The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

To: Kim Helper (the DA)

It's been relayed to Sharyn Bovat that Carlos Ghosn & French President Nicolas Sarkozy might KNOW the terrorist behind 9-11. Can someone investigate?

April 7th:  This email I sent to numerous TN leaders on Good Friday.
Kim Helper are YOU a Christian?   If not it's OK  I respect ALL Religions.... still it's the "norm" in Tennessee.  Kim Helper "if"you're a Christian you should "care about honoring the message of Jesus."  Prosecuting a "trumped up" 1st time misdemeanor is NOT something Jesus would do.  It' happened in Tennessee because of "Good Ole Boy Greed".... Evidently the network has some women.   It's time for YOU to tell NISSAN to RESPECT the Whistleblower.  I want my reputation back and I want to get OUT of Tennessee.    Happy Easter!!!

Email to Tennessee Leaders about Their Support of Iran and Easter Message.

From: Sharyn Bovat
Date: April 6, 2012 2:28:09 PM EDT
To: ""
& cc’d a bunch of others…..

Below is an email from an auto industry insider connected to LOTS of people at Nissan. He has once again explained to me how Nissan is helping IRAN. This Tennessee funds a company that fuels terrorism.

It's Good Friday and I'm a Christian who believes that a long time ago Jesus was found guilty of being a righteously moral person and a corrupt society let him die. I told my child what happened in Tennessee to me with a misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket is technically the same. People cheered as Jesus died (except for a few). In a "micro" analogy Nissan brought people to court to cheer my demise - one person in the gallery wore Nissan "logo wear" (it's an ANALOGY I would never compare me to him... Just the situation)
My child is 10 and she's watched her mom for 3 years be "totally" abused (persecuted) for speaking out about what was morally wrong. My life is "hell" in Tennessee because I whistle blew about fraud, discrimination and corruption (connected to terrorism)
(Kim Helper would you like to listen to my child describe racism in Williamson County Schools.  It happened when she attended Crockett Elementary: I have issues documented. She's happy at Kenrose.
When I spoke out about diversity in the schools a 4th warrant was put into the system and a sheriff came to my child's home to arrest me....I fled to a lawyers office who was told the warrant was a "mistake"'s called HARASSMENT!!!)
I told the truth. Nissan sold 579 Leaf EV in March after they opened up sales in ALL of America. Jobs promised will not be created. The car is built with outdated technology.

The reason WHY Nissan does not announce suspension of the battery plant is ALL political. Sarkozy and Obama want to be re elected so the "faux" solution to America's oil addiction is being fostered by Gannett, Bloomberg and other green driven Wall Street profiteers.

Just a few days ago people in NYC protested Nissan's involvement with Iran and the mainstream media ignored it. Tragically that means more troops will die - some lives could be saved IF companies like Nissan are told to stop dealing with terrorist. That has to be done by YOU!

Read below and if your at church on Sunday pray for peace and then tell Nissan on Monday to Stop selling cars and supporting the Iranian economy.

Happy Easter....

Sharyn Bovat

Date: April 5, 2012 12:58:06 PM EDT

Remember the story I told you about how the USA would not allow precision machines to be sold outside of the USA because the machines could be used to make weapons? The example was precision ball bearings used in gyroscopes in the 1960's and 1970's. This is the same type of deal, taking existing precision car parts and turning them into weapons. An audit of the actual number of cars produced and the actual parts required to build those cars, compared to the number of parts shipped to Iran would easily show if parts were being used for weapons. For example, if there are 4 wheel bearings per car needed to build a car and you build 10,000 cars, that means 40,000 wheel bearings. But if shipping invoices show that 50,000 wheel bearings were shipped, then what were the extra bearings used for? Weapons!!!!!

Simple and easy to prove. Much better that saying that Iraq might have WMD's in the desert somewhere......

Maybe Ghosn learned the "multiple proofs" thing from Bush and his ranting about WMD's. Except it doesn't work out in the end. LOL

On Apr 4, 2012, at 5:14 PM, wrote:

The Taxis NISSAN is making for NYC will be built in Mexico and 40+% of profits go to Renault and the French government. It’s a historic fact that The French sell weapons to Hezbollah and pro Iranian supporters. Please tell NISSAN to stop doing business in Iran. Especially since NISSAN has so much Tennessee ECD $$$& has BILLIONS in IDB debt with the state of Tennessee. Sir New Yorkers have already "caught on" to the issues.

FYI- a guy connected to the Department of Defense told me that car parts Nissan uses to build cars in Iran can and most likely are used in weapon creation. People in Tennessee are basically helping our enemy IRAN build their "ammo" ... Years ago I spent time with a Palestinian guy connected to the Iranian Guard... He was "creepy" the only way for America to win the war on terror is for ya'll to make a UNITED stand and say NO company that deals with terrorist gets money from the State of Tennessee.

Thank you for reading,

Have a great Day!


