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This Battle of Human Decency Honors Carolyn Bovat

This "blogs" writer was raised by a tough woman known in political circles as a "pit bull".   Carolyn Bovat was a Mayor & Activist.

Years ago a tobacco lobbyist told Sharyn that her mom Carolyn Bovat was feared by the cigarette industry.  Sharyn's mom started the ground war to establish "non smoking" sections in restaurants & the workplace.  People thought Carolyn Bovat was crazy for thinking smoking could be regulated.

When Carolyn got close to victory the tobacco lobbyist spent lots of money to discredit her.  They stooped so low that after Sharyn's dad died of lung cancer they mailed to every member of the community a picture of Carolyn Bovat (a Mayor) dancing at a conference with a young legislative aide
(who by the way insisted the mayor to dance with him...huh) The caption on the picture sent to EVERYONE in the community "The Merry Widow". 

FYI- The tobacco lobbyist had a LOT of revenue on the line.  They even sent EVERY member of the community a "hit" pieces in their mailbox 
highlighting the escapades of the mayors "Wild Child".   

Years later during a cocktail party on a boat in the Potomac Sharyn Bovat asked a Tobacco lobbyist  ???  Why did you attack Carolyn Bovat so harshly?  Sharyn was told her mom was "a fighter" and they knew she would "go the 12 rounds"  he then asked Sharyn
??? How did you know Carolyn Bovat, Sharyn's response "I'm her daughter, the one that was described as 'slutty' YOUR extreme attacks on my mom ruined my reputation".   To this day Sharyn Bovat has "issues" with tobacco lobbyist using "sleazy" strategy.  
Huh,wasn't the governor of a southern state lobbyist for that industry...Small World!!

Good News!!!

Carolyn Bovat won, originally people said she was crazy for "thinking" America would allow for people to be "told where to smoke".  Carolyn
spent 3 years battling the non smoking issue at local levels and her work was the foundation for National legislation.    The air is a bit better in America because Carolyn Bovat fought so hard.  When CBS did a documented her accomplishments for Dan Rather's show 48 hours.  Carolyn was asked WHY.  She said "if not me...who".

Carolyn Bovat did not spend much time with her daughter for she was too bust "saving the world".   During a roast celebrating Carolyn's accomplishments in the early 90's Sharyn was asked to speak.  Sharyn got up on stage and said "I hear Carolyn Bovat is in the room,  if so can she please stand up."  Carolyn stood up and Sharyn said "So that's what you look like."  In conclusion she told her mom that "someday" she'd take the damn torch and become an activist.

This “Battle of Human Decency” at Nissan North America is an attempt to stop a Good Ole Boy network from continued discrimination & is  dedicated to Carolyn Bovat.   Mom  ??? I hope your happy.    I love you  Sharyn

Sharyn Bovat aka The NISSAN Whislteblower
Love Life~Love People~Love America

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