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Terrified of Tennessee

On Thursday I received the letter that is on my Kim Helper DA page.   The NISSAN Good Ole Boys have hired the former district attorney to "deal with my case".  The case should be the State of Tennessee vs. Sharyn.  I had it confirmed the former DA is aligned with the Good Ole Boys.  he's making some "good" money by doing this.  

I've said all along that my website will come down when Mr Tavares tells me to take it down.

I emailed Mr. Tavares for
he needed to know what his "good ole boy" team was doing.   THEY PUT ME IN JAIL FOR NO REASON!!!!!   He needed to know that I was being put in a possbile compromising position and he needed to know that I was willing to talk publically about this.    I also told him that I was "bruised" and poorly treated the first time in jail.  

YES!!!  I also told him to make the Elgrand an Infiniti.    IF the NISSAN Good Ole Boys want ALL of my "thoughts" sent to Mr. Tavares the last 18 months OK.    They can just tell their friends at City Hall and soon AMERICA will know how much I've told him about marketing, the EV, the new corporate code of conduct, corruption in Tennessee, racism in Tennessee and on cars that women want.  

I was told that my emails would "bounce back" when Mr. Tavares was "done" with me.   Would you like a copy of the email I sent him last year "acknowledging"  that I'm a "change" agent.  Telling Mr. Tavares that I Understood that I could not be paid until this internal battle of control was OVER.  

YES!!!   Mr. Tavares at any time could have stopped this and he knew I knew the rules.  Once MY human rights were taken away July 7th .  I had to speak up.

When this battle continued (way too long) i told him I wanted CSR especiallly after uncovering LOTS of poor decisions in the money that was spend earmarked for the "greater good" and we could use CSR as a way to communicate the NISSAN Values.    Soon my "thoughts" were put up on the "global" website, that was in April. 

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! That was AFTER Mr. Tavares was made Ghosn's successor.  

Still it takes time to make "change" so I just did my website.   During that time "my thoughts" continued to emerge on the website.    NISSAN Global took both IR and Brand management away from CSR most likely since I'm not qualified to do either one of those.  My specialty is understanding people & data.  I have an "open mind" and a high IQ one that lets me see the bigger picture.  

What I told Mr. Tavares is that I'd be a good global hall monitor.  Creating one corporate culture for NISSAN that is driven for success.  Also, I want to be a "behind the scenes" person who gives top leadership the "women's point of view" in reference to cars.       
The "good ole boys" were VERY selective on what they sent the judge.   I understand that last month the Forward by Rule "started".  Two emails were seleceted to send to the court that make me look "bad".  I GET IT!!!  In response I can publish ALL my emails about BAD Tennessee  Good Ole Boy Behavior.  

???   Becker would YOU like that.  Once it's on the's on servers FOREVER!!!!

Also last week I got word over a week ago that my life would be "difficult" in Franklin the next few weeks and I should leave town. The corporate "shake up" is eminent.    Unfortuniatly school has started here. I'm STUCK!!!    

  I was told May 2009 specifically that Mr. Tavares could NOT fire them....but he wanted to.   Now readers of this site know it's because those in Ghosn's office told Tavares he could not.   The Good Ole Boys NOW know that when Ghosn Goes they go too. 

They are harassing me now at a HIGHER level.  I have a child and my nerves are "shot".   Too many "odd" things have happened.  I'm truly terrified.   My doctor says the recent stress from this battle is affecting my health so it needs to end.  

FYI-   People in the community fear for my life.   The Good Ole Boys are "proud" of their guns.   It's HORRIBLE!!!!   I'm not worried about NISSAN employees I'm worried about contractors that have lost their "great contracts".  It's culturally a corrupt society and for long term success they have  to "clean up their act".   NISSAN Remember I helped "stop" 3 rezonings by starting another website and NOW the schools are doing their "bidding" for construction work differntly.  The children are the "winners" and those that are getting work that "really do work" will finally have a fair chance in Tennessee. I'm happy about that change but still I'm scared of retaliation.

NOW!!!    I've been told that I HAVE TO COMMUNICATE MY PROBLEM TO ALL OF AMERICA.  The only hope of having "a fair trial" is to have Tennessee  know that the world is watching.       This is So SAD!!!!!

Mr. Tavares please just tell a member of your team to "end this".   For over a year I've fought for YOU so you can make "good change" in Tennessee.  Now I need this to end.  I have a little girl who does NOT deserve to suffer along with her mom.  It's gone on too long!!!!

