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America Should not be Paying for a Global Chess Game


“Worse Than traitors in Arms are the Men who pretend loyalty to the flag, feast and fatten on the misfortunes of the Nation while patriotic blood is crimsoning the plains of the South and their countrymen moldering in the dust “.      Abraham Lincoln


Compared to other car companies Nissan is in much better shape.  Still people are forced to take unpaid vacation and it's going to be tough.  Excess spending in today's economy is hurting your colleagues. I have friends at GM and people there are REALLY suffering.  

Times will get better.   Everyone just needs to be on the same TEAM!!!!


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Below was written OVER a year ago at the beginning of my "Battle for Human Decency"

The ultimate "thought" for Nissan in reference to this website is that a company that takes TAXPAYER MONEY success TODAY should be the Goal.  The US Taxpayer should not be funding an International Chess Game.   We need to work together for success and stability.  You cannot have multiple alliances or leaders.  That creates chaos.  The economy has changed and so has society.  It's Now Global. 

Time for Change.

My "Thought" 

Great Things Can Happen with everyone working as "1" Team.

The Japanese are known for Efficiency and Quality.

The French are known for Style and Passion.

The American's want Success.

At Nissan North America with all groups working together under the leadership of Carlos Tavares it WILL happen.

Performance Needs to Matter.  

Employee's/Consultants who think "out of the box" and have ideas to make process better, cheaper and faster  should not be ignored.

Employee's/Consultants who know of bad spending or unethical behavior need to be listened to and treated with RESPECT.

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm "Added Value".

Have A Great Day!!!!


Sharyn Bovat
Expatriate and Executive Services at Nissan North America
*In House Consultant

January 2009 – TBA

Sharyn was contacted by Nissan and asked to assist in a confidential relocation of the companies first Executive Vice President to the United States. For weeks She  worked secretly to prepare for the arrival of this executive. Normally this work would be done by several vendors. She was asked to do this assignment alone. After the announcement She was asked to manage the process to ensure continuous care for the executive. 

Things happened and they were not good.

During this time Sharyn decided she needed to speak up about issues that did not seem right.  

She's still waiting to see if Nissan is Listening? 


Relocation Consultant RAI

January 2006 – January 2009  (3 years 1 month)

Destination Service Provider for Middle Tennessee.

Nashville relocation consultant for those relocating internationally from major global corporations,including Nissan, Dell, Schneider, Square D & GMAC. RAI is a vendor of Cartus and Primacy.

Authored the RAI Nashville guide given to those relocating from abroad with helpful advice on living in the South.


My life travels & work experience has opened my mind giving me a high CQ (Cultural Intelligence) and I can see clearly how the lack of cultural understanding stifles a company. I'm able to see the bigger picture and assist people from all over the globe in making informed decisions. My goal is to train managers in cross cultural business skills making them more accepting of diversity, this is essential in today's global economy.

Summary in Reference to Relocation

I will show companies how the "pull" system to reduce the "muda". Giving them a custom plan to move relocation work In-House (less pathways!!!!). Better customer service & added benefits to the employee being transferred.

In today's tough economy this "new" approach saves money. Good News!! The cost savings will magnify during the economic rebound.

It also empowers the transferee giving them more options in relo benefits while saving the company money.

The right People, Process & Technology can save your company from excessive consultant cost.

Why Sharyn Bovat???

My travels have given me a clear understanding of global cultural differences. I have a knowledge of the Asian culture & business practices from multiple visits to Japan & China. I understand the Latin culture by traveling throughout Canada, Mexico and Central America. I've spent time in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Australia and Africa. Between 1998 & 2001 while living in the Netherlands I developed an appreciation and respect for the European way of life.

My clients feel comfortable with their move to the USA prior to arriving in Nashville because I communicate & share expectations on housing and lifestyle. This can happen because I understand what is "the norm" in their country. My knowledge helps families transition to a new way of life with less stress. Understanding Nashville's communities I can quickly help with a clients home finding needs that are close to the office of the transferee while taking into account their budgets and education needs in assisting them.

For those that are still on "the fence" about moving to Tennessee I've proven that my orientation tours make for a quick "positive" decision on making a move to TN.

Brainstorming on New Idea's in the Future:

***To get those idea's out of the box... I'm working on a comedic monologue based on my relocation experiences. Then use that positive energy to open minds, create brainstorming sessions to turn dysfunction into function.*** 











 *taken from my Linkedin Page

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