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"I think more people that work for the Koch Brothers read my blog than people that live in Tennessee.  Maybe it's because they know HOW to read unlike many in Tennessee. My fear is the kind under educated masses in Tennessee are the people that will vote for who the Tea Party tells them to vote for.  Those funding that movement are people with an "agenda" and they will ditch the worker bee  simply for a dime."  

Carlos Ghosn is in Bed with a LOT of People....   For months I've ranted about it and the Tennessean has turned "blind",   Sure the Titans have a new coach

???  Should that news dominate, It's what the people want to read. 

???  Is it what the people NEED to read.  

Education Matters!!!!    Good Journalism Matters!!!   Respect Matters !!!!

Today's rant is a "Wintry Mix"

Motorsports Update!!!


NISSAN the press release about the Intercontinental Le Mans Series.  The engine used is the same one that has been in use in the Japanese Super GT series since 2006.  It was developed with Zytek in the UK quite a while ago. It is also used in the GT-R in the FIA GT1 series currently.  Once again, someone is re-cycling 'mature' technology into current programs.  Not that it is a terrible thing, but an all new engine would be more exciting and newsworthy.   Just something to “think” about.



I sent a Bitchy Email to Tennessean Reporters Adams and Cook Today…. This Skirt is Getting Cranky.  If My Child’s Hometown does NOT Have the Balls to Cover What’s Going On in Tennessee in Reference to a Good Ole Boy Network I’ll Reach Out to Publications that Will.  NISSAN FYI-Yesterday I opened an email with the addresses of a “bunch” of journalist…..Globally!!!   Wow!!!!  My “thought” we’re gonna have fun next week!!!!


It’s been too long and I’m tired of this “Battle of Human Decency”.   It’s time to Free the Renault Three and End the Internal Battle of Control going on at NISSAN.


???  Would YOU like me to connect the dots to Ghosn to Morton to Barbour to Mubarek.

          It’s less than 6 Degrees.    Fun fact I think I’m 4 degrees from Kevin Bacon.


Viewers!!!  People know that NISSAN is profiting from my “thoughts”  They know that “change is happening”.  The longer that it takes for NISSAN to announce change the more YOU have to lose “image” wise.  


Because I’m being unjustly persecuted I MUST fight for my American rights.    TRUST Me the word will get out.  I cannot have a “simple” life is this gets to big.  Truly I want to work and enjoy my life. Today I sent the below to 2 Tennessean Reporters. The other day I sent them some other “tidbits”..... Candidly the Tennessean is proving to be a “roadblock”one they is providing censorship.   It’s a paper that many in Tennessee love to read.  It’s got a lot of “fluff but no substance”.  



A long time ago in NYC a British Expat told me over a pint that I was a Corolla body with an E Series Engine. Huh….  As a woman I took that in not the best way and out of protest I’ve banned British men from my  dance card….. (an American saying) The reality is after Googling this comment  in a Monty Python twisted way it was a compliment…..

When Googling the UK definition for E Series Engine:

“ ……Designed and specially built to become the Corporation's new mid-sized engine, the E-Series had a troubled early life, but eventually matured into something very worthwhile indeed. “

???  Maybe  guess that guy was “spot on”….  Sir I hope you’re enjoying your life.  

I think I'm "spot on" in saying the Tennessean looks like a newspaper but inside it seems to be a vegtable plate....NO MEAT!!!!

Also, is the reporter covering Williamson County Schools "friends" with the Good Ole Boys....  Most of her articles swing in ONLY one direction.  

People are "waking up" to the crappy coverage.   FINALLY!!!!

UK Memory for Sproule

Every time I went to Baskingstoke I loved the “spotted dick”…..

People it’s a DESSERT!!!!


This is what I sent to Tennessean Reporters Cook An Adams.

 The Nissan Whistleblower has  court March 1st and Infiniti is using that day to launch a car that I’ve been ranting to Mr. Tavares about for ALMOST 1 ¾ years…. The other day my “web stats” showed people viewing the New Road page and then LOOK at the Press Release:  Do not Plagarize someone’s “thoughts” then send them to prison…..  It’s morally WRONG!!!!