Sir, Please & Have a Great Day!!! Sharyn

Below is a letter I wrote to Mr. Bateman at the Franklin Police. I believe the Franklin police are good people doing their jobs. For the record Mr. Bateman listened to me and treated me with respect.He had no "form" that I could fill out dealing with my unique situation so I emailed him this below :
Mr. Bateman


Thank you for returning my call.   Below I put on my “blog” today but first I put an “open” letter to the ACLU that I put on my blog a week before my arrest.   The arrest I believe is for “questionable” reasons. 


This spring I had heard that Tokyo had decided to do “major” management change and I had requested a meeting to hear about a timeline of that change.  Instead those in legal that I complained about for harassing me called the police.  They used a cease and desist to stop my website  I was simply sitting in the lobby and watched the officers go back and forth to NISSAN legal’s “Rob”.  When I got up to go get some water at the fountain an officer escorted me and then without the security cameras Rob told them to “take me away”.  I was NOT asked to leave.  They said “did you receive a letter last year” and I wanted to explain how the Chairman of the Americas and the “future” CEO of NISSAN “still” emailed me after the letter and that there was an “internal battle of control” and that I was a whistleblower that started the major change.  The officer would NOT let me answer the question.   Instead I got handcuffed.  What happened to me was wrong.  I believe the Franklin police were bullied by Rob from NISSAN legal.  


My life the last year has been horrible I simply want this to end.  My child has suffered by the harassment I’ve received.  For the former DA to call my lawyer (the number was on the form that I filled out at the jail) and for him to say he’s getting warrants and is going to be a “special prosecutor” is a form of harassment.   As documented on my blog I called both the Franklin and the Williamson County and no warrants.  This should NOT be happening.  I’m stressed and terrified of the Franklin Police.   Still I need to trust you and ask you to protect me.


Thank you for time & Please call me if you have any questions.  


Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599


One more thing, I’ve been keeping a record for over a year about all or my problems with NISSAN HR and I did talk to Officer Martin in July 2009 about harassment I had received.   Then I had Titan Truck following me and NISSAN’s circling my home. 


You can visit my website that will be “taken down when NISSAN’s Carlos Tavares tells me to take it down”.




Mr. Bateman,

 I know it seems “excessive” but these people made me unemployable and they harassed me for telling the truth to high level leadership.  If what I wrote on those websites although their “just my thoughts” if they were not factual NISSAN would have given me a Court Order cease and desist and when Mr. Tavares emailed me he would have told me to take it down,.   I believe he used my website as a “tool” to become the new CEO of NISSAN


This tells of Tavares ….becoming new CEO

Jim Press heads to Nissan as a consultant

By Alex Taylor III, senior editorJuly 14, 2010: 10:33 AM ET

FORTUNE -- No one should be too surprised to see veteran Jim Press return to the auto wars -- or that he chose to do so in the employ of Renault Nissan, the arch-rival of his employer for 37 years, Toyota.

Press's return could presage a reshuffling of the executive deck at the Franco-Japanese company. It could even set the stage for the eventual retirement of CEO Carlos Ghosn.

…………………………..Although both car lines are performing well this year, they have suffered from management turnover ever since Nissan moved its U.S. headquarters to Nashville from California in 2006.

Press would provide a soothing presence and allow for the elevation of Carlos Tavares, who currently runs North American operations, into a bigger job.

Tavares, a smart, aggressive operator, has been mentioned as a successor to CEO Ghosn.

Ghosn has showed no interest in retiring. But he has been running Nissan for more than a decade, and his 7,000-mile commute between Tokyo and Paris, headquarters of Renault must be getting old…..




My Letter to the ACLU

To ACLU of Tennessee


Please read and respond.  This matter could become high profile and help in promoting human rights in America. 

I never wanted to "go public" but it seems like it's time.


My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm been fighting a "Good Ole Boy" Network at Nissan North America for over a year.  The Human resources leadership discriminated and while I was working with Carlos Tavares the new EVP from Japan I told him about the "Good Ole Boys" plan to fire the Californians 1st during the cutbacks in 2009 and that women were being replaced with their unqualified buddies.  I told him of discrimination and that got HR mad and they first offered me money to be silent and when I told them I would tell Tavares they bullied and harassed me.  They're intimidation techniques made me mad and I put up a fight and became a louder whistleblower.  


For over a year I exposed a lot & the NISSAN HR leadership wasted money given to the company from the taxpayers of Tennessee.  I knew this because I was a top relocation consultant for middle Tennessee for over 3 years.  I saw LOTS of unethical business transactions and recently found out some could be criminal.  


