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And YOU Called me a Spy

Last year when I was at Costco and one of my daughters friends mom's called me a "spy" & I said NO I was not I thought it was rude & was upset ....  blogged about it.

Sharyn Bovat knows the definition of spy.  

Tennessee ???  Maybe YOU need to improve YOUR education in the use of the word or at least teach people about manners.  OK to today's point.....


says spy scandal put assets at risk
Reuters - Helen Massy-Beresford - 1 hour ago
PARIS (Reuters) - A scandal over suspected industrial espionage at Renault deepened on Thursday as the French carmaker warned ...
France fears 'economic war' over Renault technology leaks? - The Guardian
Executives at Renault Suspended in Secrecy Breach? - New York Times
Wall Street Journal - AFP
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