April 1st;  I sent the below email to Reagan Farr and Matt Kisber,  Kim Helper check out my new relocation website:

Sent: Wed, Mar 28, 2012 1:58 pm
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Reaches Out to Reagan Farr, Matt Kisber and LBMC Strategic Staffing Sharyn Bovat Wants Them to Help Her Find a Job Solar Fraud is Real

Hello Staffing Company Connected to the Most Powerful Good Ole Boy Network in Tennessee:

This is Sharyn Bovat I was considered the top relocation consultant in Middle Tennessee. When I whistle blew about DOE fraud, discrimination, and corruption at Nissan North America I was was bullied and harassed. Warrants were sworn out and I was jailed 3 times, a 4th warrant was accidentally put in the system after I was on local TV complaining about diversity issues in the schools, I've endured 19+ months of court appearances, a state trooper stalked me(2010), Michael Thomason of Governor Bredesen's administration befriended me and became my bridge partner, I've had death threats, Nissans circled my home, my child has suffered & a LOT more.

LBMC I want to go back to work and I have a class C misdemeanor on my record until I can get the #### out of Tennessee I want to be busy. Currently I'm working on a press release to ask Governor Haslam for an exoneration and expungement.

Im INNOCENT of the crime = to a speeding ticket. Basically I was on property that I was told to not go to BECAUSE I thought due to the fact the man (Dominique Thormann) who ordered the letter telling me I could not be at Nissan (the same as the man that asked congress for OVER 1 Billion tax dollars to build an electric car that insiders at Nissan told me was going to "fail" and jobs would not be created) .... since he LEFT Nissan (after I put on my blog that he was a bad spender of taxpayer money) then I thought it was OK for me to go to Nissan North America on July 7th 2010.

I went to the office because NISSAN had not helped me with my references or training like they had promised after I whistle blew. In fact Nissan executives slandered me, some people were told that I was gay. Luckily I proved that was NOT true then yesterday a local said they thought I was bi-sexual. HELLO!!! The slander that happened to me was real. This is a homophobic society. What NISSAN executives that did deals with Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr did to discredit me was horrible.

Mr. Tavares a Nissan board member emailed me in February 2010 (the letter ordered by Thormann used to have me arrested was done in July 2009) and I had met with people in 2010 that were aware I might be getting a job at Nissan Motors AFTER the letter was ordered. Even in 2011 I heard from people connected to the TOP Nissan management in japan. I had a call from the head of one of Nissan's vendors in July 2011. A Corporate VP in Japan told him to call me. Why?

Still in February I was found guilty of a class C misdemeanor= to a speeding ticket. The fact is I was NOT wrong... I'm right. I'm a victim of selective prosecution. The DA's office NEVER should have let the judicial harassment go on so long. Nissan hired a bunch of lawyers to work on having me discredited. A former DA named Joe Baugh was used to baby sit my case. For over 19th months I fought the Tennessee courts. Maybe the NISSAN Fraud is connected to the SOLAR "deals" from Bredesen's ECD:

The jury could NOT understand my rational: A lady in the gallery watching was wearing Nissan logowear I was RAILROADED.

Luckily MOST of America understands that I was abused by the Tennessee courts and so do MANY Tennesseans. "Educated" people "get it" they understand that corporations can be "evil (a southern word)"

In Tennessee the jury was "tainted" by the mainstream media. I've got proof.

Still I paid the $50 fine and court cost JUST to "get my life back"... Two other charges against me were dropped. One in the summer of 2010 and the other in February 2012. Those charges could have had me jailed for 11 months. Had a "new" judge NOT been assigned to my case I'd have been jailed simply for trying to protect the American tax payers. The stress I've been under knowing that Tennessee wanted me railroaded is bad for over a year I've documented my blood pressure and it's high.....

LBMC: The fact is Tennessee is the MOST corrupt state in America and Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr were involved with some "iffy" deals and because I'm a former researcher connected to the CIA they wanted me discredited. The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn "most likely" did deals with Iran during Iran Contra, Senator Corkers office has taken issues of fraud to the DOJ

LBMC Ya'll gonna help me?

Sharyn Bovat

March 2nd;


 Sent: Fri, Mar 2, 2012 11:51 am
Subject: Sharyn Bovat Emails Mark Silverman about Legal Advice Received in Reference to DOE Fraud. Clinton Climate People Feel Betrayed by NISSAN's Outdated Technology

To Mark Silverman (Gannett executive) & a LOT of others 

So get this:  Since I whistle blew about the Leaf being built to fail before the DOE gave the cash to NISSAN I have a claim. It would be "stressful" but I was told that I could get someone to "do it" ....  Here's the issue.

By filing a False Claims suit the issues that I've blogged about for over 2 years would "have to be investigated". 

 The DOJ has ignored the issue and "If" I do a false claims case then Holder's office would have to respond in 60 days.

The case is considered good because the car technology NISSAN is using is outdated & not what they promised congress. A technical expert who used to work for NISSAN and  directly with the Leaf battery has offered to assist me. People know I've been upset & knew about the DOE fraud since 2009 and I even told Carlos Tavares a NISSAN board member who was President of NISSAN North America.  He by the way did NOT like the direction Carlos Ghosn was taking the company.

Had someone listened to me that taxpayers would not have been taken advantage of.

 If a False Claims suit is successful then Nissan  would have to pay back DOE loan  & the Treasury bank gets to take possession of the collateral (the Rutherford County IDB bond... and then Rutherford County would have to start paying the "debt service" on the collateral that they provided NISSAN .... they did this for job creation.  The fact is Leaf sales are "more than slow" and 1300 jobs for the DOE funded fraud won't happen)

 Yes!!  The  taxpayer has backed a DOE loan for a foreign company whose parent Renault does business for Iran.
The DOE loan is NOT secured by Nissan assets. 