Initial investigation shows that some land deals were done before Nissan made the announcement to relocate to TN so I believe that is called "insider" information.  After talking to an "asset" investigator I learned that easily a "bunch" of these good ole boys could be taken down.  If the state did an "audit" of all real estate transactions starting 8 months prior to Nissans official announcement, then property could be seized that was obtained with insider information and then sold and the proceeds could go back to the community. 


Better yet: After looking into options on that matter "criminal" prosecution could be done to "prove that point" and that would only make my "civil" case stronger.   For the criminal I believe it will have to go to the Attorney Generals office.   FYI  some prominent community leaders could be implicated.  This could be "big".   We need to get that investigation started if the state chooses to go in that direction.   My fear is the state will worry it makes them look bad to have so many "corrupt" people when there trying to recruit businesses to move to TN.  In that case I would just proceed with the civil action.


Bottom Line: Nissans own statistics show that while the good ole boys were in charge 30% of the women in management lost there jobs.  In California Nissan had 20% women in middle management and above in 2007 after the movet they had 14% and 2009 when Mark Stout & Marlin Chapman were in charge only 10%  so that's actually a 50% decline in women just by moving to TN.   

HR leadership told me directly "they protect their own".  When I asked about the unqualified man in charge of relocation they said  the other manager a woman with an Hispanic name was "booted out for show".  I was told on the executive floor at Nissan North America "Skirts Don't Speak"


Anyway, during my battle against discrimination I did this on a website ironically called   it's still active.   Last year I was called into meeting 4 times with top HR leadership at NISSAN 2 of those meeting on the executive floor.   They said I'd have a  job "if I could be a team player"  I would not do something unethical and  they made my life miserable and did not return my reference calls or help me with training like they had promised.

It's a LONG Whistleblower story but almost a year ago they had "rob" from legal harass me in front of the office and he had men in trucks just standing only there to scare me.   My hope was to fight this internally with NISSAN and eventfully go back to work but there is a statute of limitations and I must file a lawsuit. 


I want an attorney that will make it clear my lawsuit is about treating people with respect and that companies should not discriminate against women or ANYBODY.


Can you recommend a "high profile" lawyer that is willing to do some publicity for this cause.   It's important that the message get communicated.       


Thank you very much


Sharyn Bovat



NISSAN- I’m “tough” but finally last night I broke down and cried.  This was after hearing that the NISSAN Good Ole Boys hired the former DA of Williamson County to “go after me” and that he was going to “request” to be a special prosecutor, At the expense of NISSAN   ???  Which I don’t understand since it’s the State vs. Sharyn.   To say you’re going to have a “special prosecutor for a misdemeanor is ridicules” but what terrified me was when I picked up a copy of the warrant the facts were “wrong”.  


America, I’m smart enough to know you can’t fight city hall & some are way too connected to outgoing NISSAN Good Ole Boys.  It’s SCARY.  



For YEARS I was considered one of the top relocation consultants in Tennessee.   NISSAN never would have hired me to work for Mr. Tavares had I not been respected.  Then when I questioned poor use of taxpayer money and told Mr. Tavares of problems the treatment I received was horrible.   Mr. Tavares at anytime could have done what HR wanted and replaced me. Yet, Mr. Tavares kept me as his relocation person EVEN after his HR requested he use someone else. 


HR got very nervous when I had a few one on one meetings with the Chairman of the America’s that were an hour +.   They had a “filter” system to ensure he gets information they “deem” he should have.  I was basically a conduit to Mr. Tavares and those employee’s that were “not” on a list to succeed.  When I emailed Mr. Tavares about women being “dismissed” and the internal statistics proved a 30% reduction in women in management when the Good Ole Boys took over after the move to Tennessee they got scared and sent me a letter telling me NOT to interact with NISSAN employees.  


Still Mr. Tavares emailed me.   I knew that he wanted “change” and I was willing to wait for change.   Never could I have known that it would take this much time.   I was told that when Mr. Tavares was “done” with me my emails would “bounce back”.   On this website you’ve seen my “thoughts” to marketing and making cars that women and Americans would want.   I’m sure his assistant read them and too many coincidences of “my thoughts” are happening NOW at NISSAN.


FYI-My battle was of human decency started when NISSAN HR did not help me with my references in April and May after I told Mr. Tavares of problems.   This website started June 4th and when “more” people knew that I had the courage to “speak” and that Mr. Tavares respected my opinion they told me more.  


