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"In 1993 the 'Pre Medicated' Rush Limbaugh Called Me a Socialist, WHY... Because I Was Wearing A Rudy (Giuliani) Button..."   Sharyn Bovat

This is Sharyn Bovat after court on March 1st.   Bovat has been battling a 1st time misdemeaner charge for almost 9 months.  The warrant was "sworn out" by a Good Ole Boy she had documented harassing her for OVER a year before the arrest.  NISSAN Time to CHANGE

Bovat has court again on March 28th. 

Think about this Sharyn will have been  "fighting charges" in ALL for four season's.  Spring~Summer~Fall~Winter.

The Tennessee taxpayers have paid LOTS of moneny to jail me 3 times.  ??? Have warrants issued just to get a glimpse of my wardrobe.  I don't get it!!!

~Think About This~

A guy in the Tennessee National Guard said that President Obama was a Black Muslim Socialist, my response “You’re less than 17% correct….The President is ½ black.   The I asked ???  WHO taught you this.   The (abbreviated) answer….   SOCIETY.

Marines in Embassy’s LOST President Clintons pictures to post above the security check points they did this with the “silent” approval of their superiors.  I believe that ALL US Presidents should get RESPECT.  Along with ALL People!!!!    

Something similar happened at NISSAN North America. Mr.  Saikawa was the person that many “thought” would succeed Ghosn.    In North America people aligned with the “Good Ole Boys” did NOT Respect Mr. Tavares.   Maybe they should have been “respectful” to the New Chairman of the America’s.  Get This!!!!

Now some executives are doing PMO work….   PMO is an acronym for Please Move On



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