YES!!! the TN taxpayers would pay back the US taxpayers. 

I was told that this fact would be considered a "motive" for the State of Tennessee to allow the malicious prosecution of a whistle blower to happen,  I was jailed 3 times. and twice the class A misdemeanor that was dropped once in summer 2010 and again in 2012.  The police in the state tried to arrest me a 4th time with a faulty warrant.  I was stalked by a state trooper the summer of 2010.  The time Bredesen was governor (who by the way started a solar company "funding company" while he was still serving as governor) and Bredesen's top ECD leaders were big readers of my blog.  It looks like my blog was viewed from the same place that he has a vacation home.  Fisker, Tesla Solyndra and MANY DOE funded companies knew of my blog.  SOLYNDRA read my blog each day I was arrested.  I want "that" investigated. 

Mark "most likely" YOU thought the loan would get restructured.... BUT the odds of a Republican congress making dramatic changes to the structure of the loan or "writing off"  the 1.4 Billion DOE loan is a LOT less likely due to the exposure of SOLYNDRA & other DOE issues. 

Also because of me Senator  Lamar  Alexander got exposed in reference to "certain" issues.  Did you know that in 1992 I was asked to spend a day with the then "future presidential candidate" and that same year I was asked to go to RNC convention and work for Haley Barbour's nephew by the "same" person.  That person is connected to ex CIA, the deceased Lee Atwater & Jim Morton who was Carlos Ghosn's right hand man at Michelin and NISSAN.   Not many people are capable of "ratting out" Rahm Emanuel and Jim DeMint at the same time but the fraud that I've exposed has a "few" tea drinkers.   I hear Jim DeMint is a team player NOW and no longer associates with certain people.  Why do you think he's been so "quiet" during the presidential election.

Arianna Huffington once said in front of me that Sal Russo was ______________.   From what I know of Mr. Russo he's very talented and I'm not accusing him of anything or agreeing with Arianna Huffington who by the way was very kind to "average" people like me.  

Memory when doing opposition research in the early 90's a "young man" was requested in getting info on Mr. Huffington.  One of the reasons WHY I quit politics was the "sleaze" factor.  That and people that I knew from the Iran Contra era started disappearing. I was quiet for 17 years BUT I started "speaking" when NISSAN treated me so poorly after I became a whistle blower.  FYI - If I'm stuck living in Tennessee because I'm UNEMPLOYABLE I want the threats I received investigated.  I need to know I'm safe.

Back to Blaming Obama:

An Obama bundler was used by Steven Chu's people at the DOE & approved the deal. 

Nissan is not punished for taking a DOE loan for a product that was "built to fail" and built to be an "image car"  Jobs will NOT be created.  Thanks  to bad Due Diligence of the DOE the taxpayer is screwed. 

It's been relayed to me that people connected to the Clinton Climate group feel betrayed by Nissan.  Maybe they can push President Obama to have Eric Holder investigate Nissan. Bob Corkers office asked Holders office to respond to the issues months ago and was ignored.   Maybe the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn can be roommates with the Blagojevich?

I'm tired of asking for people to "look at the issues."  Already I've filed a complaint with the DOE IGO office.  I've sent certified letters to many members of congress.  I talked to Eric Cantors office.  I've given documents to Jeff Gray at the DOE's IGO office and US Senator Bob Corker has  asked the DOJ to respond to the complaint. I've communicated the issues to the lobbying firm of BGR.  I attended CPAC and handed out brochures about the DOE fraud and asked Judicial Watch to help me.

Mark since your company Gannett knows about he DOE fraud and won't report the retaliation of a whistle blower I did an interview with Accuracy in Media and reached out to Andrew Breitbart (may he rest in peace).  I told you that OVER a year ago Anita Moncrief reached out to me and wanted to help me expose the issue and I told her "no" the reason why I changed my mind is I now "want" the ACORN treatment because I'm tired of living a life as a whistleblower in Middle Tennessee. 
I want OUT of Tennessee  For almost 3 years I have done EVERYTHING humanly possible to get the attention of people about the issues of discrimination, corruption, & wasted spending of American tax dollars. 

Mark It's time for RESPECT for the Taxpayer and for me.  I've recently asked for help in finding a lawyer that specialized in Whistle blower retaliation.  I want a mediator to help me through this juggernaut.

 PLEASE tell your "friends" in the mainstream media that I really want resolution everyday this continues I get more information about DOE fraud.  FYI-  Al Gore is "sleeping with the Saudis".   You'd be amazed how twisted this is. 


It's obvious now Mr. Brietbart isn't going to break my story so ya'll have a door open to deal with this quietly.     

 Have a Great Day!



February 26th:

 Rob said in court I just wanted to sue. Well if what I've done since started whistleblowing were about money then when Mark Stout the VP of HR offered to give me a check in March 2009 I would have taken the money then,. If this were about money then I would have filed multiple suits a YEAR ago. I was told SLAPP happened to me int TN and NISSAN used the Justice system to discredit a whistle blower. 

Kim Helper let NISSAN pay Joe Baugh to"baby sit" my case.
My Baugh called my 1st lawyer and "scared him away.  

