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??? Remember Ewanick

I "thought" this would be a "catchy" title since I now have  many GM viewers...


Seems like NISSAN has "fast" cars but slow at updating bios.....I see the name Brad Bradshaw floating "under" the radar yet he is "officially"  listed as SVP of marketing in requiered finance reporting publications looked at by shareholders & I know that Jon Brancheau is the "new" VP yet I did not see him on the NISSAN Bio sheet yet....  

???  Guess that means the Pat Benatar concerts won't happen for a while :) :)    
So this "thought" today is just me "checking in" on the Sentra......  Any "skirt" inspiration yet???

That car can be a "blockbuster" for the next generation of affordable commuter shoppers... it's just needs some
" iTweaks ". 

Here's a piece from the past

Mr. Ewanick


My name is Sharyn Bovat and I have this web site that I use to express opinions. 

There just “thoughts” and sometimes I use this web site as a way to voice “ideas”.

Sir, I just added “Ewanick”to my spell check since my vision of CSR includes product placement opportunities.  The philosophy is helping others  while promoting NISSAN which helps sell cars, more car sells, more profits, more jobs created.   WoW!!!!  Win~Win~Win.  

I’m working on a corporate citizenship concept that involves

Pat Benatar…. Sir, do you like music from the 80's ???

The NISSAN Sentra presents Pat Benatar   
in a benifit for Skirts Speak Foundation..



A few years ago my daughter’s babysitter who’s 15 years younger than me took me a Pat Benatar concert at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville.

It was a fantastic experience women of several generations (in their 20-70’s) were singing along, smiling and dancing.  It was “inspirational”.

My favorite tune “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” it was definitely a song that kept me motivated during this battle of human decency.

The “thought” is part of the NISSAN corporate citizen is Education….  Skirts Speak is going to be a web site that connects women to those that “inspire”.  I saw this French political leader (a woman) on the Daily show with Jon Stewart and I thought maybe to teach the next generation about being Good Global Green Citizens  and about economic “Globalization” we need “world class” speakers to come to TN.  We’ll have to pay for them to get here so we need a foundation to raise money.  Since the concerts will be profitable (profits go to the foundation) better yet they’ll also create a positive image to women about NISSAN.

So let’s have fundraisers in Nashville~LA~San Diego~NYC~Detroit  

Mr. Ewanick  My “vision is the “New” Sentra will be on display outside the concert venues…. That’s why I’m writing you.  Sir, maybe you could have your Sentra Marketing person work with Corporate Citizenship???

NISSAN Product Planning…..last night I parked next to one of my favorite cars the c230 Kompressor and VOILA……Your Sentra needs updating and YES!!! you’re going to have issues “cross selling” with the popular Altima but that’s OK since you'll  get MORE customers to BUY NISSAN***

A better looking  line up means more customers and both cars will win.  The shareholders will love that.  

NISSAN for success…..You’ve got to “tweak” that Sentra and make it the next Fashion statement for those on a budget … Make the Sentra an affordable c230   GET IT!!!   If Daimler complains say:
 “Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery".  

Let’s make it appealing with amenities and make it “feel” like an affordable "luxury" car.
No more “cheap” looking interiors. 

Let’s get women  to    Fall in Love with NISSAN.

Falling in Love... starts with a great 1st date!!!
For some women it might be a Pat Benatar Concert.  
   :) :)

****Many people have said NISSAN is the “forgotten” brand, It’s sad….

Recently I asked a Toyota Corolla owner what her next car would be. She said a HONDA.   I asked why not a NISSAN, she said she does not like them....OUCH!!!!

My Goal is by the CSR department working with the Corporate Citizenship department and having events that are good for society and also promote NISSAN sales is truly a win~win.


Have A Great Day!!!                   Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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