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This page was posted almost two years ago here's an  *** Update***

After the Clinton Climate Conference in 2009 my blog had a LOT more viewers from ALL over the world. 
I even talked/met with "friends of Ghosn"  I was told that my blogging was helping to prove the need for the EV and was encouraged to continue.  At the time I "thought" NISSAN had the technology to make a successful EV and the problems were created by just marketing and design.  I knew the battery was expensive to produce and NISSAN was losing money on each Leaf sold.

In June 2010 I got word that the battery was NOT going to work for the mass market and Carlos Ghosn was desperately trying to "get" the technology that he told the American congress he had.  Because I was mad that America was FRAUDED I started blogging about the bad battery and then I was jailed.

*** the below page was added to my blog AFTER others told me they knew I was a Change Agent***
          I thought in December 2009 that soon I would get the job I wanted and was well qualified for.   I was WRONG!!!
   Mr. Tavares emailed me in the winter 2010 after I told him I wanted to STOP blogging and that encouraged me to continue.


"Change Doesn't Scare me.... It Motivates Me".....   Sharyn (June 2009)

                "Vision without action is a daydream.  
                 Action without vision is a nightmare." ....Japanese Proverb

Why did this skirt Pounce?????  
Standing up for ethical behavior                                                    GOAL!!!!
is in my DNA
                                       ***Create An Agile Corporate Enviroment***

                                       ***Create A Frugal Business Culture***

                                       ***Create A Success Driven Company***
                          ***A Company that's a fantastic place to "Be"***
Sharyn Bovat
Became The Stealth"Skirt"
***a "change" agent***
because NISSAN it was THAT bad.

Change is Happening because Tokyo sent a new leader to America, NISSAN Good Timing!!!

In the last 6 months all this came to light...WOW!!!

~A Global "internal" battle of control (3 continents). 

~Excess spending of corporate and wasted taxpayer dollars.

~A plan for "Failure" as part of a high level chess game, which would be unacceptable to the US Taxpayer.  

~A destructive Good Ole Boy Alliance creating a "Performance Does not Matter" corporate Mindset.   
They were going to "protect their own".  Considering what was in the best interest of the company was NOT   an       issue they cared about.  They wanted power.  When questioned about "kickbacks (perks)" and unethical behaviour they covered their tracks using unprofessional business tactics which included harassment and bullying.   Sadly, their views and actions resulted in lack of respect for management, gender & cultural discrimination*.   

~Worse the CLIENT SUFFERED..... by Poor Customer Satisfaction in North America**   

NISSAN, Very important an unhealthy corporate culture was identified.  That would have hurt LONG TERM profits.

remember......Success=Jobs.    Other companies in Middle Tennessee  have/having "Performance" issues. & they tried to "change", some are moving and my "thought" is some others are thinking about leaving too.  OUCH!!! 

North America got lucky by having "new" leadership.  Now Success can happen in TENNESSEE.  For those of us that enjoy our lives here, that's a good thing.  

The new leadership is making positive change.  In the last month new corporate policies and strategies have been set up to ensure the highest standards of ethical behaviour.  This is stated on the Global Web Site. 

Also, the door is open to reaching out beyond Nissan Way by sharing the "new" NISSAN global mindset.  One that generates inspiration for a better (more aware)  global community.  Becoming a role model by setting good examples of embracing new cultures (those from all  parts of our planet),  and a community that cares about our enviroment.    

NISSAN time to Move Forward with One "United" Mission.....  


Have A Great Week!!!


* The 2009 Sustainability Report
**Article in the associated Press August 18th... See message from Sharyn

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