Then I represented myself at the preliminary hearing and even got a BIG charge dropped. AFTER that Joe Baugh gave me his card and told me to "stop by his office and we could make this go away"...... Then in October the "re arrest" for the BIG charge occurred in January  2011.
I became friends with Mark SIlverman the editor of the Tennessean and he told me at Sambuca in March 2011 that a person connected to Haley Barbour was part of the "harassment" I received.    He still my friend today and call me multiple time each week.   He just became a grandfather ....little girls name is Nora. 

Get this: he asked if I wanted to work on the Haley Barbour for President campaign. I responded by blogging about RNC racism.

Mark was Haley Barbours "puppet'" for a while and then Barbour screwed him AFTER Mark didn't shut me up and Mr. Barbour stopped his presidential bid.

FYI I'm NOT a big fan of Haley barbour and there's a reason WHY he pardoned so many people and "oddly" a LOT of the files are missing. 

I get a LOT of information because people feel bad for me.  Did ya'll know that "most likely" I'm the illegitimate child of a former VERY powerful person? 

His friend Dean Lesher
  (who was a personal friend of the Reagans) took me in under his wing when I was 19. That's WHY I did "research work"

He was friends with
"these people"

Mark Silverman found out the same day he told me Rahm Emanuel is responsible for squashing my story.  He told me if I never asked for a DNA test then the media  would never say anything.   The fact is I don't want to hurt my family.  YET the idea of having issues of Lockerbie being exposed would hurt my family more.  I don't know what to do and want "someone" to help.  

Many people in the south are "like me" political prisoners. It's a SOUTHERN THING.   It's disgusting and WHY someone told me they decided against moving to TN.

During the 19+ months of fighting charges that led to being jailed 3 times I was "found guilty" of a misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket and had to pay a $50 fine.

I  was told that it's the same as Occupy Nashville protestors and they got their record expunged within 24 hours by the Governor.

Oddly After I got the fine then a judge who many in the community told me was going to “jail me for  year” gave me probation for the class C misdemeanor.  I looked at the form and it was NOT ordered by the judge that presided over my trial.  I have a voicemail from the probation officer saying I KNEW on Feb 1st about a probation meeting that I missed:

 The fact is I was NEVER told I had probation and it’s truly just another form of humiliation.  Some people told me they fear that NISSAN was going to encourage the state to have me arrested again.    For a long time people connected to a Good Ole Boy network have followed me, sent me death threats  and have  harassed me.  I used to report it to the police but I’ve been told that they too are “in the Good Ole Boy Network”

NOW numerous member so conservative community are saying they will help me petition governor Haslam and ask that I get "the OCCUPY" treatment & that's RESPECT.


Now I need to work but NISSAN never helped me with my references and I have court document stating that. Nissan NEVER followed through on training they had promised me. Had HR just treated my humanly "after I whistle blew" I could have "moved on" and worked in a different industry.

Last week I was harassed “yet again” by grey haired men driving NISSAN’s wearing “shades” (mirrored sunglasses).  I did panic BUT instead of reporting it to the police who ignore the issues I chose a “different route” then I got a call from a representitive of the state and it appears the state is NO LONGER letting NISSAN control the judicial system/DA’s office.   The Good Ole Boys seem to have friends at the Franklin police department. 

People NOW know the NISSAN Leaf is gonna be a “flop” and I have people stepping forward wanting to testify that the battery plant was “built to fail” reference to the DOE loan fraud and human rights abuses my case is STRONGER.!/2012/02/sharyn-bovat-wants-sanctions-against.html

 I've been told that since the LARGE Class A misdemeanor was dropped TWICE.... once in the summer of 2010 and the other on February 1st 2012. The malicious prosecution is responsible for my documented HIGH blood pressure.

 Members of the legal community from ALL over America have told me to work on a MALICIOUS PROSECUTION case and identify NISSAN as the aggressor....for they "swore out" the warrant

One judicial advocate said "it's your obligation to society" to fight this. You've been hurt YES but so have MANY others and they need YOU to tell NISSAN that using the judicial system as a way to discredit a whistleblower is NOT the purpose of the judicial system.

In the last year NISSAN had PROVEN to have Lied to congress about he capability of their EV and sales are slow & jobs will NOT be created like they promised. Also "like I blogged about for 2 years" and NOW many have read my blogs and numerous EV experts have come forward and offered to stand by me & say that YES NISSAN took money for a car that was being built with "outdated technology" and person that worked with that technology will testify that the EV NISSAN has provide via the Leaf "no chance" of living up to the technology that they congress.

NISSAN & Tennessee ya'll have a few weeks to "figure things out" I have a child and you've ALREADY taken too much of my energy. I want my reputation back I can't have a misdemeanor on my record.  I'm fighting for my reputation and NOW for America. 

This IRAN thing is BIG and your gonna have to “restructure your DOE loan”  Bob Corker explained it to Mark Silverman at breakfast one day but I don’t think that plan will “no longer be agreeable”.  From what I hear that Senator is a “born again conservative.”  I recently told one of his opponents to focus on “Lamar’s seat”

 Fun fact.  That US Senator stepped down from his leadership position less than 12 hours AFTER I sent some information about the DOE fraud to the office of a very powerful person.  One who want America to be financially healthy.

More soon.... I have to do summaries to EXPLAIN all this to various "legal" eagles. Also, a person that worked for Ronald Reagan wants a bio/summary for a project about my fight for respect for our American troops. The issue of Renault doing business with IRAN is real and it will be BIG!

