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The Ultimate Puzzle

NISSAN and the Auto Industry


I think the email below “freaked out” the Global HR Leader….

After I met with Mr. Tavares in May and the contents of this puzzle did not go back in the “box” instead I got a “riddle” and a challenge.  I was told I was at 51%.  The comment intrigued me coming from a top auto exec. 


Mr. Tavares is VERY professional.  He knew I was putting together the pieces and HE let it continue. 


Have A Great Day!!!





------Original Message------

To: Greg Kelly


Sent: Apr 28, 2009 6:10 PM





oops Prime Minister was Carolin, General Thormann & Santa Stout. 

I was never good with code names.....


Everthing is back in the box.

Can't wait to hand over the contents.


Purchased a new laptop.

Time to move on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Enjoy Your Week!




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Sent: Monday, June 08, 2009 1:00 PM
To: 'Thacker, Brad'; 'Noziere, Eric'; 'Krueger, William'
Subject: I need help.....From Sharyn ********


Nissan Executives,



I don’t know who to contact. 


I need to get this resolved. 



I just added this to my website.  Going Public is NOT what I want. 

Someone at Nissan should have enough time to deal with this issue.


Sharyn Bovat ******     Then I kept writing on the ‘same’ email.


This Nissan Experience for me has been an EDUCATION!!!

Before I moved to the Netherlands in 1998 I worked in large corporations in NYC.  I worked on 2 different Executive floors so I know "appropriate" business behavior.    

In the last few months I've received Threats and Gifts.   Even in May I received a twisted email from a VP.

Some  people that were scared of how they've spent corporate money & saw me as the enemy.  

My comments to HR about poor customer service were not just ignored  they were used as tools to get me to cooperate.
How?  I'll explain.

4 times I had meetings with HR leaders.  They would compliment me, ask to see pictures of my daughter, tell me I was exceptional and that Mr. Tavares had nothing but compliments.   Told me in the past I was there most requested consultant.  Once this HR exec. said " I have VP's that don't want you in the building for fear you'll talk to Mr. Tavares". The guy lectured me on protocol and told me I could only communicate with a Director, who would tell  a VP who would tell a SVP who would tell Tavares.  He said they had filters in place for a reason.  I was out of line.     Each time they said they did not want me but if I proved to them that I could keep quiet there might be a place for me on a team.   They were dangling the possibility of a job as a way to get me to keep quiet.  

I knew there was no job.   I emailed a HR leader higher up.  What was I supposed to do?  These meetings like I said on my home page were interrogations.   They didn't know what I knew, they wanted to know.  They were scared.   There is no way a top HR leader would meet with someone like me on two occasions unless there was an "issue".    Mr. Tavares said I did a great job & if HR did not want me because of the economy or for any reason that would have  been acceptable.  They crossed the line with their tactics. 


I have to admit on March 31st  when I was asked to a meeting early in the morning to pick up a reference letter, which could have been mailed.    This  HR leader greeted me in the lobby & led me to a back elevator   For an hour I was professionally terrorized. It was WRONG!!!   toward the end of the conversation I reminded him I had a meeting with Mr. Tavares that afternoon to go to the DMV.   He then did a 180 and brought up a new relocation task force that I could be a part of.  


Unbelievable.   Worse this is the person that was asked to take care of my references. 
I left went home and sent a "Thank You" email to him.   I then called him and we spoke about noon.  I said "sir why are you wasting my time?  You have no intention of hiring me?"   He was mad.  Made a comment about my references  At that point I cried.  For an hour.   Nissan HR was going to hurt my chances of getting another job.  What had I done.  I was never going to talk about bad spending but they pressured me by their actions.  Now my daughter would suffer because her Mom won't get another job.    It was wrong!!!

That afternoon I then had to get the infiniti and pick up Mr. Tavares.   I wore my sunglasses in the lobby to cover my red eyes.  Even though I still worked for Nissan I was not allowed in the building.  My movements are monitored.  Whenever I enter the building I could see this security lady make a call.  I've been asked to leave the lobby even while waiting for the Assistant of the Chairman.     Humiliation was part of my treatment.  

Finally in the car I took of the glasses.  "Mr. Tavares, this is what your people have done".

I haven't cried since.  I've become stronger.  I've asked HR for references but have not heard back.  I've asked for mini tab and quality companion computer training to help me find another position.  I've been told their working on it.  Each month I have a "meeting" via phone with HR so they can legally say I've consulted with Nissan and then they Fed Ex me my check for $****.  At one point I was going to work 20 hours a week assisting expatriates for only $****.   They feared me that much.    It's Wrong!!! 

I'm reaching out for HELP.    What happened to me was wrong!!!!

I've been quiet until recently.  

This has got to get resolved!!!!

Thank You for Listening,





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