The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

The Tennessee Terrorist

Sharyn Bovat is an American and she's proud of her country.    

Sharyn Bovat understands the world has changed and ALL societies need to work together as a team in reference to climate, peace, and prosperity. 

My mission is REPECT for ALL people.   Creating "1" corporate culture.   While Sharyn worked in relocation she was asked:

"??? Why do you like French people"

"Nissan only keeps you around because the French like you"

"Everyone knows your a French Sympathizer"

Tennessee this is NOT how YOU make friends....

The French society is a "good" one:

They are educated & most people are multi-lingual
They as a society are healthier and "thinner"
The women in the workforce are RESPECTED (in general)
They have AMAZING food (except the bunny)
They're "fashionable"
They get "twice" the vacation
They get lifetime healthcare
The elederly are RESPECTED
They have incredible art
The wines are amazing (almost as good as the Napa & Sonoma Valley :):)

So I asked this question to those in Tennessee: 

???  Why do you hate the French....

Here are the reasons:

They're socialist
They pay higher taxes
They're wimps.
They're French

OK..... I get it. The people in Tennessee don't know why they hate the French but they do hate them.  

Personally I like people from ALL over the world & in protest to
being told that "I terrorized the State of Tennessee"  I've changed
my wardrobe. 

It's MY way of "Going Rogue"  .... one more time.

Have A Great Night!!!            Sharyn

I get it!!!

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