 It's time for NISSAN to show respect for the Troops, the Taxpayers & the Whistleblower.

Sharyn Bovat


February 19th:
It's been communicated to me that I need to get a coalition of citizens together "in case" I'm being "framed" ... AGAIN   Kim Helper can YOU please assure me I'm safe from any more malicious prosecution. 

FYI- The facts are coming out and I was RIGHT about the DOE fraud.  NISSAN is going to  have to restructure it's DOE loan because the Leaf is gonna be a flop.  Jobs will not be created.   200,000 batteries a year will NOT be needed and NISSAN's parent company  Renault "really does" do business with IRAN. 

If NISSAN ever had EV technology that was better than what their using today it would ba a National Security problems because the "same" type of technology is used in weapons missiles and people in the American Intelligence community cannot understand HOW President Obama's administration gave over 1 billion to a company that "if" they did get the technology would share it with Iran and they want to KILL our troops. 

Please note: Terry Wood the ADA did NOT know  that I' had been to jail 3 times.   That's odd since HE"S the one that got the Grand Jury to indict me on the charge that was previously dismissed by Judge Al Nations.  That charge was then dropped a second time on February 1st.   That charge was going to put me  in jail for a year.  I was told that "if" I did not get the new judge I was TOAST.   I did NOTHING wrong except I whistleblower about DOE fraud, discrimination, and bad spending of taxpayer money.

NOW I've been told that the lowest level misdemeanor  (the same on Occupy Nashville protesters were charged with) and unlike them I've been in the court system for 19+months and  I have to pay a $50 fine 

The judge did tell me in court that I could NOT email NISSAN for 30 days...  BUT said i could blog.   The judge gave me a "fine" suspended sentence and told me I was free to go (with the 30 day email restrictions).I then got a form telling me to pay my fee's "online" 
Then I get the call saying I missed a probation meeting and the lady said I was told about it in court.  The fact is I was NOT told about it in court and I asked my lawyer that was there (he was my advisor while I represented myself "pro se".  I then asked a man who came to my trial to be an observer he said he NEVER heard about probation.

So NOW people think this could be a "set up" to send me to jail a 4th time.   Once before ya'll tried to jail me a 4th time:  A warrant was in the system and I had a Sheriff go to my child's home to arrest me a 4th time in fall 2010 and that warrant he had was NOT valid.   I even did a press release that in November 2010 about that "attempt" to cage me:

"... officer Joe Burns of the Williamson County Sherriff’s department tried to arrest her a 4th time on October 26th, but she was not home. After seeing his business card in the door Bovat had a lawyer contact the Williamson County Sheriff’s office on her behalf that evening. The next day that warrant was declared a mistake in the computer. Bovat say’s “The stress of taking my daughter home from school and seeing a card from the warrants division, then having a lawyer call them, being told there was a warrant but it might be a mistake then having to wait till the next day to find out it was a mistake was horrible. My blood pressure is high, life is miserable as a whistle blower.”

Please watch the video and then assure me that I will NOT suffer any more malicious prosecution/retaliation.  When I paid my $50 fine at the clerks office  I was told NOTHING about probation. 

Then when I got the call I went back to the clerks office and paid the court cost even though I "thought" I had 30 days to pay them the message on my phone said 10 days....that made NO sense.

They would not give me an itemized statement and I want an audit done on the cost. I should not pay fees for the BIG charge that was done twice and dropped twice...that charge was PURE harassment. 


had the TWICE trumped up charge that was dropped TWICE never existed the taxpayers NEVER would have had to fund a jury trial for the low level misdemeanor. 

Also I would NOT have suffered over 19 months fighting the charge that was meant to jail me for almost a year that was dropped TWICE:  People know and  I know YOU and the Good Ole Boy community and those aligned with the taking of excessive bond debt (the DNJ reported that NISSAN has almost 4 billion of IDB debt in Rutherford County) that plus 1.4 Billion DOE  is WHY you most likely wanted to cage me because of my blog, ya'll wanted me discredited.   People don't like whistle blowers.....   Especially those that whistle blow against bad spending done by the Governor's office (Bredesen).

Kim Helper Didn't that governor appoint YOU?

Becaues NISSAN got the 1.4 Billion US Taxdollars a lot of local companies got contracts.... the fact that NISSAN used an IDB bond as the collateral elevates the "sneaky/sleazy" factor.

The city of Franklin ALSO issued an IDB bond and gave NISSAN some NICE tax abatement:  The city has an economic interest in MUZZLING a whistleblower. 

Kim Helper I do NOT think that people in Tennessee were aware that by giving NISSAN such large amounts of economic assistance that indirectly the State of Tennessee is funding those that support IRAN.  I do NOT think that anyone in the state is an Iranian Sympathizer.  I just think it's Good Ole Boy greed and the fact that Tennessee is 48th in education "Ya'll got duped."

If YOU read my blog YOU would know that I wanted to BRING JOBS TO TENNESSEE.  After all I was the top relocation consultant and NOW all I want is to RELOCATE ME.

Kim Helper the former editor of the Tennessean KNOWS that my blog is why my life has been Hell on Earth in Tennessee.    Mark Silverman got "lucky" he gets to live in Virginia now.   He's the one that squashed the story and when he wanted to tell it he got an "early release"......  Life is NOT fair.

