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To: Trisha Jung

ALL my "thoughts" that were plagiarized I can PROVE they were mine with emails to Mr. Tavares and my web stats....  Trisha Jung.... STOP the SLEAZY STEALING of my Creative "thoughts".... A mentor of mine went to Harvard and said "Nothing Fresh" comes from There......  everything has 2 years worth of dust.

Trisha Jung,

Originally the marketing for the LEAF was really BAD.... I got calls from vendors saying that NISSAN was burning money on the Leaf account.  That got me mad because NISSAN was using taxpayer money for the National ad campaign.

I sent a LOT of emails about marketing problems to Carlos Tavares,  MANY of my "thoughts" were used. 

???  Maybe they were NOT world class ideas but they were a lot better than what YOU were providing

Ms. Jung I want RESPECT and so do the American taxpayers!!!

Sharyn Bovat


There's Lots More Trisha!!!!

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