Tennessean???   Why Have YOU ignored my story…..   Just say WHY ???

I Don’t Get it …… YOU can write about hunting in neighborhoods…..  But not about an ongoing injustice…..   ???  Do YOU have morals…. ???  What’s the deal.

Cook your in town call me.   


Sharyn Bovat ‘615-415-6675  



02.10.2011 , ROLLE, Switzerland


“Infiniti is currently examining concepts for a luxury performance car that will fit below the current G Line. Like every Infiniti, it will be completely different to anything currently offered by our rivals.”

So said Andy Palmer, Senior Vice President for Infiniti, at the opening of the Infiniti Centre Piccadilly in London during September 2010.

Fast forward to the 81st Geneva International Motor Show where at 12:15 CET (Central European Time) on March 1, 2011, Infiniti will present its next Inspired Performance: a concept car that will take the Japanese performance brand down a new road, to a new future.

  • For more updates, log on to No password is required.
  • Infiniti’s booth at Geneva will be number 1030 located in Hall 1.


The New Road from

The New Road
  written by Sharyn Bovat
 June 15th 2010

"Kyo to iu hi wo egao no kinen bi ni shiyo"
Let's make today a stellar day.

At Nissan the word "value" has 2 meanings.   We believe we add value and contribute to society by creating jobs and offering high quality affordable cars.  

Below was posted March 2010….  I have LOTS of emails to the future CEO of Nissan telling him that Infiniti needs a started car…..

The Little "

NISSAN with the understanding that “performance” in engines is your “thing” and that most men and some women associate performance with the “engine” I GET IT.

Just an “idea” there’s a lot of people that want luxury and want good mpg and many do not see the “engine” as the “IT” factor.   If they trust a brand they’ll assume the engine is good.  Plus you have all those warranties.

A few days ago  I did some research and spoke at length to a salesman from Acura (I give him the award for best at bonding with a customer.  His instincts on what “motivated” a customer seemed spot on. This is his 2nd career prior he worked for a French company based on Bordeaux,

he grew up in Chicago and speaks a few languages he’s culturally aware of differences.  He became a car salesman because the economy “drove” him away from his last position.  The affordability of Tennessee  was attractive.   Back to my point:
 This guy was fantastic (although he did accuse me of asking questions “like a man”…what did that mean???) In reference to cars he had an arsenal of “thoughts” and he was able to confirm my ‘opinions/thoughts’ on why people in the middle east prefer Japanese cars to German and how that market is rich in "mining" if given the right product.  From his life experiences he could identify traits of different customers in which types of cars they would prefer.  FYI - I was the only customer in the lot so he had lots of time to chat.

With Confidence I can say  when it comes to purchasing a car women want “choice”  &  they/we want it all…. Yet if their/our budgets forced us to choose between interior luxury (The bells and whistles….fyi- moon roof, navigation/leather seats/heated seats/great stereo/DVD player) or a V-6 engine many women would choose the interior luxury.  For that is visible, enjoyable and touchable.  

NISSAN Some smaller engines are “peppy” and many other companies do NOT include powerful engine when they define a car as "luxury".  

It seems like EVERY automaker has a different interpretation of “luxury”.    For women safety reports are very important if torn between 2 cars and the feeling that they/we will be taken care of. 

~FYI~ Acura has a 24 hour # to call with any questions so I called the number last night and a “live” person answered after “1” ring.  I think he was in a call center ½ a world away yet he answered my questions on my button.  Curiosity had me call the Infiniti # and got an electronic system finally after pressing a couple buttons a real person who then told me to call my dealership….  They asked me a lot of questions (like zip code) yet THEY COULD NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION>….  Which was a simple one?  