February 2nd:  ..Yes I did say in court that women in management declined from 20.9% (2006) to 10% (2009) & yes I did say that SOLYNDRA looked at my blog 1142 times and even the day I was arrested. The transcript could be used to show HOW upset I'm about the DOE issue? Yes I did say that HR did not return my reference calls or provide training like the promised. Yes Rob said that NISSAN spends a LOT of time reading my blog? Why would they do that? Oh... Huh... " said last night on a phone call 
 I'm TIRED of fighting you & the "Culture in Tennessee."

19 months for a misdemeanor is RIDICULES.. NOW I have to pay a $50 fine.  
How much money did the Tennessee courts pay to prosecute me?

Americans want RESPECT: The fact is I spoke up for women and minorities and I was "upset" wiht how NISSAN was spending Tennessee and American taxdollars..

FYI- It's documented on court transcripts that the letter givin to me by Rob was ordered when Doninique Thormann was the SVP at Nissan North America and "he" was the one who asked Congress for OVER 1 billion dollars.

Last night I was told "that could be use for a campaign ad....huh
Kind or a "reverse willy" never "thought" of that.

People with "brains" know NISSAN used the judicial system to attack me for "speaking out" that is morally WRONG!

Last night a guy called me and said he's "no longer thinking of buying a NISSAN.  Many people have told me the judicial harassment is WHY they did not want to move to Tennesssee.

Kim Helper: I'm not trying to hurt job creation in Tennessee. All I wanted was RESPECT for women, taxpayers, and America.



January 31st


Due to the Tennessean doing the Puff Piece and the Business editor contacting me to find out my next court date.  I've heard that I've got GREAT grounds for an appeal.   One that will embarrass a lot of people.

Whistleblower was told that Taxpayer money was going to be wasted in early 2009 & I've been "fighting" for the Taxpayer on this blog: Which by they way NISSAN has never told me to "take down"

Sent: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 8:20 am
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Contacted by Randy McClain & asked About Court Then He Puts NISSAN Puff Piece on Front Page....Bovat Fears Jury Could Become Bias

Tennessean Business Editor Wanted to Know When My Court Date Was, Why? To Do This?

----Original Message-----
From: McClain, Randy <>
To: '' <>
Sent: Sat, Jan 28, 2012 12:23 am
Subject: Re:........NISSAN Fraud

Is your court hearing coming up

I told Randy YES and had a Jury Trial on Feb 1st...then on the FRONT page of the Tennessean (a Gannett paper) he did what "2" people have labeled "Jury Tampering"
Both said if I lose I have "great grounds for appeal".

said David vs. Goliath. Sadly I don’t think my fight in the Tennessee courts will be as evenly matched as that one. I’m leaving the court case tomorrow up to my lawyer and then I’m going to get DC and communicate the problem & work to get the feds to investigate.

Also, this is an example of media bias. What Randy McClain did by not including the issue of the Rutherford county 3,950,000,000 idb debt of NISSAN is morally wrong. Most likely "one" of the members of the jury will read the Tennessean and they can "talk" about the good things Nissan does for the community. I would hope NOW the judge lets me talk on WHY I whistleblower.

Still my trial is tomorrow. It's HORRIBLE had Randy not directly emailed me I'd have no reason to feel violated. The Tennessean has ignored a whistleblower being jailed 3 times and NOW the paper is helping the prosecution?

I want written assurance from the DA’s office that copies of the Tennessean from today are NOT in the jury room . Also that the jury consist of nobody related to a NISSAN employee & that their company does NOT do business with NISSAN.

Note the DA did not hire a special prosecutor (at least for the trial. Now I believe ADA Terry Wood is doing the case, I got the impression that Joe Baugh was a “special” prosecutor because my 1st lawyer told me he was …that lawyer quit after he was called from Mr. Baugh and he told of the “magnitude” of my case. After that I went MONTHS trying to find a lawyer. Nobody wanted my case.

-----Original Message-----
From: 1st lawyer
To: sharynbovat <>
Sent: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 12:20 pm
Subject: Re: Fwd: sharyn bovat

While I understand that you have definitely been wronged, I do not feel that I can take on a case of this magnitude with my current schedule.

Thank you for your understanding. Good luck.

The Article does NOT mention to 3,950,000,000 Rutherford County IDB. It says that the city has funded the short fall but expects revenue.

WHY did the Tennessean publish this KNOWING that I had a jury trial the NEXT day?    I feel “violated”  

Just last week in Davo Switzerland Carlo Ghosn was asked about jobs being shifted with the new auto plants in Mexico and Brazil. And Ghosn said the jobs in Europe and Japan are safe. He did not mention America.

Nissan has a LOT of lawyer to help in the prosecution of a 1st time misdemeanor. It’s terrifying.

I can’t stop crying. I’m just a mom who had a job and exposed a problem. When I did HR retaliated against me and I told them all I wanted was a good reference and training for a new career. They said yes. 

When I complained in June 2009 about my fear on how they were going to spend the federal money they decided to BBQ me.

I’m terrified.

I want is Respect!

Sharyn Bovat

Kim, Have you read some of the stuff on here?