Last night it was obvious “change” in the culture in TN and I had scared some very prominent people in the community.  Last night I

I even called the FBI who deals with white collar crime to find out my “options”   After a good conversation I learned that for my protection and my child’s the local police department was who I needed to talk to.  It was difficult calling the people that had “taken me away” and had document the situation incorrectly on the form that I had picked up earlier in the day.  Yet, I have no choice.  I must trust the local police.  After a long talk with Bruce Bateman of the Franklin police department I believe that those working day to day to patrol our streets are good hard working officers that simply do what their told.   People in Franklin were unaware of the “Internal Battle of Control” at NISSAN and they do not know that MAJOR management change is happening.    A lot because “I told Tavares”.  The problems at NISSAN were REAL.


About 30 minutes ago I called and left a message with the assistant of Mr. Bateman that I will file reports needed to state my “issues”.  I hope to hear from him shortly.  America, if that is the process that I need to do to fight for my rights as an American I will file the reports about my treatment in the Williamson County Jail and watching the police get bullied by NISSAN legal.   What happened to me was wrong.  


This is America.   Tennessee is part of the “club”.   Still I cried last night because change is not happening and I want my child raised to believe she can be anything she wants to be live in a society where discrimination does not happen.  It was relayed to me yesterday that this new “harassment” started immediately after Tokyo took a week long holiday.   They said the Good Ole Boys knew that and their “timing” was simply to intimidate me.   That said:   My child has suffered and for that I want this to end. 


IF one of the assistants to Mr. Tavares reads this please tell the “busy” executive that “knows” my website will come down when he tells me to take it down.   Please tell him that “It’s Time”


Now I’m waiting to hear back from Mr. Bateman and while I wait I just googled NISSAN and look what I found ….  Wow!!!!


Susan Brennan I met you at a birthday party and was so impressed with your “can do” attitude.  You inspire me   

Thank you for leading the next generation of women into the auto industry.   J J  Sharyn




Southern Automotive Women's Forum sets conference

By BILL POOVEY (AP) – 2 hours ago

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — the organizer of the new Southern Automotive Women's Forum has a message that men in the South can understand: "We're on the 1 yard line here and we've got 99 more to go."

Nissan's vice president for manufacturing, Susan Brennan, is leading the new women's automotive group with a conference set Thursday in Nashville. More than 120 people from…


Because “Rob” bullied the police and is bringing the community into this I now must defend “Sharyn”. Lawyers are “expensive” so I’ve decided to apply to organizations for help.  I did NOT do this for OVER a year because my goal is to work and enjoy my life. 

NISSAN I know change is happening but I've got "court dates".

The same attorney that I told Mr. Tavares and his team about that I want them to call if I don't have my job I’ve given his name to a group that runs a defense fund for Whistleblowers.   

I’ve just started the process to apply for grants to help me in this fight for human decency.

If they assist me I've given them permission to do “press” on my behalf.  The “Good Ole Boys” have hurt my reputation and it’s time I fought back!!!

Here’s part of a form that I’m filling out:



Other factors that have been used successful

If y to establish circumstantial evidence of discriminatory motive are:

high work performance ratings prior to engaging in protected activity, and low ratings or "problems" thereafter;  

NISSAN used me for the relocation of Mr. Tavares because  I was “considered” the best in Middle Tennessee for International relocations. For over 3 years I did work for NISSAN  I had worked for many of their "top" executives and have letters of exceptional performance. 

Nationally my "previous" company told me I was apart of an "elite" group.  That is why 5 major companies use me for their top leaders.  I was contacted by NISSAN directly and brought In-house to work with Mr. Carlos Tavares

manner in which the employee was informed of his or her transfer or termination 

4 times I got called to meetings only to be interrogated.  At one point I was told that I needed to prove I was a team player by doing something unethical.  

Mark Stout the VP of HR threatened to make me unemployable and that all reference request would go directly to him.   About an hour before I had a meeting with Carlos Tavares Mr. STout "again" reminded me on the phone he'd  make me unemployable  & made threats to me if I said anything (more) to Carlos Tavares.   

I was told this community was "tight knit" and that no company would hire me without a reference from NISSAN.    To answer this question I was fired 4 times and each time was inhumane and during that time I was still working for Carlos Tavares at HIS request. This is complicated...

