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This is a "thought" I've VERY comfortable with ......these 3 are aligned.  

NISSAN.....This is YOUR "Good Ole Boy" Leadership!!!!!

Tomorrow I connect the dots to someone on the NISSAN board.

Yes, You will have a connection that links one of the most POWERFUL men in the auto industry to "Rob" from Tennessee. 

Till Tomorrow!!!!


Here's a bit of creativity from the Past!!!!

Below is an old "thought" on a possible new TV Show!!!!

NBC was successful with ER

How about a pitch to ABC



About the Auto Industry, which is on the minds of all Americans.

The economy is Bad…..The company is taken over by a Swiss Company known for “efficiency” ……..  They send over a new leader who’s mission is SUCCESS  to work side by side with HR…..making everyone scramble, covering up their mistakes. For fear of  spending face time with the new leader  HR hires Tinker Bell thinking she could be the scape goat for their poor decisions…..….not knowing she’s “efficient” even worse for HR  she’s a Maverick.   Nobody knows her motivation.  HR wants her to go away  Tinker Bell wants to work and make “a difference”  her motivations is  ETHICS .   A long time ago someone said “ Treat people the way you would want to be treated”.  HR forgot that!!!!!  


Main Characters:  Based  on founder of a well known  company and a popular movie.


Walt-    Nicknamed the “The puppet master”.   Everyone say’s they know him  & thinks he’s  the captain of  their team.  We never see his character only hear his voice (similar to Charlie, in Charlie’s Angels).


Geppetto – He thinks he created Pinocchio, NOT.  He’s been VERY generous  with executives and builds alliances with everyone.   Offers Tinker Bell money to go away. 


Pinocchio- Everyone’s favorite.  Can’t make a decision, scared of the new leadership and new ideas, torments Tinker Bell.     He’s the one that put her there to begin with.


Tinker bell- the HR consultant that keeps popping up….bringing new “issues” to light each week



& Have a Great Day!!!!           


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