Why has NISSAN let this blog "continue"

NISSAN has a LOT of lawyers "helping" with this 1st time misdemeanor case.   They want me discredited.  I can "prove" that the letter ordered was done when a man named Dominique Thormann was working at NISSAN (he asked congress for over a billion dollars)  After he left NO other letter was issues.  Except. Mr. Burger emailed me.  But so did Mr. Tavares.  He was the President of NISSAN North America and he said "he decides who he communicates to".  NEVER did I get anything telling me to STOP emailing me.  In fact people "thanked me for my ideas"

Legally I feel that the State of Tennessee is letting NISSAN lead the fight to prosecute me.  Joe Baugh called my first lawyer and told him that "my case was going to be BIG".. It was a 1st time misdemeanor and that lawyer quite.  I will bring an email showing I "tried" to get legal help but NOBODY wanted my case:  Finally I got my current lawyer late fall 2010.

Kim, I spoke the truth about "issues" in reference to the Leaf EV.  Longterm jobs won't be created in Tennessee from ALL that DOE money.  I can get a man to "testify" that the Leaf is too expensive to make & that "if" NISSAN really sold the cars in mass then NISSAN would go bankrupt.  Although the 4 Billion in IDB debt and 1.4 Billion in DOE loans for the Nissan North American subsidies debt is 11 times greater than NISSAN motors "global" profits. The White House is sitting on a report that " I believe" proves that the NISSAN collateral is indeed the Rutherford County IDB bond.
I can "prove" that Mr. Tavares read my emails and even implimented ideas I gave him for CSR and diversity.  I did NOT do any "email" harassment."  Also I can "prove" that I went to NISSAN believing that with the departure of Mr. Thormann and other information I had received that it was OK.  FYI- I had NOT been to Nissan in a year I've never tried to do ANYTHING to bother anyone   I just had a website showing problems:  I can prove that I was harassed &  bullied prior to Rob  'swearing out" warrants.  

It's complicated so we'll need a jury that can "digest" a LOT of info.  I've pulled up emails docuementing "how" the website happened and WHY HR wanted me discredited.  I have information that Catherine Perez sent me and I met with Mr. Tavares on May 9th:  I told him that HR was NOT helping me with my references.  I told him that HR wanted him to fail as a leader and he kept accepting my emails because he wanted NISSAN to succeed.  Please plan on a TWO week trial.   The jury needs to understand "my side" and as of NOW Nissan has a team of SO MANY lawyers it's just NOT a fair fight.  

I've been bullied for OVER 20 months and I deserve to have the "real" story told.


The WILLIAMSON COUNTY DA Keeps NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat's life in limbo.  The office of Kim Helper has continued the prosecution of a 1st time misdemeanor for OVER 15 months.
The Gannett owned Tennessean will NOT ask WHY.   Sharyn Bovat wants to know WHY Gannett will not cover the story of a woman who has whistleblower against discrimination & bad spending of taxpayer dollars in Tennessee.

FYI - there is NO evidence that I did any thing wrong because I did NOTHING wrong..!!!  I could "prove" that I'm innocent IF the DA had the courage to prosecute the case.

How long can Tennessee keep the "trumped up" charges against a woman who whistle blew against discrimination and corruption?

 paying a lawyer named Joe Baugh (who i think is the former DA) to "baby sit" the case?
A guy in DC said "that smells fishy"    
Is NISSAN running the DA's office?

Republicans in Tennessee can no longer feel "threatened" and discriminated against in the Tennessee courts.

Humanity Matters!!! 

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To: sharynbovat <>
Sent: Tue, Sep 27, 2011 4:34 pm
Subject: RE: Trial Date Continuance

Dear Sharyn:

Your trial has been continued to sometime in February, 2012. I will provide the date as soon as I know.

Best regards,

(Sharyn's Lawyer)



Below was written in  August 2010 & posted for over a year

Kim Helper:



I have an “unique” case.   The Warrant for my arrest was drafted “sworn out” by Rob Trayham.  He’s one of the people aligned with a “Good Ole Boy” Network that has been harassing me for OVER a year because I told Carlos Tavares of problems. 

How can a man who has harassed me write the warrant to arrest me ???  

All  the harassment I've received has been documented on  or I have emailed Mr. Tavares.   

Would you like to have the email I sent him about the deaths threats I received. ???

People associated with "Rob" that personally profited when NISSAN relocated to  Tennessee wanted me to "not talk" especially about taxpayer money that was wasted.  I was one of the top relocation consultants in Middle Tennessee and over the years I questioned bad spending.  In the spring of 2009 the Good Ole Boys did not help me with my references and training that was promised this was in retaliation for my Whistleblowing and June 4th 2009 the website was created.  Mr. Tavares was the 1st to know about it.

My "thought"  on starting the website was to communicate about poor spending of taxpayer money  and the goal was to get the attention of those people that can "make change" and make them aware of  the problems at NISSAN in Franklin.   This is my child's hometown and I want success for Franklin.

Mr. Tavares has used my website as a "TOOL" FOR CHANGE.    One that will eliminate the Good Ole Boy mentality at NISSAN and one that will make NISSAN more profitable.

Kim Helper.  ???  Do YOU WANT TO BE ON THE TODAY SHOW & talk about "Good Ole Boy" problems in Tennessee.  FYI-   I was told the "press" is hovering. 
I've already told someone they'd get the 1st "post" shake up interview.  




