!


Mr. Bredesen, it’s about time the hardworking Tennessee taxpayer got some RESPECT!!!


Sir, my name is Sharyn Bovat and YOUR people $#@&%# with the wrong girl.   Even though I’m not from the south and I’m a bit BOLD I think the taxpayers will be on my side.


Have a Great Day!!!                J J  Sharyn


GOP lawmakers want more disclosure of business deals

By Chas Sisk • THE TENNESSEAN • December 19, 2010



GOP lawmakers want to know how millions in tax breaks and incentives will be used before they vote.

...........State officials are taking steps to improve oversight over two government offices responsible for much of Tennessee's recruitment of business and industry — as well as the incentives and tax deals that attract those companies.

Republican lawmakers are weighing measures that would require officials with the Department of Revenue and the Department of Economic and Community Development to share with the legislature more information about public business deals they are involved in, the programs they create and the decisions they make in taxpayer cases.

The moves come after years of battles between the legislature and the administration of Gov. Phil Bredesen over the limits of disclosure in tax and economic development deals. Lawmakers have repeatedly complained about being asked to approve projects crafted by former Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr and sitting Economic Development Commissioner Matthew Kisber without being told their expected cost or how key decisions would be made.

Recent events such as a business partnership among Bredesen, Kisber and Farr have lawmakers also willing to consider more disclosure from administration officials on their private business dealings.

The partnering of the revenue and economic development departments has produced most — if not all — of the Bredesen administration's big economic development wins. Those deals have burnished Bredesen's reputation as a governor who can bring investment to the state.

But in several instances, lawmakers were asked to vote on the tax credits without being told how they would be used, and while some estimates exist for how much individual incentives might have been worth, revenue and economic development officials have said that some parts of the incentive packages are confidential taxpayer information, exempt from public disclosure.

Lawmakers say the legislature is growing more cautious about continuing to sign off on incentives without being given information about how they will be used...............

.........The level of cooperation between the departments has become evident under Farr. An accountant and lawyer, Farr wrote at least some of the legislation behind these deals himself, including the incentive package that persuaded Nissan to relocate its North American headquarters from Southern California to Middle Tennessee in 2005............

......But when state officials were told that Tennessee's incentives were far behind those offered by other states, Farr was given the task of working with Nissan's site-selection consultant and economic development officials to craft a package of reimbursements and other incentives worth an estimated $64 million more than the state's standard offer.....

Over the next 13 months, Farr would receive two promotions to become the Department of Revenue's top executive. His work brought in even more major economic development deals.............



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