Infiniti “Idea”…call your 24 hours line your “car concierge connection”…

Acura has gotten rid of something that is going to upset some shoppers..  On the TSX they’re relying on“voice” activated navigation and got rid of the touch screen.   Many people hate those systems for they cannot recognize some “words” that are spoken by the drivers ……   Many people LOVE the touch screen.  

In reference to sub compact “luxury” BMW has “Opened Eyes” for the 20-30 aged “luxury” demographic with the “sub compact” luxury cars.  

The fully loaded TSX for less than 35k gets 36mpg on the highway with only “1” driver. VERY IMPORTANT Working (educated) Women and those upper middle class boomers on “fixed” income care about mpg for it’s a comfort feeling in case of rising gas prices.

NISSAN/Infiniti - Your “G” Coupe and sedan are designed beautifully and your cockpit is fantastic,

Infiniti to beat an “incumbent” (Lexus) you need to reach out to all the voters and offer “choice”.  

Imagine a “new” luxury compact designed with DNA from Essence with “choices” that accommodates the entry level luxury customer who needs “range” you’ll be guaranteed a WIN.

How about in reference to engines offer choice
The “Fantastic 4” option to a new luxury sub compact…
make the moon roof standard...


Regular w/great mpg and a lower price

V-6 (Infiniti signature powerful engine)

Diesel for the European markets.

You can call this car

The Infiniti I

My “thought” the next generation will say

I” Want That..

Get that group as customers.  WOW them with customer service and make them loyal.   Their next car will be a G.

Have A Great Day!!!                           Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

 The New Road from


The New Road
  written by Sharyn Bovat
 June 15th 2010

"Kyo to iu hi wo egao no kinen bi ni shiyo"
Let's make today a stellar day.

At Nissan the word "value" has 2 meanings.   We believe we add value and contribute to society by creating jobs and offering high quality affordable cars.  

Each day we encourage our technological experts to create new inventions that will ensure safe, reliable cars globally.  Also, ensuring that the long term transportation needs of a growing world are environmentally friendly protecting our planet but most important is were developing cars that are good for the air that we & our children breathe today.  


NISSAN believes the hardworking employees that build our cars and interact with customers create the foundation of the company. 

It’s our goal to take care of our employees the way we would like our customer taken care of and that’s with Respect. 

At Nissan every opinion matters.  We are all on the “same” team.

Today, our ears are “open”. 

We want to hear the voices of our factory workers, those in the offices, our dealers, suppliers, business partners & shareholders.  It’s important to us to hear from the communities that we do business in. 

We want to know how we can make things better. 

At NISSAN we believe that a multi national corporation needs “1” corporate culture based on simply "respect".  Understanding that to thrive in today’s fast paced global economy we must encourage every employee to become open minded, more productive & good "global" citizens.  

Becoming apart of the united corporate culture at NISSAN is in a way becoming a member of a global family/community, one that we take pride in being a member. 

A family with one common belief that thats "a job well done".  We want those members of the NISSAN family to take their paychecks and build happy lives. We'll encourage employees to give back to the community and share our NISSAN Values. 

Diversity is no longer an HR term it's part of CSR & our new corporate culture.  Our new road clearly has room for everyone to succeed.

Every employee (even if they were a “skirt”) has the opportunity to become a role model within our organization and maybe that positive energy will shine and inspire the cities we do business.

Our passion for excellence motivates us everyday to become better. 

Our focus is to be better in customer service, better at cost cutting yet still providing a better quality product. 

We understand different societies have different design styles and we want to be better at delivering the most “attractive” product to each location we cater to globally. 

We know our products are already good and our mission today is to create a future of long term success steered with inspiration that’s determined to get to the destination:

The NISSAN CSR Philosophy 2010  

More Cars Sold = More Profits = More NISSAN Jobs Created


More money to enrich the lives of People and the Planet



This is a "work in progress"   I think it's finally coming together..   ???  Any suggestions or tweaks.  Below is a preview of "coming attraction"  The preview was inspired by the act of kindness shown on the global website...

Have A Great Day!!!!                    Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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