NISSAN HR made me go to NISSAN for meetings or to pickup the keys to the corporate Infiniti only to “humiliate & embarrass” me .  I was working for the Chairman  of the Americas and they kept having people “escort” me out of the building.  They feared I would talk to employees of “issues” they knew that some employees had already talked to me about problems and that people knew I had the "ear" of the Chairman.  Still to have me humiliated when I was simply doing my job was WRONG!!!   Finally I told Mr. Tavares in May the "stress" they were putting me through just to get the keys to the Infiniti was to much and we’d have to use my HONDA and he said “we’ll use my car”

 inadequate investigation of the charge against the employee;  The VP at NISSAN said they had a “filter system in place to control information given to Tavares” The problem was “I knew too much” .   There is NO reason the VP of HR should have 2 meetings with a relocation consultant if he does NOT want to hire her/him.  This is after the HR Director fired me twice.   Mr. Tavares sent Mark Stout an email asking him to help me.   

Mark Stout had two meetings with me "about relo" that were interrogations and he offered me money to be silent.  He told me "if I give you a check ??? will you tell Tavares"...  I said YES!!!  He had security humiliate me after and had Lydia make sure I got out of the building  because I turned down HIS bribe.

Earlier The Director of HR told me that I could “run circles” around his team and that I was the best …then he said he did not want me around because “I was not a team player”   Earlier I had questioned the “absence” of leases for expatriates and I was told by one person “nobody wants a paper trail”.   The HR director asked me to have an addendum added to the lease of the home of  MR. Tavares and that I could get a monthly fee/kickback.  I said NO and told him that was unethical.   Knowing some expatriates were paying way too much for their homes & NISSAN did not have copies of the leases on purpose.   In one case I looked into the owner of a rental and it was an LLC and both members had done with NISSAN in 2006.   A second “issue” popped and the landlord was the neighbor of Jim Morton.   WOW!!!

After I said NO to getting a kickback the HR director told me I was not a team player &  he did not want
me and he would tell Mr. Tavares  that  “due to cutbacks, NISSAN could not afford me and he would have to use a permanent staff member not a consultant".....

He sent me an email outlining compensation that I would receive paying me for the next 6 months then it mysteriously disappeared from my email. Realizing I used my Comcast information and my credit to set up the internet for the "high level leaders" home and when I submitted receipts they had enough information to “make changes” and look at my private emails. Then I contacted comcast and verified.   I sent Mr. Tavares an email about this I  was MAD and felt violated.

Then I sent an email to an admin at NISSAN confirming my employment situation and the 6 month consulting contract .   She quickly responded with the verificiation.  ”.  I then sent Mr. Tavares and email saying “If was really about money then ??? why am I being paid by NISSAN to do nothing”. 

Thus giving me the proof I needed to show Mr. Tavares that I would be paid by NISSAN a “nice” hourly rate to do NOTHING and HIS HR “Lied” to him it was NOT because of cutbacks. 

After Mr. Tavares received that email he insisted I remain his relocation contact.   I had several meetings with the high level leader.   This is when HR started making my life "miserable"

After speculating to Mr. Tavares hat there was in Internal Battle of Control in a “ranting” email that I sent out of frutration on how HR was treating me the Chairman of the Americas still met with me on a Saturday morning to discuss "relo" details  and in a “cleaver” way confirmed some of my IBC “thoughts”.
HR had started to “slander” me in the community.  They wanted to discredit me.  

I worked for 3 years and built a good reputation.  They were NOT returning call for references.  They did not get me the training they promised.  They were mad at me for Whistleblowing.

discipline, transfer, or termination shortly after employee engaged in protected activity;

Please go to my  website

For over a year I've used the internet to fight for human decency & expose the bad behavior of the Tennessee "Good Ole Boys" using a blog.  I've been bullied and harassed & NISSAN Titan trucks have followed me too closely with my child in the car & I've had death threats. 

Some in the local police are also "Good Ole Boys" so my life as a Whistleblower in Tennessee is HORRIBLE they actually took me to jail "twice" this happened after I posted on my blog an open letter to the ACLU to assist my in finding a civil rights attorney and in that letter I mentioned corruption in the local government using
"insider" information.  Those in the "Good Ole Boy" community profited when NISSAN moved to Tennessee. 

The first time this whistleblower was arrested they used a year old photo copy of 
NISSAN lawyer drafted cease and desist used to scare me to stop my blog and I watched the NISSAN "Good Ole Boy" legal representative bully the young police officers and told them to "take me away" they did this without a warrant or no "legal" grounds.   

