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My "thoughts" Were Used

Fiscal Year 2006 NISSAN Had 20.9% Women in Management
Fiscal Year 2007 NISSAN Had 13% Women in Management (After the move to TN)
Fiscal Year  2008 & 2009 NISSAN Had 10% Women in Management

Good News When I Whistleblower on Being Told "Skirts Don't Speak" on the Executive Floor at NISSAN MORE were hired 

Year 2010 NISSAN Had 13% Women in Management and NISSAN Says it has Achieved It's Goal

Change of Topic: The Gannett Award Winning Editor Mark Silverman called me and told me that the Tennessean will NOT be simply running "puff pieces" and that they will look at the "real" data.  They will no longer just "run" the press releases that NISSAN sends them.   He wants me to talk to Randy his business editor.

I told Mark that do to a "timing" issue with the courts I will have to file a lawsuit soon...My GOAL was to NOT do this. Truly I want to work and enjoy my life.   The fact is my American Rights have been violated and I have faced years of retaliation for "telling the truth" about a Good Ole Boy network.  The stress of being a whistleblower in Middle Tennessee is HORRIBLE &   I need "to end this" because I have a child who is suffering.   

My goal was to end discrimination at NISSAN North America and to ensure that "this" logic of saying that #'s of women in management declining from 20.9% to 10% to 13% is NOT Mission Accomplished and should NOT show ACHIEVED on the CSR report.  Obviously the "bad" people are still in charge.  For Mediocrity is still accepted at NISSAN.

Women and Gays have told me that NISSAN Discriminated against them and they want me to be a VOICE for them.

NISSAN Good Ole Boys  ???  Are YOU ready.

American Women will NOT buy cars from a company that discriminates.

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Sharyn Bovat

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