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Sharyn letter 3-4-10

  wesbite from 3-4-10.....

My name is Sharyn Bovat
I want CHANGE!!!! 
I've Been battling a Good Ole Boy
Network at NISSAN North America for 9 Months Today!!!  This website is just a tool to "change" the NISSAN North America Corporate Culture. 

Ironically  I said MONTHS ago this website is about NISSAN and "not" politics.  Yet, there entangled

AMERICA,  How I was treated at NISSAN was WRONG!!!!   I knew the tactics of the Good Ole Boy HR and they played ball by the "same" rules  created by a destructive political element in American society one that rushed us to war and "bullied" congress to push through an "early" departure.   We went to the "wrong" country.
??? Could there have been "another" reason for that
.  strategy of retaliation for 9-11  ? $$$ 

America, think about this had the Bush White House  collected "better" data... created by those not profiting from war maybe would could have brought those reponsible for 9/11 to justice.  

GET THIS!!!    I've heard that some "caves" in the middle east are much nicer than the places many Americans are forced to live today under the current economic conditions is our country.  

America needs to understand these Good Ole Boy politicians used religion & racism as  tools and got good hard working "less educated"  Americans living in the "red" states to follow "blindly" (vote)  for their financial gain.

??? for the "red state less educated"  How much better was your life during the Bush Administration vs the Clinton Administration. 

Sadly, I've heard many "average" Americans in the south  say you want a "white" in the white house.   Good Ole Boys are using racism as a tool to creat "roadblocks". 

My "thought" racism is Good Ole Boy taught retardism*
 (see definition below).  

OK by living in Tennessee for 8+ years..  I'm admiting I'm now an elitist.
I respect all people and would like to live in a society that believes the same.

Today!!! America is suffering from "roadblocks" that were built by this "Southern Good Ole Boy Network" who's ONLY mission is for any type of legistlative success in America to happen in 2012 NOT today. 

I want Success Today!!!!   America has problems and they need to be addressed NOW!!!

America lets  "TURN IT AROUND"...

If we don't I predict the history books are going to be "harsh" on this era.  Having been to LA during the riots in 1992 and seeing the faces of those on both sides expressing so much "hatred" in our country opened my eyes.   I was able to form an opinion in 1992 that the riots happened because the "tension" of the bad economy and ignorance of a presidential administrations staff that lacked concern for certain members of society.
Remember the "trickle down" theory.  We'll in reference to racism is worked in America.  When high level leaders, staff members  & a domineering  political media news channel with pundents that  in America stopped caring about certain demographics and preached "their" word, one that excludes parts of society and teaches ignorance in simplistic ways. 

For years intellectuals wondered how people in Germany allowed "hitler" to happen.   I think in some ways history is repeating itself in America.  If a Good Ole Boy get elected President in 2012.  OUCH!!!  One right wing pundent admitted on TV last night that Ronald Reagan would not be considered a Republican in todays political climate.  

If those Good Ole Boys get into the White House in 2012 globally our standing on the world stage will crumble & if that happens America  "I want OUT" that said: 

President Sarkozy offically I'm asking YOU for asylum in 2012 if a Good Ole Boy is elected president.  which could happen if "roadblocks" by congress continue.  

Sir, it's terrifying to think how close they were to succeeding at taking over NISSAN North America.   A few unqualified greedy HR leaders almost destroyed the #3 Japanese car company.  Luckily Mr. Ghosn sent Mr. Tavares to Tennessee.  

??? WHat did I do.  Nothing but tell Mr. Tavares a few problems.  I was able to tell him.  Most people could not communicate with him do to the "iron curtain" established by HR.    People at NISSAN told me problems because I could get the "message" communicated to Mr. Tavares.  

President Sarkozy,  My hope is America wakes up and "change" happens and roadblocks for President Obama are removed like they were removed at NISSAN North America and good things can happen in our country.  Just like in France we too need jobs in America.

America needs Congress to focus on:

~Energy Independence~
~Job Creation~
~ Nationally Mandated Education Programs~ on the Enviornment, Globalization ~ Cultural Awareness & ~Affordable Health Care~ (available to all).       

I'm prepared to do a Kamikaze Run For Congress if Needed.

My new "thought" is since I understand the "people" and the message that needs to be relayed for success it might be better for me to give "advice" to those in "close" elections.  
Maybe I could be a "tool" for campaign managers and add some "fresh idea's" ones that might make a difference in keeping someone elected.     

Why do I want to do this.  I think if "reasonable" people are not in positions of power in congress the Electric LEAF at NISSAN will be limited in success.  In fact if America does not accept global warming and the concept of energy independence the LEAF will fail. 
I don't like Failure....

My motivations for the LEAFs success is sincere.  I see success as a "win" for the planet and I don't want another war for oil.  I see the LEAFs success as a "win" for  jobs in America.   I see the LEAFs success as a "win" for Tennessee.  

Again, I want to lead Corporate Social Responsibility because of many reason.

Have A Great Day!!!!       Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet....Have A Great Day!!!!    Sharyn


What is retardism?

From Wiki answers

*Retardism is when a person does something stupid or something a person which has actual mental retardation would do. A person who has actual mental retardation has an excuse, they have a illness they cannot help. Those with retardism have no excuse, it is not an illness, it is stupidity in its most glorified form.














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