The 2nd time was because after I got out of a jail "I texted Tavares".  I texted him on a wednesday from my bail bondsman car, but posted that fact on my linkedin public page on Friday late night.  On Saturday morning the warrant was issued.   If Mr. Tavares wanted me in jail I would have been arrested on Wednesday.  I did it to "prove" that Rob from legal did this to "protect his own" and he was not acting in the best interest of

The police knew I was "railroaded" and the 2nd time they took me in an "unmarked" car, gave me lemonade and processed me "out" faster than Dominos delivers pizza, maybe the Franklin police were making up for the fact the first time I was bruised by the harsh handling, left alone with an inmate accused of assault with a lethal weapon, they did not feed me, and did not let me make a phone call to have someone take care of my child.  

They said I could not make a call to secure childcare for my 8 year old until I was booked and the deputy told me they were waiting to find someone to sign the warrant.  Oddly "others" were processed.  Until a good samaritan stepped in my child sat alone waiting for her mom.  It was simply morally wrong, inhumane & ridiculous!!!
     It was "Good Ole Boy" retaliation.   

This I wrote to the DA on my blog

July 10, 2010  9:23pm

To: the Williamson County DA or authority on the court. 

This morning I got a call from someone who had a call from the police. They said that there was a "warrant" for my arrest.

??? Why did they not call my Bail Bondsman

??? Why did they not call me.

My "thought" the "Good Ole Boys" wanted to humiliate me like they have done for over a year. I called the phone number 615-418-3904 and the law official who did not give me his name said I was to be arrested because  I "texted" an email to Tavares .Which I put on a public Linkedin site.  Two days "after" I did it.  this "proved" the actions of wanting me in jail were that of "Rob" the NISSAN "Good Ole Boy" Legal Leader.  He did NOT have the best interest of NISSAN he was "protecting his own interest".    I said to the law officer this morning ??? what would YOU like me to do. He said... "you should go to the police" yet he was NOT specific.  He actually sounded "confused" that I even called him.   WOW!!! 

HELLO!!!! Are they crazy the police took me into jail for questionable reasons. Then today I waited ALL day for a call from the police....They have MY cell number and NO call. Then I waited to hear from my Bail Bondsman Jason ....NO call.  I checked "protical" and this was NOT followed. 

I "proved" Rob and "Good Ole Boy" legal were simply "protecting their own".  

The "warrant" is ridicules. This harassment is unjustified.  I was "simply" sitting in the lobby at NISSAN.
I've been under "extreme stress" all week since I was taken to jail for what was obviously an attempt to "scare me".  

What the "Good Ole Boys"  want to do to me is to continue the humiliation that has been "never ending" & NOW they have the community involved.  This is the community that my child calls home.  I had to tell my 8 year old her mommy was arrested.   She knows I've fought for women's rights & look what happened to her mom when she spoke up for what was morally right.  I had to "make light" of the situation so she won't be scared.  Even though I purchased a prison outfit and tried to make jail not seem so scary she looked at me today and said "mommy I love you I don't want you to go to jail".   Then she said "who will take me to Sonic".   I wanted to cry.   She knows what's happpening is serious.  I told her I'm not scared.  Williamson County I'm being "tough" for my child.  Candidly in this letter i'm telling you now i'm  terriifed of being abused in jail if the "good ole boys" succeed in sending me back".   THIS NEEDS TO END!!!   I'm the "good" guy.   Don't YOU get it!!!! 
I fought for women, proper spending of taxpayer money, against corruption and discrimination. 

If a warrant "really" exist I want a call at 615-415-6675......I will arrange a lawyer who will "protect me" and I will surrender to legal authorities that I "trust".    Seriously for the "whistleblower' that was proven to be true to be harassed by the Williamson County Police is truly scary and something is "not right".   

People have told me I need to sue for "so many reasons".  That said I believe the police were "bullied" by Rob and the other man (maybe Burger) at NISSAN. I want to show my "child" that her mom did what was morally right and I want resolution NOW.  

Here's a "deal".

1)  If the county drops the charge

2)  Gives me a "public" apology to ME on the front page of WIlliamson AM

3)  $5000 for "my" humiliation, pain, suffering, and false imprisonment.

4)  Makes a public statement against "Good ole Boy" networks and creates a Community Code of Conduct

5)  Increases "my" protection by the police to protect me and my child from "Good Ole Boy" retaliation.

I will sign a document that I will take NO further action against Williamson County or the City of Franklin.

Williamson County, this is a "good" deal.& it expires Monday July 12th at 12noon.

Call me at 615-415-6675.

Sharyn Bovat

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