Aug 19, 2010



Aug 20, 2010



Aug 21, 2010



Aug 22, 2010



Aug 23, 2010



Aug 24, 2010



Aug 25, 2010




From the Following Regions:






































What upsets me so much today is
 the facts on the warrant are wrong. For the record I sent Mr. Bateman at the Franklin police department a letter about that  issue.

???  Did YOU get a copy of the security tape.   Also, on July 7th I was NEVER able to answer the question by the officers.  Instead they did what “Rob” and another told them. What happened to me was morally wrong & I believe they did it because I wrote a letter to the ACLU and put it on this/my "blog".   

NISSAN is having an “Internal Battle of Control” and on this website I’ve disclosed LOTS of problems.  My words are my “thoughts & opinions” yet if they had NOT been somewhat factual NISSAN would have sued me OVER a year ago.  They did NOT do that instead I was harassed.  

For the record:   I was told the Mr. Tavares "welcomed" my thoughts and he knows "MY WEBSITE WILL COME DOWN WHEN HE TELLS ME TO TAKE IT DOWN" 

NOW I’m in trouble for emailing Mr. Tavares (see letter below)  after the "arrest" that Rob ( a Good Ole Boy)  controlled/staged.  The fact is Mr. Tavares needed to know what HR and Legal  are doing.  

Those that are unethical are going to "lose their jobs"  and they blame me for I'm the whistleblower.   They have made my life miserable during the time I've proved their bad actions. 

In reference to emailing Mr. Tavares I did it because I'm a MOM living in a community where people are trying to discredit me and people have approached me with "hidden agendas" to try to discredit me.  I told Mr. Tavares for my child I want this OVER. That is  response to the email for Exhibit A,  The reason why I sent him Exhibit B is to show him that I was "serious" about speaking in public & to tell him that the ladies love the "Infiniti Van".   If Nissan were to do that it would be a "winner".   

Nissan replaced "a lot" of women with buddies of the Good Ole Boys and throughout the year I've sent Mr. Tavares research on various cars.   Also, I helped price a car.   I can "prove" my thoughts were used.  Also, the new corporate code of conduct has LOTS of my "thoughts".   

Once the Good Ole Boys are gone I hope to be leading CSR.   If that were NOT going to happen Mr. Tavares would have told me.  If you google NISSAN Carlos Tavares my website is #2 or 3. People at NISSAN know that Mr. Tavares has respected my "thoughts".   It's because of Carlos Ghosn that the Good Ole Boys are still in charge in North America.  Please read the front page of  it explains the complex situation.

FYI~  NISSAN Global CSR is in charge of corporate governance and my goal is to "start fresh" and give EVERY NISSAN employee a "clean slate"  please read "The New Road" my desire is for ALL people working at NISSAN to receive respect.   One Exception Rob he won't be at NISSAN, he's going to be FIRED.  Rob represents the worse of TN and  I still DON"T GET IT that the State of Tennessee let him write a warrant. 

???  Did “Rob” or Mr. Baugh give you a copy of this  email I sent to Mr. Tavares.  

Kim Helper lets Make this email  Exhibit C . 
On September 7Th I will show YOU the pictures of the bruises and I have someone to testify they were on my arm 2 days “after”.  

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat
Date: July 9, 2010 1:40:43 AM EDT
To: Carlos & *******Tavares <
Subject: Fwd:  bruise

Just arrived in Ohio with ******** my arm/wrist hurt and upon review they were still bruised from police harsh handling of me 30 hours ago.    They locked me in a cell with a woman charged with assault with a lethal weapon & did not feed me

worse they could have just asked me to leave instead they would not let me answer the question.  When I went to get water they trapped me in an area that did not have security cameras.  They are bad people.  Rob bullied the police to arrest me.  This needs to end.   I do not deserve to be abused. I just want respect.


Sir, do you have 2 minutes to tell someone  to "end" this. 

Sent from my iPhone

Ms. Helper,  There are “two” sides to every story.   It seems like the City of Franklin and the courts are ONLY looking at the point of view of the “Good Ole Boys”.   I’m the whistleblower that told Carlos Tavares.   Soon he will be the “incoming” CEO.   Rob is associated with people that are “covering the tracks” of those that behaved poorly.    NOW he is “controlling” the court system & I’m TERRIFIED.   My human rights were taken away because some people were greedy and wasted taxpayer money.   My stress level is high!!!  People have tried to get me in compromising positions to discredit me. This needs to end. The courts should be unbiased.   I called your office and nobody would talk to me yet you’ve communicated with the NISSAN Good Ole Boys.  It seems like the State is NOW taking the side of the Good Ole Boys who I proved discriminated and wasted taxpayer money.  This is America and should NOT happen.   Can you please show me the same “respect” & have someone contact me about the “facts” of this case.

???  Maybe we can have a meeting and resolve this quietly.

Thank you for listening & I look forward to hearing from you,

Sharyn Bovat  615-415-6675

Last month a guy in NISSAN management asked me out to dinner & I had to say no for fear that the DA and the State of Tennessee would arrest me and prosecute me for being a "cougar". 

This is RIDICULAS and I want "this" to end and I want my life back.

Scott Becker: My lawyer handing the "trumped up charges" is ONLY handling the states cases of record (as of now)  If NISSAN wants to communicate on other "legal" issues call 615-415-6675.   Thank You!

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