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Mr. Burger

Mr. Burger,

You sent me an email recently and I responded.  I left you a message and I sent you a reply.

??? I have not heard from you.

Sir, I'm tired and you got me upset yesterday but I need to Thank you for you woke me up and I've decided once I start working full time I'm going to get a Life Coach to keep help me focus on what's important. 

I was angry by your email and called looking for assistance from NISSAN yet "everyone" is scared to talk to me.  It's OK.  I'm used to it.

People don't know how to respond to me.  My life has been altered by this battle of human decency.   I used to go to  Starbucks everyday but I finally quit going I'm tired of "uncomfortable moments"  One time a person used their cell phone to call other person having coffee just to tell them where I'm sitting. Many times people will walk in and see me and have a look like a deer  in the headlights and turn around and race to their cars with out getting coffee.  One time a teenager sat at a table next to me and the Dad looked at me and said "we have to go"  Some just look turn away, look turn away like a tennis match.  I saw the same guy for 4 months and he would arrive 5-10 minutes after I did everyday.  Some days just to ":test" to see if it was a "coincidence" I would go a few hours earlier than my routine and he'd show up.  Early in the summer some familiar faces from HR would be there.  Odd thing was whoever it was they had the same Glenn Beck book with the torn Borders sticker on the cover.  It was like they were passing the torch with the book.  It was odd.  Now it seems like people are truly  terrified of me.  Especially after the rezoning battle,  Yet I still went to Starbucks everyday because I liked the routine.  I like just being around people even if I did not talk to them  It's wanting to be around living beings that smile and laugh. 

Ever since the guy with the red truck appeared I just stay home.  My life right now is an odd existence.  I'm realizing I need to take back certain things that I lost during this battle and tonight I'm going to tell you I want respect. 

Sir, i got your 3 letters  (two from Fex Ex and one copy of a letter from Rob) all in the early part of summer Also, I did not talk to NISSAN employee's like you requested.  I have not been to the home of a NISSAN employee.  This is a NISSAN town and I have NOT done anything improper like YOU suggested in YOUR emails/letters. FYI in late July I deemed your letters void. 

SIr, I had your second one looked at by a professional and the comment was  " did a NISSAN Lawyer really write this"?   "They're desperate" "If you sue they'll settle".  I've known for almost 7 months that I could end this with litigation.  By having this website up I have MORE credibility.   By the rezoning being stopped even more.  I've demonstrated this is a corrupt culture.

Sir, 3 times you told me that NISSAN was going to sue me.  This last letter did not mention a lawsuit.  Maybe becaseu you have NO CASE.  This letter was ridiculas.  FYI...I won't sue because my objective is to work and enjoy my life and this battle of human decency is for "change in NISSANS corporate culture". 

You have proven to be UNRELIABLE for you have NEVER followed through on your "threats".    Suggestion ...Move On  I think Frank from the ATC academy would call your actions "Excess Luggage" useless.  No room on the ship for time wasters.  GET IT!!! 

Now, Mr. Burger if you want to waste any more of my time with your insignificant rhetoric that is written to intimidate or bully me,
my "thought" is DON"T unless you have the"balls" to really sue me, 

Sir, I'm tired of this and your letter was NOT welcome. 

Do not contact me again unless your Serious. 

In reference to Mike Burger, I'm DONE.

Have A Great Day!!!

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