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For months I've heard from people all across the county.

Each time a viewer reaches out I'm grateful & this "Battle Of Human Decency" has emerged into a way for those that have been wronged to voice their frustration.   

My Voices from NISSAN page needs to be factual based emotional comments about the problems at NISSAN.
The comment yesterday about bringing those to Tennessee knowing they'd be fired was made from a reliable source and the facts "triple verified".     Also, so many people came to Tennessee only to be demoted and demoralized.  Remember when wrote that Greg Kelly left Mark Stout a "list" to succeed, that list was also a "vendetta" list.   Those that had questioned "Morton's Motives or Managemnent" were put on the list.  

When I wrote on this blog/website that I had flashbacks to communist Russia while in the NISSAN HQ that was true.  When I said people at NISSAN were oppressed I knew what oppressed people looked/acted like from my time in Leningrad. I was there just get opinions from "average" people and returned with an unsolved puzzle in my mind.  They told me what to believe and until the flashbacks that started on the executive floor at NISSAN North America I would have been happy living with certain memories blocked.  Somethings are so bizarre they're true. 

During the fight to stop the rezoning in the Williamson County school district I met a Dr. from Vanderbilt who was also a foot soldier against communism in the late 80's early 90's he made the connection of the KGB and Good Ole Boy tactics. I also met a lady from China who protested at Tiananmen square she too was fighting the rezoing from her heart.  When both of these people made comments that connected the Good Ole Boy mindset in the community to communism. People in the community "thought" they were crazy, nobody living in America can understand that "era" in the worlds history.   I told them "I got it". 

All three of us realized that Williamson County was filled with people that simply needed to "wake up" and see that a select few were controlling the masses.   The Good Ole Boys were NOT governing for the best interest of society but out of personal greed.   The "greed" and "corruption" that was part of the culture in communist Russia created fear amongst those living in communist countries  (people working at NISSAN has the similar emotional symptoms.  basically keep quiet and hope to survive.) The Vanderbilt Dr. and the mom from China became Americans for one reason FREEDOM. 

I want to lead CSR at NISSAN because I know change takes tIme & so many of the long time quality NISSAN employees have so little trust for those decision makers in Tokyo.   Many insiders have told me that Mark Stout took the word "human" out of Human Resources.  My opinion on Mark Stout is on this website (The Final Chapter) years ago I spent a day with a Central American government official and he reminded me of Stout, his soul was empty.   Not many people can treat so many with so little respect and still "smile" everyday.   Two days after I met that man in Central America I saw him on the news fighting allegations of corruption and torture.

I got a call about a month ago from a viewer saying the only way NISSAN can comeback is to "wipeout" HR.   They are the ones that implemented Mortons management decisions. 

Because of my activism I have crediblilty and that's needed to build bridges.  Also, I know that Tennessee has some high quality people and my goal is to encourage a corporate culture of RESPECT.  A culture that everyone "still standing" after the wall falls in Franklin will want to be apart of.  

In the last few months people have told me of great NISSAN business leaders in the past.  I've been encouraged to meet Mr. Katayama the man known as "The Father of the Z" and told that Jack Collins was a man who in America who led product planning through the "comeback".  They told me that when he was there NISSAN in California was a family and those still at NISSAN transplanted from California that still remain have lived on the "edge",   Those that stayed have found new careers but most have NEVER found that feeling of being in a coporate family like they had in Gardena.  

Today those former NISSAN California Alumi meet and talk about "the good ole days" and are cheering for Mr. Tavares.   Evidently, Mr. Tavares was known by those in California as being "tough, quality concious, and percise" he was a man that some feared yet a man that those employees who were "car guys" RESPECTED.  

While driving Mr. Tavares to Green Hills (a nice part of Nashville) FYI-The Infiniti M lane departure system was beeping and chirping I asked the Chairman of the Americas about the move from California and his comments were heart felt about the loss of so many QUALITY people & added the business has suffered.    Yet, he will make NISSAN a succees. Mr. Tavares was ready for the challenge and even better he's a "car guy".         

People have trusted me with their "thoughts" and to them I'm grateful, for they have helped prove that REAL Change at NISSAN North America needs to happen.  

Sunday I will have a "new" Voices from NISSAN.   It will show how.....  

About a week ago the link below was emailed to me.  The creater is unnamed & this was forwarded to me from a viewer.  The language is "R" rated. I've watched it a couple times and I think it's slightly "ficticious" yet has some bits of reality.   DO NOT ASSOCIATE THIS WITH Me or MY BATTLE OF HUMAN DECENCY.  It's comedy-humor and was sent to me to make me laugh!!!

For the record. Tennessee is the place my child calls home and I want success for NISSAN in Tennessee whish will help with job creation and success for America,   I believe in RESPECT for ALL People. 

NISSAN  Time For A "New" Road.........Sharyn

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